Do The Expressive Gesticulators Practice In Mirrors

This a question to be asked of those people who always seem to manage to pull off the most perfect of gesticulations.  I am of course referring to any kind of gesticulation not just those found on sports fields and so on.  Every culture seemingly has its own set and can very often mean very differing things to different cultures.

If you ask anyone to do an impression of a Frenchman or Italian or Jew or Arab, you will see a diverse set of hands going all over the shop, much like the game of charades where people have to guess Book, Film, Theatre, TV etc. from the mime artist’s miming skills.

You can also see another quite famous set of gesticulations at the horse races from the on-site bookies passing secret messages amongst each other.  Military personal also use them and operating theatre personnel-you could in fact say that we all of us pick-up or learn many of these gestures and have banks and banks of them in our heads. 

So is the problem with gesticulation a misunderstanding or lack of alignment with another persons set of held gesticulations or something completely different.  You could say that the job or environment and the people all give importance or higher priority to the gesticulations that they assume are being conveyed the most. Persons not used to an environment may give very differing meanings to these non-verbal cues than someone who has settled in.  Of course the technologies I have recommended can leave you shrugging your shoulders quite a bit, but I am sure that successful non-verbal skills and alignment of meanings amongst groups can pay dividends.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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