Quill Quill Upon My Blog, Clear The Evil Mists And The Fogs

Wow Dave you have a quill? Weeelll not exactly though I do admit to having tried to create such implements in my youth.  There was always something appealing about attaining a feather and writing with it, rather than grabbing a biro or pencil or crayon.  Nope not me, I have to go feather hunting for quill writing.  A feature of most modern manual writing implements is of course the repetition of design, I recall years ago the Parker Cartridge Pen being the ink pen of choice, (I attended a school where you were still expected to use cartridge pens).  I have no idea what the current state of play is but can recall ink stains everywhere such was the tendency of the things to leak or get bits of paper stuck in the end creating pellets and god knows what problems with the simple act of writing.

The regular usage of cartridge pens did have one unusual effect however and that was that the implement seemed to customise itself to the user over a period of time,  and trying to borrow and write with someone else’s was also a challenge.

Today of course I would ruin the screen of whichever gadget I happen to be writing this blog upon were I to try a ‘real’ pen, I could of course change my cursor to a quill and you would be none the wiser as to whether I used a quill or not, but why go with a quill when I could change my cursor to so many weird and strange alternatives.

Quill Quill Upon My Blog, Clear The Evil Mists and The Fogs, When That Task Is So Completed, Let The Demons Know They Are Defeated, Should Those Demons Rise Again, Strike Them Dead With The Light Sword Pen, If The Light Does Fail To Glow, Burn The Candle Base Sending Them To Hell, If It Is Hell That They So WIsh, Lock them In A Mirrored Cage, A Dripping Tap And Bells, When The Clock Strikes To Cause Alarm, Let them Have One Visitor A Visit From Themselves.

It is a sort of free wheeling writing that creates these types of poems, but of course the didactic pattern of the writer is unknown to readers unless you have experience of similar didactic patterns in text and verse, that you can use to find the rhythm or chorus or harmony or mutually beneficial ideas of how things should be, this often (in the literary world) lead to great debates and discussion on how a speech is supposed to be delivered or experienced and so on.

Well Here We Go Again  🙂


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