So What Sort Of An Idiot Would Choose To Live In A ******* Zone

This is one of those self-righteous questions that we all of us are seemingly prone to from time to time, you basically replace my row of stars (* Asterisk (shift-8)) with the Anomaly of current disaster whether it be a tidal wave, earthquake, Typhoon/Twister, Meteorite Impact and so on.

When you actually look at Geological Maps or indeed Weather Pattern Maps it is actually far easier to be affected than you might think, I for Instance live in Herefordshire and we are in fact living in a ‘potential’ earthquake zone, we have some shifting techtonic plates right below us and on occasion they will scrape together giving us some (usually) minor tremors, of course they are always minor to the peoples not experiencing them. The non-science brained folks will in all likelihood use language that gives a greater more fearful presentation of any such events, much like the insurance claimee trying to make sure they are not calpable in any way shape or form with their insurers-who as we are all aware-make it damn near impossible to make any claims.

An interesting thing about insurance is of course the Tradition of listing some events as ‘Acts Of God’ Surely if they have such lists then anyone claiming to be Atheist should automatically lose all rights to claim.  They should go and find Atheist Insurer’s for Atheist people. 🙂

We do of course also when looking at my title have the opportunity to replace the (*) with other words and meanings, I work in a factory where I quite often hear macho-man leary bollox phrases such-as ‘Any hole’s a goal!’, this has always seemed to me to be highly suspect phrase, especially given the headlines we have been reading over the last couple of years (some peoples refusal to learn perhaps) a responsible person should of course thank these male and female paedophiles for outing themselves and hand there names to the Police, people say it does not happen here, yet only last week amist all the one trained killer killed by terrorist furore, the news that a paedophile gang was rounded up in Worcester seem to slip under the radar, obviously not coloured or Muslim or foreign enough to catch anyone’s attention. 

So news about terrorists in London several Hundred miles away or news of Paedophiles in Worcester just a stones throw, aspects of the British Culture being shown up for what they really are. (IMO).  Opportunity to be bigoted versus something you do not want to face about your own race.

That is not me targeting a work place or town or culture or group of people merely highlighting peoples in generals “FAILURE TO THINK”, what are the smokes and mirrors being used to distract you from what is going on under your nose.  ESPIONAGE EXISTS on all levels of society in one way shape or form and in all environments, remember where you need to focus and do not allow yourself to get sidetracked by people or persons with malicious intent or purpose. 

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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