So What Is Wrong With “Money On The Table and Food In The Belly!”

Last Night I Dreamt…

That some complete strangers rushed up to me and declared we know who you are, handed me a huge suitcase full of money and said that’s for you to set up The Hereford School Of Unusual Specialness’ .  And What the hell is The Hereford School Of Unusual Specialness’ I replied but they had already disappeared leaving me standing with a suitcase full of money and a task of which I had no idea where to begin with.  Suddenly a huge ligh tbulb appeared hovering over my head and suddenly flashed on creating a strange A-like shaped cone glowing  over me.  Wow That is amazing I thought I wonder if it moves with me.  I stepped a couple of paces left and the light bulb duly change its position, I wondered if the light was for me or the money so I placed the suitcase down containing the money and moved a few yards further down the cliff path I know found myself standing on.  The suitcase grew some legs and trundled towards me, the light had stayed with me and now the money was staying with me too, wow I thought why if only all of these events happen in real life I’ll have something fun and enjoyable to do with my time hmmm What could be taught in The Hereford School Of Unusual Specialness’?

You know the routine.  🙂

Of course I made the above up and it wasn’t very descriptive at all, lots of room was left for reinterpretation by the reader, things such as colours and textures, I could have till put those things in yet when your in the throw ideas onto paper stage its more of an outline or framework and its only when I start asking the questions about the scenario that I can fill in the GAPS what colour was the suitcase, was the initial scene on a cliff or did we switch locations, how many strangers were in the group, were they the same as myself or different, what can be highlighted to show the differences, what can be highlighted to show the samenesses, that brief paragraph were I to develop it into a story could probably fill a chapter of a book.  Many authors keep databases with references to the Worlds that they create so that they can keep track of all the varying themes and the objects, characters etc and very often after they have written a few novels or books with the same characters following some simple success plan-the books pretty much write themselves.  The same happens with video games where for example a set of tools is created to create a platform game, and those tools will be used again and again to create multiple games and very little changes apart from some enhancements and character names and so on.  One of the earliest pioneers in reuse of tools was a company called Ocean Software, they did many of the earliest 2-Dimensional -TV-game Tie-ins using the same graphics and platform engine for a huge number of games, later when 3-Dimensional games started appearing id Software was one of the Pioneers with there Wolfenstein 3D and more famous Doom game Engine that later turned into Quake and other more recent fairs.

Some people ask can a 2-Dimensional Alphabet be turned into 3-Dimensions?

Well you might say that it simply takes a simple leap of the imagination, anyone who ever struggled with maths and plotting coordinates x,y,z will understand.  You might of course if you have ever seen a 3D graphics designer or Computer Aided Design system (often used by architects and engineers) think in terms of looking at things from 3 basic angles, so take the Letter YOU

You might for instance think of the letter Y as a side-view, You might think of the letter O as a top-down view, You might think of the letter U as a sliced view. 

These are of course just ideas that people have had that have lead to tools and further creative developments, its not so much about right and wrongs as continuous experimentation until you get something useable from your own perspective on life the universe and everything.  As I think has been said elsewhere, the problem in the Global Economy affects just about everyone and until new products and technologies and services start appearing that situation will probably continue, we will in all likelihood go into a quadruple-dip recession if you listen to the pundits, that does of course appear different to the folks with money to the folks without.

I have said it time and time again money on the table and food in the belly is preferable to most people than the nonsenses and paths that some self-saboteurs seemingly obsessively follow.

Be The Best That You can Be In Being You, Because I am Quite Sure That Nobody Does You Like You 😉

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