They’ve Been Away Awhile

Another type of role play game that people can play to improve there own sense of perspective on Life, The Universe and Everything.  So imagine that you have been away travelling in distant galaxies or trekking to Everest and you return to the UK and think “Oh I’ll see if Facebook is still going”, you log in after digging up the scrap piece of paper that your password is scribbled on from last years Diary, you are confronted with hundreds of complete strangers on your own newsfeed all doing some strange “Help Find April Jones” game. WHAT IS YOUR REACTION?

Well it’s the Month After March that precedes May and my name is not Jones, who are you, what are you doing on my newsfeed.

One does of course wonder if these campaigners actually read or pay attention to news, given that it was reported very early on that her DNA etc. had been found in his fire burner cooking stove or something similar, very Hansel and Gretel or even possibly Cannibal.  I have nothing against sensible campaigns and campaigning , but very often they get turned into vehicles for one aspect of the campaigners own Psyche rather than what the original source campaigners chief aim is or was.

Madeliene McCann was another case in point where it seemed to myself at least that her parents were culpable in some way shape or form and we have never heard the real truth from them, we probably never will, and they were treated with far too much respect by the UK authorities for being a Doctor and wife, rather than a possible murderer and accomplice which was how the Portugese initially treated them until pressure from Britain changed the direction of investigations.

Do we have more miscarriage of justice’s than we believe we do?  I think that anyone who has never been isolated and interrogated by undercover CID officers (away from the station), should shut the fuck up.  Every one likes to promote the idea of ‘The Sweeney’ or ‘Life on Mars’  policing as old fashioned policing from the 70’s, I have personal experience of those tactics in the 90’s, and those officers aren’t as friendly as your ‘TV ACTORS’ or local bobby on the streets that most youths think they are being clever abusing. 

We also of course have stories such as those from Andy Mcnab and Chris Ryan  former SAS officers from the infamous Bravo 2 Zero unit that demonstrated that even the best trained folks on the planet can crack under interrogation. And we also of course have Prisoners captured fighting against UN sanctioned troops stored in Guantanamo Bay.  Will you Obey or not Obey Robin and Rosie of Cockleshell Bay?  People will often say and do anything to stop being tortured abused and so on, if you grew up being shouted at and abused continuously, then being with people promoting loving relationships and happiness and kindness and so on might in itself seem like a form of abuse, because you have no map to relate to that territory.

What is this post about I am myself now wondering? 

well many of these campaigns are worthy on one hand but are self defeating on the other, it all comes down to sense and sensibility, what you can do for yourself and your own kin, versus where others want to keep you mentally focussed.  Awareness and Preventative campaigns are surely more worthwhile than ‘After The Horse has Bolted’ campaigns.

I for instance were I to start an ‘After The Horse has Bolted Campaign’ would probably create a ‘Take A Weapon To Work’ campaign group, and then whenever a scumbag outs themselves I could whip out my trusty knife and slash a throat, one less scumbag and a warning sent out to the rest   People say these things do not happen-Well after so many years of abuse people do do these types of things, and in some environments and towns and Cities it is of no surprise to myself at all.  In fact I think we will be seeing a lot of these sorts of events appearing in the press and so on in the coming years.

You might say or call it “Somethings Gonna Give” syndrome, for people who have been isolated or lived a life of relative misery they might commit suicide, another type of person might simply Take A Weapon To Work and slash a Throat.  Other people might take up the technologies I have recommended to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE EVERYWHEN and actually transform there lives from the unfocussed miseries to a more worthwhile set of values and life pursuits.  Letting go of the IDEAS OF RESTRICTIONS AND BOUNDARIES and actually having written on the GRAVESTONE “JESUS CHRIST THAT FUCKER KNEW HOW TO LIVE”

Thank you for reading God Bless, Be Well and Remember this blog is for users of the Technologies I have recommended, if you are reading this without using those technologies then you are in all likelihood SUFFERING 🙂

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