Now as some of you may recall, I hinted on Facebook several years ago that Diana was not dead and that I had in a fashion saved her.  This was greeted with varying degrees of bewilderment and skepticism and so forth.  Now that some of you have progressed with the technologies that I have recommended and have a greater understanding of the gaps or separation of the spiritual body and the physical body-I feel the time is right to give a more fuller account of the events of that time period, the information herein contained is not an absolute account yet is as best as can be described by myself from memory.

I tell this story now as 16 years have almost passed since these events and some stories need to be told for the benefit of younger generations-may your belief system guide you in the Wisdom of the facts as I lay them before you.

So the year is 1997 and Psychic forces were reaching a cressendo as I had described previously, Diana was being hunted and hounded by the press constantly and all we ever heard about were her desires to be left in peace, be given some privacy and so on-the public was growing more and more disallusioned with the Fairytale Princess story as she seemingly went bouncing from one questionable relationship to another and everyone’s seeming love for her good deeds and works was being turned to anger and hatred by the press.

Meanwhile a young single mother and friend of mine from West Wales named Kate,  was going through a fairly normal second pregnancy of her own. I was working in the NHS in Hereford at that time and despite having a degree of Psychic awareness and abilities had little threshold to be able to cope with them-very much a soft touch blowing in the wind in those days-then 

22nd August 1997 Kate went into Labor

Carmarthen General in West Wales Hospital the birth of Kate’s daughter seemed to be proceeding fine until COMPLICATIONS HAPPENED, WHAT COMPLICATIONS? WHAT’S HAPPENING-YOUR DAUGHTER HAS

The Hospital unable to deal with this type of Complication immediately rushed Kate and baby to Swansea Hospital just a short road trip south from Carmarthen.  The Swansea medical professionals decided they could not cope with the scenario either and the young new born was Airlifted by Helicopter to 

Great Ormond Street Hospital in London,

You might say I was deeply upset and somewhat traumatised by all the events that were going on in the World and with life in general and now what was going on in Kate’s life-she was giving me daily updates on what was happening to her daughter and none of the news was good.  Her daughter now named Daisy was placed on a machine called ECMO

This machine was all that was keeping the young infant alive and the staff were day by day breaking the news gently to Kate and family that she should prepare for the worst, during the week the situation was seemingly becoming more and more hopeless, an attempt to take the  infant of ECMO failed and she continued on the machine.  



The staff informed Kate that her baby had a less than 3% chance of survival and that they should make there peace, Kate and her mother put on a brave face whilst her infant was christened and given her last rights. 

I myself was completely useless and lost for words as to what I could do for this infant, even with my so-called psychic powers what can I do, what can I do then

Dave’s radio/TV news approximation: Reports are coming in that Princess Diana and Egyptian boyfriend Dodi Fayed have been involved in a major car incident in Paris-we will bring you updates as they occur


INNER VOICE: You can’t do that-you don’t know if Diana’s alive or dead

INNER VOICE : Fuck Diana-the baby has to live it’s what she would want

INNER VOICE: What about the Prince’s

INNER VOICE: Arab Step-dad?



As we all know Diana died, yet at the very next attempt to remove the infant from the ECMO machine of Great Ormond Street Hospital, the young infant with less than a 3 per cent chance of survival LIVED. 

My guilt and shame was complete, the baby had had a STROKE whilst being removed from the machine that effectively left her with EPILEPSY AND CEREBRAL PALSY down her right side arm and leg-an exact mirror call reflection of my own broken right arm and leg.

She was alive yet would live a life battling against her ailments and disabilities that I had seemingly inflicted upon her.  

Kate and I later went on to be married probably for the wrong reasons for both of us (hence our marriage later falling apart) and we went on to have a child of our own known as Rosey or as Whosey as her elder sister Daisy used to say with her mild speech impediment. 

It has been many years since I played any role in her life-so any credit for what has been achieved must go to those that have actively taken part throughout  her life and learning’s but I would like to show some pictures I recently saw that made me feel proud for the time that I did spend as her father in her life especially as she is now approaching her 16th birthday as 







May all your miracles or mirror calls (however you wish to pronounce them) have as good an inspiring message. Well done Daisy!

And may Kate Middleton not have to go through the trauma that her (deceased?) mother-in-law went through.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and may you’re belief system go with you if not the force!

To My Parents

This I am sure is a dedication that has been made many many times by many many people throughout the History of The World.  My own most recently seen notice of this dedication was by Bill Gates in his somewhat dull book The Road Ahead-having read books by both Microsoft Founders I can say that Paul Allen’s was by far the better read (though that is not to knock or critique the Figurehead of the Company’s work or involvement-they did after all do it together). 

Of course when such folks openly criticize people for wanting to find themselves I have to take issue-anyone can surely work out that ‘yourself’ is a proununciation of ‘Joseph’.  So for Bill Gates to criticise people who want to find themselves whilst dedicating his own book to his parents is Highly suspect and borderline hypocritical.  Of course I have to give him the benefit of the doubt-he is a success I am a borderline tramp.

People changing names of course does imply a lack of respect for parentage and so on yet that is what women in many cultures are expected to do-I am unsure as to the values and reasoning’s these types of expectations raise for individuals on an individual basis hence again these are the types of issues some folks might want to question themselves about-again just as a kind of exploratory thing rather than their being a particularly correct answer.

The boxer Cassius Clay changed his name to Mohammed Ali after/during his oposition to the Vietnam war and a taking up of Islam.  The singer Cat Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam many years ago so name changing for religious beliefs and popularity has a long long history-especially in the entertainment World-would you be a keen fan of a singer called Reginald Dwight for instance or does his stage name Elton John seem more appealing.

Yes some thinking’s can seem obvious and others lead us all down rabbit holes that are little bits of worthless trivia-or are they-I sometimes think that the more awareness I have explored and researched and so on the more value some of these types of obscure pieces of information have to offer.  You could say it is trying to adopt a Sherlock Holmes type mindset of Deductive Reasoning-what is missing?

You can say this of course about Accountants-many folks outside of business of course may smirk or often wonder why accountants are so disliked, despised and hated and so on by many Business’s that they are employed by-the reason is simple-A ‘GOOD’ accountant will always give the WHOLE statistical picture and truth and many dishonest or unethical business folks do not always like what that whole truth might say or indeed imply about they themselves.  It is that ability to look at the data in another fashion.  For instance an 80 % ethical rating sounds great to a layperson, an accountant if you apply that 80 % to people will say that means that 1 in 5 are unethical, likewise a 60% rating for leadership is good (IMO-(it is) when you look at all the opportunities for knives in backs) but it still means that 2 in 5 of a group of leaders couldn’t lead a piss-up in a brewery.  Of course statistics can be sub-stratisfied for instance anyone on the first rung of a management ladder is possibly through inexperience going to make mistakes that give a bad  rap or bias in the data where are they to be allowed mistakes?, likewise that figure were it for folks at higher levels of management would be worrying, it really is about how you go about piecing the pieces of the jigsaw together in a quantifiable and fair manner-someone somewhere is always going to be annoyed or upset.

For instance I took part in a questionaire survey that was geared towards line management statistics, that forced an immediate bias in the data, because whilst I may have given my line manager one rating I may have (if asked-I was not) given a differing or alternate rating for a view on management as a whole or further up the chain.  

So information research and bringing these things together into quantifiable lessons to be learned and so on, all feedback is is feedback and it is our personal or individual tasks to use that feedback in a way that allows us progress or better future planning or identifying weaknesses in ourselves or our capabilities and so on and accepting that or seeking ways to address those issues.

Every puzzle has a solution of sorts-you just have to keep going until you reach a point of satisfaction or say no, that work or direction is not for me, I will have to look for another alternate life plan or whatever.  I have zero knowledge of what goes on in the lives of others-I know many stories as do most other folks and I have encouraged people to look to the allegories and so on that they represent as part of the human condition for several years.  Likewise I have encouraged use of certain (what I believe to be life enhancing technologies) I have not particularly had my life enhanced-yet have gained the awareness to understand why it was so fucked up in the first place and also my Health is gradually improving so as long as that pattern continues I will take feedback, sort it, quantify it, use it or ignore it as I see fit-that is all any of us can do.  Likewise the search or motivation for something more fulfilling or rewarding will hopefully in the longer term pay dividends.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

Make It Up As You Go Along

Last night I dreamt I was in a maze within a maze and laid out before me were a collection of woollen threads representing each colour of the rainbow all going off into differing directions within and without the maze.

I stretched out my hand and tugged on the red woollen strand and suddenly some musical notes echoed and scaled through the World about me. Caught of guard I was momentarily stunned and wondered what the other threads and cords might have to offer, one by one I tugged at each and every thread to see what it would do. All the threads and cords gave a similar reaction to the first yet each was seemingly slightly different to the last.

Settling on the green thread I gripped the woollen thread and began making my way along the journey and path that this thread was leading, after moving a few paces forward I turned a corner into a new direction unsure as to what to expect I again gave a tug on the chord to see what would happen now. Again a set o musical notes echoed out from the air around me this time the instrument  had seemingly changed yet the tonal qualities that the green represented somehow seemed the same or familiar in characteristics to the initial pull of the thread.  Hmmn this could be along day I decided no matter plenty of time to explore this thread and plenty of time to return to the selection of threads and take a new path.

Yes here we are again and no I am not going to go through the psychology of the above-I already demonstrated the kind of techniques to use and the blog still holds those ideas for anyone to go backwards and forwards through at any time of there own choosing. 

One of the most interesting concepts that I again have not really talked about are the areas of forgiveness and energy and one of the interesting things about the stories we tell ourselves are how they perhaps other people are characterised.  For instance we often in TV escape have characters such as Vampires and in business or motivational coaching we often hear of people known as energy vampires those that seemingly drain our wills to live and so on.  Now as someone who has genuinely experienced the effect of rapid blood loss and so on I know that some things can only be experienced by the self, I could describe myself lying on a concrete surface, my lower leg in a combination of trousered pulp with blood flowing out freely from where it was no longer in a contained body and so on-we can see these thing’s hundreds and thousands of times via TV and movies but real life is often very unglamorously different to what you see in designed scenario’s.  There are many experiences that the physical body can shut down to and once shut down it often seems like an improbability that reversals will happen.  I am of the opinion the more that I have progressed that reversals can and do happen all the time especially to those that with awareness go in pursuit of those reversals.  That in non-traumatic ways can often seemingly be done through the awareness of the idea of forgiveness and the repetition of this idea of forgiveness as an opening into regaining seemingly lost levels of flow states and energies. 

Anyway it seems such a nice day that I should enjoy some of it and let others go in pursuit of life as they so wish-a directionless and failed human being or person such-as myself can not really be a blessing in disguise for those that only harbour hate and malice towards persons so tired of existence as moi.


Did You Ever Make This Mistake

One of the most fascinating aspects of awareness that totally threw me in the initial stages of my interactions elsewhere and still does throw me even now here is how I can write material and then see some feedback or do some witnessing and get some positives or negatives on my confirmation biases.

For instance I used to predominantly do much of the writing on just one so-called gadget which was a laptop I had had for several years that I bought as a quick solution to my Main PC going caput, it is still caput and in the meantime I have also moved to alternating my writings on my Windows 8 Pad, and all my biases were originally geared to witnessing in the same manner on the same gadget.  When I bought myself or used multiple gadgets it opened up new perspectives on what I was seeing and relating to. 

I mention this here and now purely in the interests of fairness because some folks might only be seeing anything I write on one gadget such-as a phone or pad device and your biases are likely attuned to aforementioned gadget; because I alternate I often see very differing things than I would necessarily see on just one device.  Likewise I say this because when you multiply many folks all seeing the same information but perhaps attuned to there own gadgets you can see one of the easier very large traps to fall into.  So if you have a friend with an alternate gadget or multiple gadgets yourself, it is well worth having a second look at something’s through another alternate biase so to speak.  Sounds silly but I can assure you it is one of the factors that can cause misunderstandings and confusions and effectively leave you completely and utterly blindsided.

You might think this only relates to gadgets yet it very often relates to newspapers around the Country too and of course Regional TV programming.  You can go to the four corners of the United Kingdom on any given day and I can guarantee your regular red-top type newspaper will be geared or biased towards that region.  Some clever folks may think ah-ha I can go to the online versions-yet even those are often regionalised through the way internet traffic is directed and filtered.  So you cannot really avoid these things but when you have the awareness it can help you understand where you may have been mistaken or not and broaden the options and understandings you have on these things.

I use a simple justify on this text as I prefer information to have that evenly spread nature of a book and so on yet one of the downsides can be the way the layout is viewed as explained above.

If you do double check with a friend do not say what you think, write it down and get them to write what they think down,(asking can lead to other data-type psychological biases) so independently write what you think and then see if your confirmations are the same or differing.  the more folks you have can be good if all are at a similar awareness levels.  This in my opinion is a way of narrowing choices and options especially in the field of gambling (where we often have inherent biases anyway)

Hope that helps-trust me when I realised how biased I was simply through the gadget I was viewing it was a real eye-opener on just how unaware we can be, likewise exploring this phenomena can take your threshold higher still.

More later 🙂

Have I Spread Myself To Thinly

One of easy assumptions to make in life is of course this idea that you might be spreading yourself to thinly across too many areas-a finger in every pie so to speak. My own view with this is somewhat different in the sense that it is only by experiencing and trying out differing ideas and stretching yourself that you can see what you actually want to be doing and what you have no motivation for.  Likewise we all have areas in life that we have little motivation for yet have to do them anyway.

One of the main learning’s I believe I can personally take from the courses I’ve encouraged people to try is this idea that no matter how many times you fail you can look for what the benefits were in a circumstance or situation and alter course if repetition of a path is only ever going to take you back into the same storm.  We can be wiser with experience and also look ahead with some further clarity or vision as to who is giving the excellent or beneficial guidance and who is simply not taking any kind of action.

I could of course claim that my interaction on the Holosync blog and now here is a form of action.  I have however decided that it is not rewarding for myself as I am not actually focused on any particular goal.  I have not said right 

Goal One: I allow myself to have £1,000 or more income each month beyond my present wage.

Goal Two: I allow myself to buy new clothes and improve my social life.

Goal Three: I allow myself to save money and improve my living circumstances.

and so on.  When we write out these types of goals and then repeatedly look to them it will set our minds to thinking about what actions are needed to take to fulfill these goals, if the goals are quickly met we can stretch them further, if we seem to be falling short then maybe we have another internal conflict of values that needs to be resolved in order for a goal to be met.

These types of strategies have obviously worked for many people and by modelling people such-as those whose technologies I have recommended, I hope to learn valuable shortcuts that can accelerate the learning curve for me.  I have focused on others without really benefiting myself apart from the new ideas and skills that I have developed.

So I have to do some comparison checks with what I thought I wanted versus what I actually want and again I am of the belief that the technologies can only have benefited myself in that respect.  Where I had perhaps hit rock bottom or maybe lived life for many years at rock bottom I can start to see what the benefits were in past bad experiences, what wisdom can I take from this past failing in this past scenario and so forth.  So I am better equipped to prosper in the face of adversity and can look to the light of learning’s that brought me to where I am in the present moment now.

Yes the change will do me good or would do if I could actually find something that I have a passion or purpose for and can earn a decent living at.  I noticed the idea of ESP or Extra Sensory Perception is an area of growth industries and learning skills so I can maybe look for what I have learned and combine techniques and strategies into an easy and applicable skill that anyone can learn and enhance there own life with.

Having the confidence for these sorts of things can take time or not so much time as having the concentration and will to see them through from start to finish.  One has to have something of a fire in the belly over something perhaps.  I recently read about playing Devils Advocate versus True Objections one was about being sensible about they way activities should be carried out the other more of a burning passion or belief-much like the Labour versus Conservative debate’s we see in politics.  I think overall that that debate has to be settled with your own knowledge and awareness and what your own ethical stance is.  Ethics is another area I have not really spoken of but I certainly think it is an important aspect for anyone to take on board in relation to the technologies and teachings.

I sometimes think that some people as there own awareness has grown have behaved in a more ethical manner towards myself and I them, whilst at the same time some other folks seem to be determined to not have any ethics whatsoever.  Again that is an observation rather than a critique and one that does become apparent the more you progress.  Why do you need me or anyone else to suffer? can of course always be asked of stick in the mud’s but they are merely distractions to the focus many of us are developing that I am sure many of us can now happily ignore in favour of a more enlightened approach to Life The Universe and Everything.

Yes sometimes what I write or maybe quite often what I write is going to be exceptionally dull and boring as Hell yet I can at least look to witnessing and the feedback to know who is enjoying firework displays and who is as seemingly stationary or non-progressive as I am at this time 🙂

Conversations With A Lunatic

I am quite sure it has not gone unnoticed that sometime around today the Moon is according to those scientifically aware folks at it’s nearest point to Earth than it has been in a very long long time.

This is only of interest to myself from the observational point of view of what that might cause in the Weather and elements-we all of course are aware that the interaction of Gravity between the Earth and Moon is responsible for the ebb and flow of the tides and also throughout History the moon has long been associated with unexplained phenomena and all sorts of weird and wonderful imaginings.

If we are having a full moon for instance then many people will be becoming wolves if you believe in Werewolves beyond the allegorical side of storytelling.  Likewise the moon used to be said to have been responsible for madness in all its varied shapes and forms hence the idea of Lunacy and putting mad people into Lunatic Asylums.

The town of Hereford actually long before the current mental health ward known as ‘The Stonebow Unit’ did in fact have a dedicated mental hospital or asylum known as St Mary’s Hospital, the site now I assume replaced by houses.  This is of interest to myself as one of the things to have come out of the teachings relating to vibrations and so on is just how much we might be collecting or indeed might have collected from the institutions and places we have lived and work in.  During the time I spent working in the NHS I used to work at St Mary’s Hospital before being relocated to Belmont Abbey (I have no idea as to the locations or current NHS goings on in Hereford as I left all that behind many years ago)-However one does wonder at the possibility that having worked in a mental asylum and also having lived in one or two very very old houses that one may have been infected by aforementioned cosmic vibrations in the walls and corridors of such places and for me at least it would explain how upon my return to Hereford I sought and gained employment with the kind of employer that matched those captured vibrations. (Fairly or unfairly one might imagine that much lunacy and people put in mental asylums share certain types of characteristics and life paths and the halls they walk and so on.)

So what was St Mary’s like?  The Hospital itself was actually a very nice place to be located at (as was Belmont Abbey later) both locations were on the outskirts of town and generally very peaceful and quiet with nice window landscape views in contrast to the overly crowded views one finds in town.  Having said that the design and atmosphere of the place was one that did indeed induce a heightened level of nervousness.  It had some very long corridors that echoed with your footsteps and was internally quite dark regardless of how much sunshine there may have been outside.  It was not a necessarily small or overly crowded place yet it did have an almost claustrophobic atmosphere perhaps simply relating to the times in which it was built and the architectural layout and needs and requirements etc etc etc.  The place likely had many secrets and dark tales to tell as do many older buildings.  I have tended to not personally believe in ghosts most of my life yet most people I encounter do or have varying explanations as to why such-as living in houses built on old graveyards and so on.

As well as living in some old buildings my Australian cousins actually on there return to the UK (many years ago now-actually lived in a very very old house in Knighton that my uncle spent many many years renovating himself) and he and the entire family were one hundred per cent convinced of the haunted nature of the property that they lived in.  I did stay there and yes again it did have all the characteristics one might expect from a place said to be haunted.  Anything else of interest in Knighton? some may ask-not particularly though I am sure its inhabitants would disagree-it does if I recall correctly have Offa’s Dyke running through it of course which again is of Historical interest to folks interested in History but I was not impressed by such things on my visits and that branch of my relatives have all long since moved to other locations around the UK.

So will we see ghosts and werewolves and things that go bump in the night due to the efforts of the moon to fall into the earth or will we just be fooling ourselves, as I have said many times we are all responsible for our own mindsets and what those minds and bodies have and hold so there is no harm in questioning such beliefs and seeing if there is more to be unearthed in these vibrational forces than merely superstition and so on.

Always good to have conversations with oneself how else is one to know in which direction the subconscious or unconscious mind is presently focusing.

Have a conversation with a lunatic it might just make his day until he say ta ta for now on his own blog that is just a communique  🙂

Dear Dave

By The time you read these lines…

Only kidding, you recently wrote that the SilvertoeVelocity process does not exist, how can you prove that the SilvertoeVelocity process does not exist-have you decided that the price to pay for the SilvertoeVelocity process would be to much for anyone to pay or have you become an atheist there is a lot of confusion surrounding this issue.  

Thanking you in advance Penelope Braithwaite-Follitudes

Dear Penelope Braithwaite-Follitudes

The non-existent SilvertoeVelocity process was an idealized theme and like all ideas was initially intended to get people to THINK!, the problem within that idea (from my point of view) at that time was that it created a huge quantity of Hostility from people near and far who had their own versions of reality and logical or illogical reasoning for being Hostile to that idea.  For instance you could break the wording down so it says Silver to Eve as though you have to perhaps buy a female/girlfriend and so on-so some women perhaps resented the idea that they might be considered gold-diggers (fair enough but it was just an IDEA) likewise many blokes immediately claimed such thinking as Gay (very very strange to myself (if it were gay it would surely have been Silver to Steve)) so you can see that people of both sex’s immediate went into war mode over something that was intended as light-hearted. And of course because we live in a World where Religious thinking has largely been progressed??? from others are hostile to the idea that someone such-as Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed et al might have genuinely existed or be able to return.  I question mark the progressed from because i see no need to distinguish between the spiritual element and the physical.  Unfortunately most of us had lived life predominantly to unprecedented levels of confusion where the focus was solely on the physical body with little regard for having the capacity to have an integrated awareness and threshold that allows all to be correct or true within there own mindset; and of course stepping into the evolution of abilities and opening to flow states is another aspect that many folks had long since despaired of never attaining or regaining (assuming that some had such experience at some stage of life).

The Atheist thinking is just another criminal mindset in my opinion, where-ever there is a heist taking place I’ll be there such individuals seem to be saying and again you might buy into atheistic thinking but it surely does not allow for the Spiritual States of Flow.  So I personally prefer to accept a more integrated mindset that allows for the explained and the unexplained yet tend to sway to the more spiritual elements for the physical and mental health-something that science has little regard for (beyond developing technologies to assist in cures) I suggested previously that prevention might be better than having a need of cure-so surely those that have experienced the recommended technologies would want there own families and friends to benefit from also having a greater Spiritual element as well as accepting that until some Super-Science or future unknown progression from science comes into being-we can at least have the wisdom to sort through the possibilities available to us now.

A little bit of trivia that it would be considered unwise for me to say to yourself is that did you know that double-barrelled names originally came about through the illegitimate children of unmarried parents.  In past centuries in Church records for instance your details would have been entered something along the lines of Penelope Braithwaite-Follitudes illegitimate bastard daughter of E.R. Braithwaite and I.A. Follitudes, so you can be at least grateful that no-one would think to throw stones at you for being illegitimate-in these current times of the religion of science.

Yours Faithfully

Dave S Perkins

Thank you for reading and may your belief system carry you to whatever goals you set yourself in life for now and evermore Godbless 🙂

This Tangled Web Of Learning Can Mean Only One Thing

This tangled web of learning can only mean one thing, I have to ask a question, what would a genius do, where can a passionate mind create, expelling paranoia’s within, what is the true definition of a love lived in divided by sin, whose project is this have I asked myself, yours or his or mine, the only quest that time answers to is this Soul known as mine truly mine.

Another day to bring about World peace and harmony and enlightenment or simply to shrug?  Well they do say action speaks louder than words yet every action seemingly holds more imponderables when we take the opportunity to risk looking at differing pictures of reality and mindsets.  I often wonder what next to say that does not cause offence when someone somewhere will choose to ignore and buildup the higher their fence.  

So if you took a course stick with it, if you joined an inner circle remind yourself that you are part of the inner circle, if doing a course or being part of the inner circle causes you discomfort you can always question yourself as to the origin of aforementioned thinking and feelings these things often work their own way out naturally in time though of course you can speed them up with some of the questioning and tapping techniques.

Hello Saturday what have you got in store for me today? The problem with the witnessing is of course the focus of what you want to witness, I can write whatever the hell I like here and then see if anything is applicable to any other subject area of my life.  The problem comes when you have news channel agendas that constantly bombard you with the worst things that life has to offer, I guess that is where the utilizing of channels and sources comes in, where once we had a couple of choices for everything nowadays everything has its own channel and many subjects have multiple when we look to music and film and news and sports.  

What areas of my life do I need to escape from and why?  Where will I escape to? can the benefits I intend for myself be reinforced by a tight grip on the reins or should I loosen up and practice thinking laterally.  Me? I’ll be enjoying some quiet downtime and wondering why my actions of recent years have only seemingly deepened the whole I feel I am in whilst I see others effortlessly going the other direction?  What are the thought patterns that hold me back what action can I now take, what is the price I am willing to pay to not take the nonsense I take.

Yes feeling like a mess at the moment so maybe some supercharged new level of enlightenment is working its way into my being.  Blessings to those that like to feel blessed and I’ve little to add at the mo’ just going through repetitive life and looking for answers from who 🙂

Did You Fail To Take That Left Turn At Albuquerque

So you came from a poverty stricken home and at a young aged planned great changes and a better life for the future than what you had at that present moment, only here you are many years later and the plan has taken you more in the direction of rags to ruin than anything else.

You planned for riches and got the wrong kind of riches, you wanted some self worth and you got the wrong kind of worth do not whatever you do go looking for the elusive Higgs Boson Particle of Science I can guarantee you will once again come up short, all you probably need right now is a Mozzie Mogo or Egor to show up and you’re story will be complete.

Can a SilvertoeVelocity Mind Peeling Process be what you need in your life right now?  Probably not if like myself you developed a great idea and potential and then foolishly gave it all away for free absolutely nada, what sort of a looney tune gives away some of the most valuable secrets of the Universe and not only that but at the very same time lines the pockets of folks who already have far more wealth than they could possibly know what to do with.  I tell you “LIFE SUCKS” and if you are not holding that belief then you must also be a looney tune.

So sell-able time, lets see my employer pays me x amount per hour at the lowest rate that the current Government laws allow for 8 hours of my day.  That gives me 16 hours of my day when I can charge whatever the hell I like for my own expertise and time.  That is of course if I can find willing and able purchasers of the process and product. Where can I find such a group of people ; God only knows in a City like this one you could put a lump of coal up most people’s asses and in a week you would have a diamond, cynical? maybe, perhaps more phoresis is required and a greater exploration of what can be done amongst the willing and able rather than clinging to the notion that everyone has some kind of decency or honest element in their bones.

Descisions, decisions, of course it is very easy to see why some people settle into the lower tracts of awareness without pursuit of something more life enhancing or rewarding as a mind peeling process would gie them, I continue with processes such-as Holosync and the Paraliminals because I have found life to be made almost bearable by those processes (unlike the legendary non-existent SilvertoeVelocity process).

Yes I have said it before and I say it again JUST KEEP GOING; the reason I do is because having suffered great physical trauma’s et al (broken bones etc), I am of the belief that the processes going into deeper levels and inner circles and so on are of a greater benefit and more rewarding for folks who have experienced greater traumas & illnesses yet our belief hurdles are potentially or possibly greater to overcome yet overcome them we shall, if you develop within yourself a new mindset that opens those channels and paths to better understanding that failed left turn at Albuquerque.

Hmmmn, Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Only For You :-)

The Celtic Cross as adapted by Robert M Place with 3 cards representing each position.

The first 3 cards are the Querent’s Situation; 4-6 Likely Future; 7-8 Immediate Past;;10-12 The Goal; 13-15 Underlying Cause; 16-18 The Querent; 19-21 Friends & Support; 22-24 Hopes & Fears; 25-27 The Advice.

Card 1=XIX THE SUN (Maj); Card 2=XIII DEATH(Maj); Card 3=JONATHAN The FOOL(Maj)

The Sun card symbolizes dawn, clarity, logic and the dispelling of illusion taken together with Death we can say that one situation is coming to an end and a new beginning is perhaps in the offering, we also have the fool card which is again symbolic of new beginnings and maybe walking or setting out in a new lifestyle direction is definitely in the cards for you.

Card 4=X Garlic Flowers (Min); Card 5= King Of Holy Water (Sir Henry Irving)(Min); Card 6=Knight Of Holy Water (Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu) (Min)

The X  of Garlic flowers is all about amassing wealth in the material World and this is reinforced by the King Of Holy Water which is symbollic of having an extraverted mastery of intuition who can use his abilities to influence others and again this principle is reinforced by the Knight of Holy Water as this is a card representative of someone who has studied the unconscious and has insight into peoples hidden motives. As a likely future you may well be already on you’re way to new adventures.

Card 7=VIII Holy Water(Min);Card 8=IV Garlic Flowers (Min); Card 9=VIII JUSTICE (Maj)

The VIII of Holy water represents choices and taking the time to study the appropriate needs of a given situation in making the best choice will serve you well, taken together with IV of Garlic Flowers suggests a level of greed and miserliness could rear it’s ugly head so a time of balancing needs and judgments especially as the third card in this group is itself Justice a need to be mindful of head and heart in decision making, in the immediate past position we have to assume this scenerio has already existed and can be moved forward from with the appropriate guidance.

Card 10=II Mina (Maj); Card 11=III Garlic Flowers (Min); Card 12=IX Knives (Min)

 II Mina from the Major arcana suggests a spiritual element or guide will help you with your current needs and the creative energy that flows from III Garlic Flowers suggests that future creativity will play a role in you’re life that is of course if you are able to overcome your fears and constraints represented by the IX of Knives.

Card 13=King Of Knives (Lord Byron)(Min); Card 14=III Holy Waters (Min) Card 15=X Stakes (Min)

Card 16=III Stakes (Min); Card 17=Queen Of Holy Water (Pamela Colman Smith) (Min); Card 18=V Knives (Min)

Card 19=Ace Of Stakes (Min); Card 20=IV Stakes (Min); Card 21=IV THE COUNT (Maj)

Card 22=VIII Knives (Min); Card 23=VI Knives (Min); Card 24=IV Knives (Min)

Card 25=Ace Of Knives (Min); Card 26=XX JUDGEMENT (Maj); Card 27=VII Holy Waters (Min)

(Maj)=Major Arcana or Trump Cards; (Min)=Minor Arcana or Suit Cards

Suit Equivalence:- Swords=Knives; Cups=Holy Water;Staffs=Stakes;Coins=Garlic Flower

Now I have not included detailed information on the remaining cards as they are themselves guidance for myself as the reader, but you can feel free to look them up or request that information at a future time should you wish it.

Doing a regular celtic cross can be quite time consuming so you can imagine how complicated it can become for having three cards represent each position, and what is given here is an extremely light version of all the data that is available, a highly detailed reading could in fact take far far longer to prepare and of course each and every deck has its own accompanying interpretation where much sifting of what is necessary and what is chaff is essential in reducing it all down to the basics.

Well I thought I’d do that for old times sake rather than any particular need or requirement and of course there is that tiny tiny element of just maybe hmmmnn  Catch you later 🙂