Conversations With A Lunatic

I am quite sure it has not gone unnoticed that sometime around today the Moon is according to those scientifically aware folks at it’s nearest point to Earth than it has been in a very long long time.

This is only of interest to myself from the observational point of view of what that might cause in the Weather and elements-we all of course are aware that the interaction of Gravity between the Earth and Moon is responsible for the ebb and flow of the tides and also throughout History the moon has long been associated with unexplained phenomena and all sorts of weird and wonderful imaginings.

If we are having a full moon for instance then many people will be becoming wolves if you believe in Werewolves beyond the allegorical side of storytelling.  Likewise the moon used to be said to have been responsible for madness in all its varied shapes and forms hence the idea of Lunacy and putting mad people into Lunatic Asylums.

The town of Hereford actually long before the current mental health ward known as ‘The Stonebow Unit’ did in fact have a dedicated mental hospital or asylum known as St Mary’s Hospital, the site now I assume replaced by houses.  This is of interest to myself as one of the things to have come out of the teachings relating to vibrations and so on is just how much we might be collecting or indeed might have collected from the institutions and places we have lived and work in.  During the time I spent working in the NHS I used to work at St Mary’s Hospital before being relocated to Belmont Abbey (I have no idea as to the locations or current NHS goings on in Hereford as I left all that behind many years ago)-However one does wonder at the possibility that having worked in a mental asylum and also having lived in one or two very very old houses that one may have been infected by aforementioned cosmic vibrations in the walls and corridors of such places and for me at least it would explain how upon my return to Hereford I sought and gained employment with the kind of employer that matched those captured vibrations. (Fairly or unfairly one might imagine that much lunacy and people put in mental asylums share certain types of characteristics and life paths and the halls they walk and so on.)

So what was St Mary’s like?  The Hospital itself was actually a very nice place to be located at (as was Belmont Abbey later) both locations were on the outskirts of town and generally very peaceful and quiet with nice window landscape views in contrast to the overly crowded views one finds in town.  Having said that the design and atmosphere of the place was one that did indeed induce a heightened level of nervousness.  It had some very long corridors that echoed with your footsteps and was internally quite dark regardless of how much sunshine there may have been outside.  It was not a necessarily small or overly crowded place yet it did have an almost claustrophobic atmosphere perhaps simply relating to the times in which it was built and the architectural layout and needs and requirements etc etc etc.  The place likely had many secrets and dark tales to tell as do many older buildings.  I have tended to not personally believe in ghosts most of my life yet most people I encounter do or have varying explanations as to why such-as living in houses built on old graveyards and so on.

As well as living in some old buildings my Australian cousins actually on there return to the UK (many years ago now-actually lived in a very very old house in Knighton that my uncle spent many many years renovating himself) and he and the entire family were one hundred per cent convinced of the haunted nature of the property that they lived in.  I did stay there and yes again it did have all the characteristics one might expect from a place said to be haunted.  Anything else of interest in Knighton? some may ask-not particularly though I am sure its inhabitants would disagree-it does if I recall correctly have Offa’s Dyke running through it of course which again is of Historical interest to folks interested in History but I was not impressed by such things on my visits and that branch of my relatives have all long since moved to other locations around the UK.

So will we see ghosts and werewolves and things that go bump in the night due to the efforts of the moon to fall into the earth or will we just be fooling ourselves, as I have said many times we are all responsible for our own mindsets and what those minds and bodies have and hold so there is no harm in questioning such beliefs and seeing if there is more to be unearthed in these vibrational forces than merely superstition and so on.

Always good to have conversations with oneself how else is one to know in which direction the subconscious or unconscious mind is presently focusing.

Have a conversation with a lunatic it might just make his day until he say ta ta for now on his own blog that is just a communique  🙂

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