Dear Dave

By The time you read these lines…

Only kidding, you recently wrote that the SilvertoeVelocity process does not exist, how can you prove that the SilvertoeVelocity process does not exist-have you decided that the price to pay for the SilvertoeVelocity process would be to much for anyone to pay or have you become an atheist there is a lot of confusion surrounding this issue.  

Thanking you in advance Penelope Braithwaite-Follitudes

Dear Penelope Braithwaite-Follitudes

The non-existent SilvertoeVelocity process was an idealized theme and like all ideas was initially intended to get people to THINK!, the problem within that idea (from my point of view) at that time was that it created a huge quantity of Hostility from people near and far who had their own versions of reality and logical or illogical reasoning for being Hostile to that idea.  For instance you could break the wording down so it says Silver to Eve as though you have to perhaps buy a female/girlfriend and so on-so some women perhaps resented the idea that they might be considered gold-diggers (fair enough but it was just an IDEA) likewise many blokes immediately claimed such thinking as Gay (very very strange to myself (if it were gay it would surely have been Silver to Steve)) so you can see that people of both sex’s immediate went into war mode over something that was intended as light-hearted. And of course because we live in a World where Religious thinking has largely been progressed??? from others are hostile to the idea that someone such-as Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed et al might have genuinely existed or be able to return.  I question mark the progressed from because i see no need to distinguish between the spiritual element and the physical.  Unfortunately most of us had lived life predominantly to unprecedented levels of confusion where the focus was solely on the physical body with little regard for having the capacity to have an integrated awareness and threshold that allows all to be correct or true within there own mindset; and of course stepping into the evolution of abilities and opening to flow states is another aspect that many folks had long since despaired of never attaining or regaining (assuming that some had such experience at some stage of life).

The Atheist thinking is just another criminal mindset in my opinion, where-ever there is a heist taking place I’ll be there such individuals seem to be saying and again you might buy into atheistic thinking but it surely does not allow for the Spiritual States of Flow.  So I personally prefer to accept a more integrated mindset that allows for the explained and the unexplained yet tend to sway to the more spiritual elements for the physical and mental health-something that science has little regard for (beyond developing technologies to assist in cures) I suggested previously that prevention might be better than having a need of cure-so surely those that have experienced the recommended technologies would want there own families and friends to benefit from also having a greater Spiritual element as well as accepting that until some Super-Science or future unknown progression from science comes into being-we can at least have the wisdom to sort through the possibilities available to us now.

A little bit of trivia that it would be considered unwise for me to say to yourself is that did you know that double-barrelled names originally came about through the illegitimate children of unmarried parents.  In past centuries in Church records for instance your details would have been entered something along the lines of Penelope Braithwaite-Follitudes illegitimate bastard daughter of E.R. Braithwaite and I.A. Follitudes, so you can be at least grateful that no-one would think to throw stones at you for being illegitimate-in these current times of the religion of science.

Yours Faithfully

Dave S Perkins

Thank you for reading and may your belief system carry you to whatever goals you set yourself in life for now and evermore Godbless 🙂

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