Have I Spread Myself To Thinly

One of easy assumptions to make in life is of course this idea that you might be spreading yourself to thinly across too many areas-a finger in every pie so to speak. My own view with this is somewhat different in the sense that it is only by experiencing and trying out differing ideas and stretching yourself that you can see what you actually want to be doing and what you have no motivation for.  Likewise we all have areas in life that we have little motivation for yet have to do them anyway.

One of the main learning’s I believe I can personally take from the courses I’ve encouraged people to try is this idea that no matter how many times you fail you can look for what the benefits were in a circumstance or situation and alter course if repetition of a path is only ever going to take you back into the same storm.  We can be wiser with experience and also look ahead with some further clarity or vision as to who is giving the excellent or beneficial guidance and who is simply not taking any kind of action.

I could of course claim that my interaction on the Holosync blog and now here is a form of action.  I have however decided that it is not rewarding for myself as I am not actually focused on any particular goal.  I have not said right 

Goal One: I allow myself to have £1,000 or more income each month beyond my present wage.

Goal Two: I allow myself to buy new clothes and improve my social life.

Goal Three: I allow myself to save money and improve my living circumstances.

and so on.  When we write out these types of goals and then repeatedly look to them it will set our minds to thinking about what actions are needed to take to fulfill these goals, if the goals are quickly met we can stretch them further, if we seem to be falling short then maybe we have another internal conflict of values that needs to be resolved in order for a goal to be met.

These types of strategies have obviously worked for many people and by modelling people such-as those whose technologies I have recommended, I hope to learn valuable shortcuts that can accelerate the learning curve for me.  I have focused on others without really benefiting myself apart from the new ideas and skills that I have developed.

So I have to do some comparison checks with what I thought I wanted versus what I actually want and again I am of the belief that the technologies can only have benefited myself in that respect.  Where I had perhaps hit rock bottom or maybe lived life for many years at rock bottom I can start to see what the benefits were in past bad experiences, what wisdom can I take from this past failing in this past scenario and so forth.  So I am better equipped to prosper in the face of adversity and can look to the light of learning’s that brought me to where I am in the present moment now.

Yes the change will do me good or would do if I could actually find something that I have a passion or purpose for and can earn a decent living at.  I noticed the idea of ESP or Extra Sensory Perception is an area of growth industries and learning skills so I can maybe look for what I have learned and combine techniques and strategies into an easy and applicable skill that anyone can learn and enhance there own life with.

Having the confidence for these sorts of things can take time or not so much time as having the concentration and will to see them through from start to finish.  One has to have something of a fire in the belly over something perhaps.  I recently read about playing Devils Advocate versus True Objections one was about being sensible about they way activities should be carried out the other more of a burning passion or belief-much like the Labour versus Conservative debate’s we see in politics.  I think overall that that debate has to be settled with your own knowledge and awareness and what your own ethical stance is.  Ethics is another area I have not really spoken of but I certainly think it is an important aspect for anyone to take on board in relation to the technologies and teachings.

I sometimes think that some people as there own awareness has grown have behaved in a more ethical manner towards myself and I them, whilst at the same time some other folks seem to be determined to not have any ethics whatsoever.  Again that is an observation rather than a critique and one that does become apparent the more you progress.  Why do you need me or anyone else to suffer? can of course always be asked of stick in the mud’s but they are merely distractions to the focus many of us are developing that I am sure many of us can now happily ignore in favour of a more enlightened approach to Life The Universe and Everything.

Yes sometimes what I write or maybe quite often what I write is going to be exceptionally dull and boring as Hell yet I can at least look to witnessing and the feedback to know who is enjoying firework displays and who is as seemingly stationary or non-progressive as I am at this time 🙂

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