Did You Ever Make This Mistake

One of the most fascinating aspects of awareness that totally threw me in the initial stages of my interactions elsewhere and still does throw me even now here is how I can write material and then see some feedback or do some witnessing and get some positives or negatives on my confirmation biases.

For instance I used to predominantly do much of the writing on just one so-called gadget which was a laptop I had had for several years that I bought as a quick solution to my Main PC going caput, it is still caput and in the meantime I have also moved to alternating my writings on my Windows 8 Pad, and all my biases were originally geared to witnessing in the same manner on the same gadget.  When I bought myself or used multiple gadgets it opened up new perspectives on what I was seeing and relating to. 

I mention this here and now purely in the interests of fairness because some folks might only be seeing anything I write on one gadget such-as a phone or pad device and your biases are likely attuned to aforementioned gadget; because I alternate I often see very differing things than I would necessarily see on just one device.  Likewise I say this because when you multiply many folks all seeing the same information but perhaps attuned to there own gadgets you can see one of the easier very large traps to fall into.  So if you have a friend with an alternate gadget or multiple gadgets yourself, it is well worth having a second look at something’s through another alternate biase so to speak.  Sounds silly but I can assure you it is one of the factors that can cause misunderstandings and confusions and effectively leave you completely and utterly blindsided.

You might think this only relates to gadgets yet it very often relates to newspapers around the Country too and of course Regional TV programming.  You can go to the four corners of the United Kingdom on any given day and I can guarantee your regular red-top type newspaper will be geared or biased towards that region.  Some clever folks may think ah-ha I can go to the online versions-yet even those are often regionalised through the way internet traffic is directed and filtered.  So you cannot really avoid these things but when you have the awareness it can help you understand where you may have been mistaken or not and broaden the options and understandings you have on these things.

I use a simple justify on this text as I prefer information to have that evenly spread nature of a book and so on yet one of the downsides can be the way the layout is viewed as explained above.

If you do double check with a friend do not say what you think, write it down and get them to write what they think down,(asking can lead to other data-type psychological biases) so independently write what you think and then see if your confirmations are the same or differing.  the more folks you have can be good if all are at a similar awareness levels.  This in my opinion is a way of narrowing choices and options especially in the field of gambling (where we often have inherent biases anyway)

Hope that helps-trust me when I realised how biased I was simply through the gadget I was viewing it was a real eye-opener on just how unaware we can be, likewise exploring this phenomena can take your threshold higher still.

More later 🙂

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