To My Parents

This I am sure is a dedication that has been made many many times by many many people throughout the History of The World.  My own most recently seen notice of this dedication was by Bill Gates in his somewhat dull book The Road Ahead-having read books by both Microsoft Founders I can say that Paul Allen’s was by far the better read (though that is not to knock or critique the Figurehead of the Company’s work or involvement-they did after all do it together). 

Of course when such folks openly criticize people for wanting to find themselves I have to take issue-anyone can surely work out that ‘yourself’ is a proununciation of ‘Joseph’.  So for Bill Gates to criticise people who want to find themselves whilst dedicating his own book to his parents is Highly suspect and borderline hypocritical.  Of course I have to give him the benefit of the doubt-he is a success I am a borderline tramp.

People changing names of course does imply a lack of respect for parentage and so on yet that is what women in many cultures are expected to do-I am unsure as to the values and reasoning’s these types of expectations raise for individuals on an individual basis hence again these are the types of issues some folks might want to question themselves about-again just as a kind of exploratory thing rather than their being a particularly correct answer.

The boxer Cassius Clay changed his name to Mohammed Ali after/during his oposition to the Vietnam war and a taking up of Islam.  The singer Cat Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam many years ago so name changing for religious beliefs and popularity has a long long history-especially in the entertainment World-would you be a keen fan of a singer called Reginald Dwight for instance or does his stage name Elton John seem more appealing.

Yes some thinking’s can seem obvious and others lead us all down rabbit holes that are little bits of worthless trivia-or are they-I sometimes think that the more awareness I have explored and researched and so on the more value some of these types of obscure pieces of information have to offer.  You could say it is trying to adopt a Sherlock Holmes type mindset of Deductive Reasoning-what is missing?

You can say this of course about Accountants-many folks outside of business of course may smirk or often wonder why accountants are so disliked, despised and hated and so on by many Business’s that they are employed by-the reason is simple-A ‘GOOD’ accountant will always give the WHOLE statistical picture and truth and many dishonest or unethical business folks do not always like what that whole truth might say or indeed imply about they themselves.  It is that ability to look at the data in another fashion.  For instance an 80 % ethical rating sounds great to a layperson, an accountant if you apply that 80 % to people will say that means that 1 in 5 are unethical, likewise a 60% rating for leadership is good (IMO-(it is) when you look at all the opportunities for knives in backs) but it still means that 2 in 5 of a group of leaders couldn’t lead a piss-up in a brewery.  Of course statistics can be sub-stratisfied for instance anyone on the first rung of a management ladder is possibly through inexperience going to make mistakes that give a bad  rap or bias in the data where are they to be allowed mistakes?, likewise that figure were it for folks at higher levels of management would be worrying, it really is about how you go about piecing the pieces of the jigsaw together in a quantifiable and fair manner-someone somewhere is always going to be annoyed or upset.

For instance I took part in a questionaire survey that was geared towards line management statistics, that forced an immediate bias in the data, because whilst I may have given my line manager one rating I may have (if asked-I was not) given a differing or alternate rating for a view on management as a whole or further up the chain.  

So information research and bringing these things together into quantifiable lessons to be learned and so on, all feedback is is feedback and it is our personal or individual tasks to use that feedback in a way that allows us progress or better future planning or identifying weaknesses in ourselves or our capabilities and so on and accepting that or seeking ways to address those issues.

Every puzzle has a solution of sorts-you just have to keep going until you reach a point of satisfaction or say no, that work or direction is not for me, I will have to look for another alternate life plan or whatever.  I have zero knowledge of what goes on in the lives of others-I know many stories as do most other folks and I have encouraged people to look to the allegories and so on that they represent as part of the human condition for several years.  Likewise I have encouraged use of certain (what I believe to be life enhancing technologies) I have not particularly had my life enhanced-yet have gained the awareness to understand why it was so fucked up in the first place and also my Health is gradually improving so as long as that pattern continues I will take feedback, sort it, quantify it, use it or ignore it as I see fit-that is all any of us can do.  Likewise the search or motivation for something more fulfilling or rewarding will hopefully in the longer term pay dividends.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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