You Don’t Know What A Nanogene Does

Of course I am sure we are all aware of the emergence of Nanotechnologies in recent years-the idea being that tiny little robots built from atoms smaller than the human eye can be built to carry out all sorts of undoable by human activities.

The Doctor Who episodes and

Were typical examples of futuristic ideas as to what can be achieved with Nanotechnologies.  Although in those episodes we are given an example of how it went wrong and was then corrected.

As many of you are aware my daughter and her sisters are all named after flowers and a very strange but true story exists in relation to these flower names.  I am unsure as to the exact time as it has now been some 10 years since my return to Hereford yet during the first year or two of my return a girlfriend who fell pregnant went on to lose the child.  Although she never really existed as such my then girlfriend named the baby Lily.

A few years went by and then I happened to notice that a pleasant work colleague  on my Facebook list was worried about her new niece who (I think) had difficulties at birth.  That baby went on to be named Lily.  I see again now that another new Lily has appeared.  so much like the idea of Nanotechnologies I think that some Aliens must have come down and released a Lily nanotechnology into the collective populations psychology.  It’s becoming like Invasion of the body Snatchers just keep watching the Skies-I am sure that it won’t be long before the mother ship arrives to start harvesting us all much like the reptilians in that other 80’s Sci-Fi classic TV series V.

Of course when we are talking about the roman numeral V (5) or the letter V we have to take into consideration old Winston Churchill and his famous V for Victory finger salute, very different from the reverse finger salute that many folks have adopted in the many years since the 2nd World War.  Of course anyone who has ever researched the alphabet will know that either one or the other of the letters V and U were actually brought in to accompany the other letter only to later have its own more singular identity.  What does that mean well quite simply if I wanted to write the words CLOUDS pretending I was writing in some ye olde roman style I would very likely write it as CLOVDS.  Talking of clouds of course most of the Internet and web-browsing and computing in general is now going to what technologist’s call Cloud Computing.  The idea being presented that we can store infinite quantities of data and so on in some abstract place called the cloud and that our phones and home PCs are now becoming little more than terminals.  By terminal I mean that they are simply End-User Interface access to processes and so on that are being carried out elsewhere.  Much like the idea of a Swarm or cloud where the Cloud is made up of many WATER molecules.   This idea has been gradually worked towards for a number of years.  the benefit being that wherever you are if you have data stored in the cloud that you would like access to-you can call upon it from wherever you are as long as you have a device enabled for such activities. 

Well what else can I talk about on a Wednesday hmmn.  Ah yes I am once again waiting for another delivery.  I ordered some activity type stuff on-line at the weekend for my visiting daughter and today finally a package arrived and of course it was not the main package-I have no idea why the company has split the order up but it was not what I was expecting them to do.  I halve expected to get one of those annoying card envelopes saying please come and collect your package from the local post Office Depot because the postman has no patience to wait for doors to be opened and most definitely does not ring twice.

Well that’s enough for me to be getting on with, God Bless or as I have repeatedly said may the belief system that most appeals to you go with you in strength and purpose TTFN 🙂

So Just As Much As We have Unhelpful Inner Voices…

We can give ourselves closer affinities with those inner voices that are helpful voices.  Is there anything to be gained?  Well I think it is just a case of try it out and see for yourself.  For instance if you have a belief that you lack intelligence then you might want to develop a closer affinity with your inner Einstein.  As an example for instance I might call my inner Einstein Perkinstein and call upon my inner Perkinstein in my self questioning.  Of course the potential downside of developing closer affinities is that by adding stein to my name I might actually wind up also triggering Mary Shelly Frankenstein type thoughts somewhere in my unconscious-so it is not so much as ‘what’s in a name? as ‘what is in a thought process?’ What conscious or unconscious associations am I making in calling upon this character?

Some might be uncomfortable with my referring to an inner savant in a recent post, because such people in our day to day lives are generally regarded as disabled in some way shape or form.  From an OBSERVATIONAL point of view and reading up on studies of such people-they have many abilities that other people would love to develop or have within there own sphere of abilities-remember that “ANYTHING THAT ONE PERSON CAN DO-CAN BE DONE OR LEARNT BY ANYONE”.  From the research that I have seen people whose brains are in the so-called Autistic Ranges have Brain-channels or pathways and structures that are directly communicating with the unconscious often bypassing the conscious parts of the brain that the rest of us operate in.  So the thought or idea has direct access and communication with the greater unconscious thought or idea.  And of course these words are just a set of commonly used symbols being used to describe the INDESCRIBABLE.  By that I mean we create label after label, association after association for different sensory relationships, yet none of them can surely truly describe those Autistic or Spiritual communications happening within our noggins. 

It comes back to this idea of who you really are-are you able to think of yourself as an energy being or a being of light, are you able to imagine regenerating yourself are you able to imagine all the vibrational fears shame’s guilt’s that your body maybe holding on to as dissolving into the great nothingness.  I know it sounds corny when we hear people claiming all you need is Love and so on-and again the reason for this is that Love is according to a number of researcher’s something that is learned.  That actually flies in the face of many peoples beliefs yet from a personal point of view it might actually be beneficial to acknowledge love as not being a natural ability so much as something that is used for emotional blackmail and manipulation and so on.  That of course takes us into the Nature Versus Nurture Structure Versus Agency type debates.  Yet I notice that I once again wrote that word EMOTION.  Is EMOTION something that is Learned or something that is inherent within us all.  What are the reasons in human developmental terms that we have Emotion.  Are there really a separation of types of EMOTION are we confusing the map for the territory.  Whether you choose to believe in the Scientific Worldview or a more Spiritually enlightened model-the channelling or opening up to EMPATHY can be horrible when experienced without any kind of threshold-as I am sure a number of you will know who have had empathetic type experiences.

So what were the reasons that I stopped using or developing my inherent abilities?  What were the pay-offs that I was giving myself? Was I playing a game of PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY with myself or trying to fit in with others.  What would the World be like if I had the threshold and those natural or supernatural abilities now.  Remember that if something has been conceived as an idea whether it be from the past or for the future that you can potentially develop and use all abilities and realisations of abilities NOW. 

You might say that we all perhaps aspire to be able to use such things as Transporters (Star trek) yet many of us have also seen the films where such ideas go awry (The Fly), so no matter where you are and what you can do at the present time.  Developing the light side of the light whilst coming to terms with the shadow integration of the darkside of evolution has to also be considered a factor.

For instance I joked about having triple Helix DNA-yet my research has since found that that was one of the original explorations that scientists were attempting to model.  The double-helix was chosen and became the predominant model later when those particular modellers made a commitment to the idea of TWO’s and the animals go in two by two hurrah hurrah. 

So had the original researchers (the guys famed for the double-helix research came later) continued with there research we may well have a triple or quad-helix model now.

Many of the best ideas get dropped or disappear from main stream thinking because everyone buys so much into the mainstream herd thinking.  Surely developing the best of both Worlds is liekely a better place to be living from.  For instance Rupert Sheldrake has spent his entire Scientific career as the butt of Science because of his unscientific Morphogenic’s theory & research.  Yet what that really means is that the commonly held views in Science at the present moment have not evolved in an advanced enough way to be able to research such things within the confines of the Scientific Model.

So Nearly every model presented to us might be considered as being a confined straight jacket of some sort and what we want to do is to transcend such thoughts, processes and models to an unlimited model where we can ask “What would the divine light or intelligence do?” What do I need to do to Transcend and evolve from all these maps models thoughts to being a more wholy integrated being now?.

remember I merely write what occurs to me in any given day moment and so on, exploring what meanings and what I need to do’s-they maybe very different for you-so always seek to look upon the work and writings of others from a Healthy perspective first and foremost.  Do I have a healthy perspective?  What are the paradoxical challenges that Science and spirituality are presenting me and how can I accelerate into an all-encompassing model that embraces life the Universe and Everything?  What are the Economic Thoughts Processes and Models that are causing me the greatest turmoil?  How can I re-interpret this turmoil into a rewarding process and model of prosperity and abundance?

Yes challenge oneself and challenge other to do the same.  thank you for reading and may all your thoughts BE INSPIRED INNOVATIVE AND FULFILLING AND REWARDING.

ps.  Newton changed the name of his thinking and thought theories from FLUXIONS to CALCULAS.  AND current combinatorial research is talking of FLUX-FLOW as the integrative evolutionary place to be so we can see how ideas whether they are ahead of their time or behind the time have something that will reappear in the one moment that truly exists. 

So Many Theories So Little Time

Yes I am quite sure that I am not the only one to have experienced this phenomena and this idea that we can model those elements that are beneficial to us whilst disregarding those that are not yet at the same time you have to know what it is that you are disregarding in order to make that decision in the first place.

Of course this becomes easier over-time as you can see or plan better the direction and life you yourself would like to pursue as opposed to how others want you to be.  Not necessarily easy but it can be with some persistence and determination and getting better acquainted with the idea of modelling and extra sensory perception and inherent knowledge that you may already hold within your grey matter.

The interesting thing about modelling of course is that when you look at many of the so called learning’s and teaching’s from the past you can see how people who have specialised in developing various skills have refined that which was already available to us all.

So you want to develop your being in the present moment now whilst enhancing your inner savant becoming more attuned to the multitudinous vibrational planes of existence sorting them out into categories and sub categories and you  wonder if it really is a case of setting that as a clear and clarified goal or if something else is required-well as I have said since I started using the kindle option on my pad I have found complete collections of various writers works very often close to free if not free. 

When I went to the Learning strategies website recently I noticed they had a book list of recommended reading as well and although I have read a number of those books I decided to have a look at one or two of the others that I was not aware of.  For people wondering about questioning techniques and combinatorial techniques and so on The Be Empowered By Your Emotions book has some excellent questioning strategies and might be regarded as an all in one book for personal development.  One of the benefits of amazon is of course that you can browse before you buy so there is no harm done in having a flick through some of the recommendations and seeing if anything appeals to you personally.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back as Arnie wold say 🙂

Structure Versus Agency

Whoops-there I was going on about structure and it suddenly occurred to me that actually a big fat juicy problem can occur with structure.  As we all know structures can be rigid and hard and built to withstand the weathering and we have a number of tales relating to ideas about structure, the 3 Little Pigs probably being one of the most popular.

Another story I heard that was from the Bible (I think) was much the same, a story about building foundations in the sand so that the structure above the sand could again withstand the elements.  Another popular story was the story of the farmer who had 3 sons, giving them each a quantity of money to start out in life.

So the idea of structure is one that we can all see and understand, yet as the human race has progressed-it has been found that many of the earlier ideas have had to be changed or modified.  Rigid structures can be just as harmful as non-rigid structures.  We see this especially in the building of Skyscrapers where many are designed to be flexible to the elements.  Not to the degree that the average observer would notice but generally many building can for instance withstand earthquakes through the dissipation of the vibration-earlier buildings had not had such planning and many examples can be found of ‘OMG that was not supposed to happen’ much like the unsinkable Titanic being sunk on its maiden voyage.

So what is agency? Well I would really recommend you type in your search engine “Wiki Structure Versus Agency” and you will find a better explanation than I could give. though it actually comes under the Sociology banner in human interaction.

Anyone who follows that recommendation will see that the interest in Structure Versus Agency has gone on for quite some time and that there are a number of authors that might be of interest to the readers amongst you.  I recently overcame my aversion to using the Kindle Emulator on my Pad and have been blitzing through lots of free books on Amazon-its amazing how many books are actually free to Kindle users especially given the quality and learning’s that can be achieved through reading some authors-yes you do have to be quite discerning in some respects as there is a lot of garbage but there are many diamonds and gems to be had for free simply because they have passed out of copyright protection laws and so on and some folks have through there own agency transferred the contents to the web for redistribution.

And I have gone completely off topic in what I was intending to write-I shall have to sit back down and start over, but I’ll post this mish-mash of ramblings anyway

Thank you for reading and Be Well 🙂

La La La La La La Smurf The Whole Day Long

Now An Interesting thing about comparisons between various disciplines is of course that the more you advance you can see what is useful and what is not.

The smurfs for anyone who has not encountered them are little blue people each one named after a character trait; much like Snow White’s Dwarfs only there are far more of them.  We have Characters such-as Papa, Clumsy, Grouchy, Smurfette and many more each one a label of a character trait.

Oh whoopee doo I hear you say-what has that got to do with Meditation or indeed design.

Well one of the early teachings of many meditational teachers is this idea of having conversations with inner identities…..

I would like to speak to the inner part of me that is X…

The idea being that you self resolve yourself by communicating with all your own inner demons.

So you might say that if you have trouble identifying all your inner characterizations that you may wish to come to terms with or resolve-then taking a list such-as the names of the smurfs can be a ready made option for you.  Likewise you could take the names of the Mr Men and The Little Miss characters who also follow a similar schema.

Why reinvent the wheel or struggle for identifying traits when you can use the ready made lists as starting points.  You could of course also ask yourself If I were to be a smurf what would my smurf name be?  I hope that helps those that are following the Zen meditation resolving of inner conflicts schema.

Of course those that feel uncomfortable looking at children materials because they have no children or have never been a child should perhaps find alternate remedies to do this type of inner work with.  You could for instance use the characters from Reservoir Dogs-each of the villains was given a colour as a code name, though I should warn you beware Mr Pink he does not want to be Mr Pink and might just bite your head off 🙂

So those that have advanced or progressed beyond these types of activities might like to see if you can carry such inner work activities out with Mr Touch or Miss Touch and Mr or Miss Taste, Mr or Miss Sight, Mr or Miss Smell, Mr or Miss Hear.

Those might be considered as being chapter name type labels as opposed to the bullet point type traits of the Smurfs et al.  So again we are looking at structure and what are the best structures versus the worst structures, the big picture versus the little picture.  So the sensory label traits might be big picture and the vast number of smurf traits the little picture.

I am quite sure that some probably think I have gone of the deep-end yet the more I have explored and so on the easier it has started to become to find ways and means to simplify many of the teachings.  Does what works for you work for me?  Well you can experiment and see can you not?

Of course another angle or perspective on the senses might be to give them or assign other associated characteristics, the choice as they say is your own, as I have been working towards the more abstract ideas of energies and so on I have found that some of those things have already been taken care of by the teachers-where I find myself feeling at odds with a teaching I can ask-why am I feeling at odds with this teachers teachings?

So we again get the idea going of having a questioning mind and a structure and/or a theme. 

Only a little writings today but there you go it is more than I read from many others,

Thank you for reading and I might be back later with a little more-In a while crocodile 🙂

Is It Real Or Just Imagination

An issue for many people and that we hear on a fairly regular basis are on the issue of PHOBIAS and a popular example of this is how x-person or y-person is terrified of spiders and creepy crawlies and this for me from an observational point of view has always seemed somewhat strange.

Why do you find it strange Dave?

Wow thanks for asking-well here we are in the Summertime and a particularly hot summertime too, the Sun is shining and millions of people are getting out into the gardens and going to the beaches and parks and rivers and Country walks and so on and so on.  And having participated or carried out some of these activities myself I can tell you that the gardens are alive with creepy crawlies, the beaches are alive with creepy crawlies, the parks are alive with creepy crawlies, the rivers and countryside are alive with  creepy crawlies.

Millions upon millions of the little blighters from spiders to flies and bees and butterflies and ants.  You would in fact think given the PHOBIAS that many people claim to have of these little beings that this Summer should be termed the Summer Of Scream.  Yet here I am listening out for screams from these millions of creepy-crawly phobia sufferers and I wait and wait and wait and NOPE NOT A DICKIE, NOT EVEN A WHISPER.

So what these folks need to be asking themselves is what is the mental trade-off that they are making, what are the rewards and punishments associated with creepy crawlies that you might get from a spider in a bathroom and a spider at the beach, is there a relevance to location, is there a relevance to Sunshine.  Are higher rewards the answer A real Suntan at the beach or a spray on tan on the bathroom.

Is it really the creepy crawly that is a problem or simply a repetition of a learned form of fear.  I am not saying that I do not have such fears, I have always had a strange disliking of ants for instance but overall I generally find that many folks who claim such phobias have a complete immunity to that phobia being tripped when placed in a different environment.  It might be an Indoor/Outdoor issue for some folks I really do not know, what I do know is I find it very difficult to believe some folks claims-it might simply be a lack of mental focus or confusion but it is one of those Great Observable Anomalies in peoples character and personalities.  Almost like A ooh I am expected to be afraid of this so I will be afraid of this.

This is something that is often observed by professional observers with children.  A child will very often react in any given scenario according to who is the more powerful influence.  So for instance your child could be quite happily gardening with you surrounded by all the bugs and so on.  another adult influence who holds greater reward/punishment capability could come out and say OMG Spiders Ahhh, the child will very often make the mental choice and decision to fall into the pattern expected by the Greater Influencer. 

This is another one of those issues where the patterns that get fallen into in childhood are not necessarily serving you well in adult hood.  The ability to Identify the reward/punishment models and alter them to a more sensible set of perspectives or patterns is surely a worthwhile pursuit.   Of course some people stay there whole lives living according to the model set in childhood, for some they may be beneficial perhaps yet for many I am quite sure that some tweaking here and there would likely improve lives immensely.

Yes I have used creepy crawlies as an example yet the observational model is actually one than can be applied to many scenario’s and schema’s, it might be simply a case of asking yourself when did I first start having this phobia, what was the reward/punishment model that I was attaching myself to, what would be the seeds or equivalent benefits of changing this model, and so on and so on. 

Anyway thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂


Anyone who has ever sat through any kind of Mensa or Logic Test will recognise the format of the title and we are often asked in these types of test to simply answer TRUE or FALSE.

Is any real value ascertained in a persons ability to do these types of test-well I guess it depends on what you want to be successful at.  We are of course expected to identify a logical relationship between the operands in each set and then compare the two set’s to see if the relationship is the same.  In this case one would assume the answer is FALSE.  In the HAL to IBM relationship we can see a one-step increment in each alphabetical letter H to I, A to B and L to M.  In the EYJ to DXI relationship we can see a one-step decrement in each letter E to D, Y to X and J to I.

Of course anyone who has read or seen 2001 A Space Odyssey (Arthur C Clarke (I think)) will recognise HAL as being the name of the spacecraft’s Murderous Computer System, it was a well thought through version of the computer’s taking over the World scare story and a predecessor to stories such-as Terminator.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really I just happened to notice that the initials of our beloved new Royal Prince were GAL and was wondering how they had decided upon that particular set of names-yes I know that the names are often taken from other family members names and so on but I wanted to identify the relationships-giving purpose-giving greater awareness/understanding. Of course my own ex-wife Kate’s Eldest is also called George so I should not be that surprised that Kate’s like the name George.  I was actually surprised because we have had quite a few George’s going back to the end of the 1600’s and this young chap will be George the 7th assuming that no changes occur in the Succession.

I also have spoken about prison comedy drama Porridge in the past and those initials backwards of course spell LAG, in the words of Michael J Fox (Back to The Future Series) “better get used to them bars kid”.  😉

Of course monarch’s at least in English History have always had a close relationship to the judiciary system, though not as close to the French interpretation and making the acquaintance of Madam guillotine.

What else-hmmn Well of course most of the children in the UK now approaching adulthood are likely as some stage and eyj to have watched Tellytubbies and I’m sure one of those was called La-La much like the sound of singing or musical notes-as I mentioned singing yesterday I thought I should also throw that in-this baby is gonna sing La at G-potentially.

Now I think I am right in saying that the IDEA of Satellites sitting In Geo-Stationary Orbit around the Earth was also from the mind of Arthur C Clarke.  So a science fiction writer invented a concept and gave it a name and then Science came up with ways to achieve that and achieve it they did.  You might of course say that in technology terms the IDEA had appeared long before Arthur C Clarke (I am putting forward the IDEA that getting attuned to various Royalty/emperor-gods/Human deities and Royal goings on around the Historical World is potentially a good way to bring yourself into the NOW (as it were)).

Of course that does not help with Wealth Accumulation and personal prosperity but it might be a step in the direction of seeing more clearly where your resistance’s are and so on and so forth.

So one of the problems for many folks coming to these types of IDEAS and technologies later in life is that you are already in relationships of various sorts. This got me thinking about when did I in my own life go from thinking about Universal Energy/Power/Angels etc. etc. in the abstract and start giving it Human forms.  You might say that as teenagers we are often discouraged or encouraged to look at things that may have been barred to some people such-as porn.  And where once we might have simply had third party mental Abstractions of Energy’s and so on-we start giving these IDEAS/CONCEPTS human IDOL forms.  And once in those forms we often Ping-Pong and Ricochet between a multitude of these IDOLATROUS IDEAS.

What Am I To Do?  Well it is of course down to personal choice-I personally think that regardless of whether you are married or in relationship of some description or indeed single YOU CAN ONLY BENEFIT FROM TAKING A STEP BACK AND REACQUAINTING YOURSELF WITH A MORE UNIVERSAL ABSTRACT IDEA.

I Know that this flies in the face of many teachers and many do in fact reinforce Themselves and Self-concept as what is to be IDOLATED.  I have spent some time exploring many of these types of questions and am gradually forming concepts and IDEAS as to methodologies and so on that are empowering versus ping-ponging or ricocheting.

So yes do the gym work or sports work, have a healthy and reinforced self-respect and self-opinion, learn responsible life skills-but beware your own EGO and do not fall into the OBLIVION FIELD that is EGO.  You might say that most of the teaching’s are about moving from unhealthly EGO states-to healthy EGO states and at each time that I have considered myself to have progressed-some previously unbeknown unhealthy aspect comes and smacks me in the face once again.  I know that I am not the only one that this has happened to but as I have said previously ‘JUST KEEP GOING’  If you have not tried to condition yourself to thinking of some ABSTRACT UNIVERSAL ENERGY OR POWER FIELD (as opposed to simply creating everything in Human shape and Form) then perhaps you should try.  Get the humanizing down to a lower level of your being or purpose, and see whether regardless of existing relationships and human interaction and so on that that might be a better field of play for anyone to be living live from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bubbling wonderings, and now if you’ll excuse me I need a cup of TEA TTFN, ENERGY BLESS and BE WELL  🙂

How can I Give Structure Or Accelerate My Ingredients

If an art to exploration exists then it is surely the capacity that we all have within us to experiment and mix things up a little.  For instance I know that in the past I recommended singing practice or vocal coaching type activities.  Some people have lifelong aversions to not having any kind of ability to sing. 

The real reason that I recommended such activities was to get people in a state of mind where they are listening to more formalised musical scales and perhaps learning or integrating that knowledge of the scales and of course breathing exercises. (Learning to play instruments is also possibly worthwhile) We all of us have probably had favourite singers and favourite types of music and if you think about it they are all a mixed bag of disjointed ingredients that sonically form to create the pleasing whole. I figured that an actual scale knowledge in the noggin however limited was better than all the disjointed stuff.

The materials I had recommended were ones that I knew were from successful vocal coach practitioners such-as Seth Riggs, Dana Murray.  There are many available coaches and materials (cheap books with CDs) so folks can pick and choose according to there own ability and perhaps desire to sing or be vocally coached.  I have not practiced in some time and of course activities such as smoking have taken there toll.

Anyway I decided to see what would happen if I for instance did vocal practice whilst going through my Qigong Active exercises that I had pretty much learnt quite quickly as they were fairly simple moves to follow. So I dug out my ‘Learn To Sing’ materials and gave it a go-I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could combine the seemingly disparate activities and felt quite energised during and after this combinatorial work.

I believe I did something similar in the past whilst tapping though I could not really say I was seeking any particular results-I am sure that somewhere out there someone is likely selling themselves as The Singing EFT Practitioner.

So that is of course related to sound as ingredients, but what about other ingredients?  well if you think about it, the Qigong already combines visualization with sound (om more stuff), So we then have sight, sound, what about smell? well that is a toughie though like singing the meditation does include breathing and that is done through the nose, so that is sight sound and smell, what about kinaesthetic, well the movements might be considered or are sort of related to kinaesthetic stuff and the end sequence of tapping body parts most definitely is.  So that is sight sound smell kinaesthetic, of course I am now left with taste and unless I chew gum I cannot really do that one whilst carrying out the others, though of course much of the Qigong is related to placing visualizations of balls of light and so on behind the navel-where roughly our stomachs sit, so you can see how one simple practice is including all the sensory features in ways that they are stimulated by all that is needed is repeated focus and practice.  The Qigong is great as a standalone but there is no reason why you cannot adapt these things and spice them up if the core material becomes ‘boring’ to quickly.

So take the basic practice that you have invested in and see where you can spice things up for yourselves, making adaptations and placing emphasis on those senses that you feel you need to enhance and so on.

Thanks for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

I would also like to send my condolences to the family of Steve Atkinson.  A guy who I am sure will be remembered for his character and personality beyond all other considerations, he worked as a colleague a number of years ago now and yet he always managed to say hi when ever our paths happened to cross. R.I.P. Steve

I’ll Scweam and Scweam and Scweam Until I’m Sick

Yes yesterday was the birthday of Bonnie Langford best known in the UK as a child TV star of hit TV and book series JUST WILLIAM and famous for the line in the title, all we need now are pictures of the Royal Ginger for rumour of Harry being the father to spread. 🙂

So where was I oh yes-I was talking about design and thinking things through to completions and so on.  Now we have all likely heard of the famous Polygraph Test.  The polygraph is often referred to in common or garden slang as a lie detector test.  You are strapped to a monitor and then asked a series of questions that are said to be able to ascertain through the reading of the graph and physical response feedbacks a persons innocence or guilt.

What is interesting about this technology developed quite early in the last Century is that it is regarded in the US (at least) as an important weapon in the fight against crime.  I have encountered talk of the polygraph multiple times in my research.  The basic idea is that whilst you can openly lie in what you say and do through your mouth, your body will betray these lies through other bodily reactions and a great deal of study has gone into eliciting and understanding a broad range of these reactions.  In the non-medical field of law-and-order the usage of these types of bodily reaction graphs and tools is well established.   My own interest comes from more titbits of information gleaned from my research on the model that is used to get to the truth or establish what are the facts.

I won’t write a mammoth essay on this material but will simply say that a methodology or procedure has been developed in the functioning of questioning techniques used in relation to the usage of the polygraph.  The questions follow particular patterns for instance and have particular labels as to the validity of responses given from people.  Some questions are regarded as throw-away questions or IRRELEVENT, other questions are COMPARISON questions, and other questions are RELEVENT questions.  It has been found that going through these questions repeatedly and swapping the type of question asked at particular junctures can lead the investigation team or interviewer to a clearer picture of the candidates innocence or guilt or suitability for a job or unsuitability.

I say this because the research that has been conducted on the questioning techniques has been successfully applied to other fields such-as human resources and job application and so on, not that you will be strapped to a polygraph just that if you learn the questioning techniques and patterns you can elicit truth better than most other individuals, and you can see them in use in many job application forms. The techniques and patterns used can remove the inherent biases that all of us have to a certain extent.

So I hope that makes sense in the finding the most appropriate usage of questions, I have read on multiple techniques and that seemed the best-so what would happen if I applied that questioning algorithm to my overall teaching and learning methodologies.

This is also an interesting criteria for the field of Artificial Intelligence-where autonomous systems are written to follow particular patterns to successful completion of a given mission.  Your Aeroplanes for instance are predominantly flown by AI computer systems these days with so-called pilots mostly just monitoring the feedback.  So the questioning model is also a decision making model.

Yes all very interesting I know but I am just writing on whatever happens to come up on any particular day or hour that I am writing. So with out taking any more of your time

I will say CIAO FOR NOW 🙂

What Reason Might I Have To Doubt this Teacher

Now another aspect that can potentially cause conflict or confusions is the issue of trust in a process that we have personally purchased and made a financial investment or commitment in or perhaps simply followed through our various media.  Is there a difference?

I know that that I can impart knowledge and indeed learn knowledge and separating wheat from chaff on what is important and helpful and what is not can at times give me headaches.  The reason for these issues I think is in part brought about by the determined efforts of many teachers to stay within particular boundaries of how they are presented and viewed by the World at large and it can be difficult (IMO) to understand some of the reasoning’s that went into these decisions.

For instance a great deal of effort is placed to stay within science and current scientific knowledge and development-so a course might say that according to science the largest capacity memory that you and I have is our Visual memory and that in order to better our abilities we can learn or adapt to ways of placing our thoughts, feelings, and incoming sensory inputs into our Visual database.  Sounds great nothing to argue about there he says-yet how can we be sure, for instance I live in the City of Hereford home of a Blind College for many years.  Do blind people put there sensory knowledge into a Visual database that they have never had.  I guess this can lead to testing such theories on Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines.  So perhaps the question I should be asking is what is Visualization? Is it really a narrow field associated with the eyes or is it something more and the word is just a word used to describe a process by the predominant sighted population.

For myself at least the option when studying courses that are supposed to enhance abilities is to see if I can come up with something better.  So I might disagree with the sighted researchers prognosis and say for instance that all memory is Sensorization Memory and it is this memory that is being confused with Visualization by those who have not thought things through to completion.  A central Sensorization memory allows for visualization memory to exist at a lower level within it’s super-structure.  Some might say that a CPU within the brain is the sensorization process sorter and that a sensorization memory is not necessary-for my own teaching purposes and for introducing GREAT DOUBT I think it is.  You can still have a CPU like thinking strategy and think of the sensorization memory as being like a double buffer set-up (technophobes can ignore my technology knowledge and preaching’s).  This then allows for improved COMPARISON – is the data in the Sensorization memory the same or different to the data in the Visualization memory, what were the filters that were being used that caused the disparity?  how can I alter these filters to improve the internal comparison or checking/feedback loop? and so on.

So yes you might say that I got lucky in stumbling onto Holosync and so on but that only came several years after other studies my Electronics Engineering and Computer Science/AI/Robotics and later hypnosis and NLP, and those came many years after I had already been through the college system immediately on leaving school-though it was heavily disrupted at that time of leaving school through industrial accident.  I was initially housebound like a caged animal for some time before the physical healing was advanced enough for me to ‘re-join the human race’ I say that with heavy heart as I had effectively been knocked out of play before adulthood and was through maybe a form of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and bodily functions shutting down no longer able to compete effectively.  That is all gone, unimportant-what is important is the questioning process and looking at situations with distance to see if doubt can be brought into scenario’s.  When I first started with Holosync for instance I did have a level of resistance to Bill and the reason for this was in part that he and his buddies had started using these technologies at the time of my big death accident-there was a level of nagging in the back of my mind that these folks were blindly using these technologies and that I had somehow been affected by these ungodly meddlings? that may of course be put down to my own failure to take full responsibility for my own life and mental World yet when you have suffered great traumas and loss and I know that many of you have then the aspect of human nature that many of us least like about ourselves is this capacity to place the fault and issues at someone else’s feet.  Anyway that is enough from me for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Lets Hope the Baby is worthy of Being a Royal or as my Astrologer would say-who would be born on a day like today.  🙂