Why Tell Such A Story

Well this is one of those questions that many people run and run and run away from forever and a day in order to not face the various games of truths and lies that they play with themselves or have played with themselves throughout their life.  I have personally found that in order to make progress you very often have to stop running away from these types of stories and the telling thereof.  The story I published regarding Diana was one such story that I have avoided going back to again and again.  Yet every direction I set of in to avoid that story the path brought me back to it.   Now I feel as though some clearance has occurred or been achieved and a new chapter can begin or a deeper level of exploration will happen.

You’re own brain knows every story truth and lie that you have ever told yourself or anyone else so in order to progress you very often have to stop with the deceptions or work your way through all the layers and layers of deceptions to get to purer truths or higher levels of flow-it is a task that some people see as sensible whilst others will never progress because they lack the heart or courage or conviction to be honest-or indeed have an unrolling of all the half-truths and confusions and so on.

So if you have a story that all avoidance paths keep bringing you back to -You want progress?- deal with that Story! and you may just have it, if you think you have dealt with a Story and you still find yourself returning to it, then maybe you dealt with one angle or aspect without considering that other perspectives may have existed that you need clearance on.

I hope that makes sense, some folks may think it unwise for me to have published the Diana story yet they do not know who else might be reading this blog or indeed may have been following me on the Holosync blog, As you open up to the possibilities and awareness and growth that these technologies provide-you tend to find that many seemingly bad behaviours or perspectives can sometimes give people a greater level of clearance and understanding of themselves and the greater dynamics that are occurring in the Wider World where one perspective is seemingly an act of desperation another might see it as an act of compassion-choice of views and angles can always be sorted to provide what is needed at any given moment in time-intentionally looking or using optimum or ultimate choices is not necessarily going to give you the answer for which you think you are seeking-again because of our own inherent confirmation biases-the more clearance I have achieved the less affected I find myself to need or require a particular outcome of events.

It’s the walking into a wall syndrome, instead of creating a ladder to climb over, or walking along it in search of a gap, or getting assistance from others to create a human ladder, many people will keep on walking into the same old wall in the same old fashion.

Dogmatic and disciplined behaviours can be just as much apart of this situation or problem as undisciplined behaviours.  Thinking beyond discipline or using nurtured discipline and then going beyond the nurture can be where the breakthrough’s happen, the higher people go in any area of management (for instance) very often the less they want people below them saying what needs to be done, they have little idea of the idea of serving mistaking a label or badge for themselves. 

Was all the seeming incompetence in the banking scandals of recent years the result of applied labellology-very much so in my own opinion. Likewise I recently proffered an alternate view to a complaining colleague’s (of supposed same level labelling’s) view on an issue inferring that he was somewhat selfish-the response given was oh yea Dave knows it all followed by a marching off in a huff-that kind of behaviour is indicative of someone who at some level is experiencing consciously or unconsciously an inner or internal conflict-the sort of conflict caused by all the truth and lies dynamics I explained about at the beginning of this post.

The more I have personally unravelled my own lifetimes worth of truth and lies the less internal conflicts and inner turmoil’s I have been experiencing.  Amateur dramatic behaviours for effect fall away in preference to more useful states of being.  You cannot please all the people all of the time but you can certainly see where there are a greater need for some sense and sensibility.

Anyway I think most folks have had a pleasant weekend so may you carry your pleasantness into your working life.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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