So I Have A Total Inability To Cope With Life

This was one of the ultimate truths that many things in my life to date have boiled down too.  You could say that all my maps of reality were totally skewered by upbringing, by accidents and my own seemingly continuously failing coping mechanisms.

So a belief that I could have affected anything that happened to Diana was wrong and likewise that I could have affected Daisy in any way shape or form was wrong.  The circumstances and tales and mental thought patterns were just mostly nonsense that my Ego was throwing up and saying yeah your the hero or yeah your a guilty villain and so on.  Nothing was ever just a case of ‘let it be’.

I was effectively in an un-winnable trap of my own delusional creations.  Holosync seems to raise the threshold to see how I have spent my entire life using one mental bubble or another but it does not give a particular purpose or cause or direction.

Hence so many incomprehensible ramblings. 

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