To Create The Angel Inner Circle Environment Known as TAICE

The Angel Inner Circle Environment is of course a concept and like all concepts we have to make appropriate decisions as to the enfolding nature of Space-Time and our own set of current beliefs in the present moment now.

From our earliest age we in this World are taught ideas and concepts such-as good and bad and that this activity will meet with rewards and that this alternate activity will meet with punishment and for many of these ideas the concepts very quickly become muddled-something rewarded at home is punished elsewhere and vice-versa and each person also has his or her own interpretation of meanings, representations and forms fields maps and so on and so forth.

The combination of Mediation techniques and visualization strategies can be used to clear out all that is wrong in your own physical being and Mental World Environment.  I recently mentioned that I had been practicing some Qigong and what I like about this technique is that whilst I can recognise the similarities between this practice and other Western techniques and indeed other Eastern techniques it builds from a concept that all starts of as emptiness and returns to emptiness.  It also works well with the emergence of the Holographic Universe Theory that Science is currently exploring (Every cell or atom or sub-atomic particle of your being contains a representation of the Whole) .  All is Energy and All forever remains as Energy, There is no Here or There just what is.  With focus and continuing/on-going practice You can call the energy to You and likewise expel excess energy from You, You can also move the energy around your own physical body and being-opening up long closed channels and so on.  Getting the blockages open and clearing pain channels and reducing what we might consider to be bad or accumulated energies (the energies are not good or bad merely energy). And our sickness’ and diseases and so on might be termed as physical manifestations of these energy blockages. As Qigong originates in ancient China it is built up from the study of Yin and Yan energy concepts.

So ideally of course we want to remain as our concept of who we are and how we are whilst at the same time modelling the excellence that has been created by others-one of many peoples main fears about the technologies is that they are somehow brainwashing you into no longer being you, I am quite sure that anyone who has progressed can say quite simply that that Is not necessarily so.

Although I used the word angel in the title of this piece that again is merely a concept and everyone is fully free to substitute a preferred terminology-though please bear in mind that all is energy and energy manipulation can be used in enlightening ways or in unhelpful ways-Satan concepts are Angelic concepts because he was perceived as an angel (people often fail to consider these realities when hearing about religious conceptions of Heaven and Hell)

So You and Your own body according to all of the Worlds Ancient teachings and Religions and now in modern day Science are Energy maybe black and white energy or my Quad-Helix DNA theory and not only that you contain the unfolding Holographic whole Universe in each and every cell of your entire concept of self and being which is quite amazing in my humble opinion.

So imagine if you will that a few simple changes in you World Perceptions and Internal Systems can lead to one chain reaction that leads to another chain reaction and another and another and suddenly where life seemed like a living death sentence of confusing punishments the process has completely given you a Whole new outlook and way of being doing and acting simply through a simple act of FAITH!

Thank you for taking the timeout to read my meanderings and may you live a blessed life of being Absolved and Absorbed In the Energies that are most appealing to Who you really are 🙂

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