I’ll Scweam and Scweam and Scweam Until I’m Sick

Yes yesterday was the birthday of Bonnie Langford best known in the UK as a child TV star of hit TV and book series JUST WILLIAM and famous for the line in the title, all we need now are pictures of the Royal Ginger for rumour of Harry being the father to spread. 🙂

So where was I oh yes-I was talking about design and thinking things through to completions and so on.  Now we have all likely heard of the famous Polygraph Test.  The polygraph is often referred to in common or garden slang as a lie detector test.  You are strapped to a monitor and then asked a series of questions that are said to be able to ascertain through the reading of the graph and physical response feedbacks a persons innocence or guilt.

What is interesting about this technology developed quite early in the last Century is that it is regarded in the US (at least) as an important weapon in the fight against crime.  I have encountered talk of the polygraph multiple times in my research.  The basic idea is that whilst you can openly lie in what you say and do through your mouth, your body will betray these lies through other bodily reactions and a great deal of study has gone into eliciting and understanding a broad range of these reactions.  In the non-medical field of law-and-order the usage of these types of bodily reaction graphs and tools is well established.   My own interest comes from more titbits of information gleaned from my research on the model that is used to get to the truth or establish what are the facts.

I won’t write a mammoth essay on this material but will simply say that a methodology or procedure has been developed in the functioning of questioning techniques used in relation to the usage of the polygraph.  The questions follow particular patterns for instance and have particular labels as to the validity of responses given from people.  Some questions are regarded as throw-away questions or IRRELEVENT, other questions are COMPARISON questions, and other questions are RELEVENT questions.  It has been found that going through these questions repeatedly and swapping the type of question asked at particular junctures can lead the investigation team or interviewer to a clearer picture of the candidates innocence or guilt or suitability for a job or unsuitability.

I say this because the research that has been conducted on the questioning techniques has been successfully applied to other fields such-as human resources and job application and so on, not that you will be strapped to a polygraph just that if you learn the questioning techniques and patterns you can elicit truth better than most other individuals, and you can see them in use in many job application forms. The techniques and patterns used can remove the inherent biases that all of us have to a certain extent.

So I hope that makes sense in the finding the most appropriate usage of questions, I have read on multiple techniques and that seemed the best-so what would happen if I applied that questioning algorithm to my overall teaching and learning methodologies.

This is also an interesting criteria for the field of Artificial Intelligence-where autonomous systems are written to follow particular patterns to successful completion of a given mission.  Your Aeroplanes for instance are predominantly flown by AI computer systems these days with so-called pilots mostly just monitoring the feedback.  So the questioning model is also a decision making model.

Yes all very interesting I know but I am just writing on whatever happens to come up on any particular day or hour that I am writing. So with out taking any more of your time

I will say CIAO FOR NOW 🙂

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