Anyone who has ever sat through any kind of Mensa or Logic Test will recognise the format of the title and we are often asked in these types of test to simply answer TRUE or FALSE.

Is any real value ascertained in a persons ability to do these types of test-well I guess it depends on what you want to be successful at.  We are of course expected to identify a logical relationship between the operands in each set and then compare the two set’s to see if the relationship is the same.  In this case one would assume the answer is FALSE.  In the HAL to IBM relationship we can see a one-step increment in each alphabetical letter H to I, A to B and L to M.  In the EYJ to DXI relationship we can see a one-step decrement in each letter E to D, Y to X and J to I.

Of course anyone who has read or seen 2001 A Space Odyssey (Arthur C Clarke (I think)) will recognise HAL as being the name of the spacecraft’s Murderous Computer System, it was a well thought through version of the computer’s taking over the World scare story and a predecessor to stories such-as Terminator.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really I just happened to notice that the initials of our beloved new Royal Prince were GAL and was wondering how they had decided upon that particular set of names-yes I know that the names are often taken from other family members names and so on but I wanted to identify the relationships-giving purpose-giving greater awareness/understanding. Of course my own ex-wife Kate’s Eldest is also called George so I should not be that surprised that Kate’s like the name George.  I was actually surprised because we have had quite a few George’s going back to the end of the 1600’s and this young chap will be George the 7th assuming that no changes occur in the Succession.

I also have spoken about prison comedy drama Porridge in the past and those initials backwards of course spell LAG, in the words of Michael J Fox (Back to The Future Series) “better get used to them bars kid”.  😉

Of course monarch’s at least in English History have always had a close relationship to the judiciary system, though not as close to the French interpretation and making the acquaintance of Madam guillotine.

What else-hmmn Well of course most of the children in the UK now approaching adulthood are likely as some stage and eyj to have watched Tellytubbies and I’m sure one of those was called La-La much like the sound of singing or musical notes-as I mentioned singing yesterday I thought I should also throw that in-this baby is gonna sing La at G-potentially.

Now I think I am right in saying that the IDEA of Satellites sitting In Geo-Stationary Orbit around the Earth was also from the mind of Arthur C Clarke.  So a science fiction writer invented a concept and gave it a name and then Science came up with ways to achieve that and achieve it they did.  You might of course say that in technology terms the IDEA had appeared long before Arthur C Clarke (I am putting forward the IDEA that getting attuned to various Royalty/emperor-gods/Human deities and Royal goings on around the Historical World is potentially a good way to bring yourself into the NOW (as it were)).

Of course that does not help with Wealth Accumulation and personal prosperity but it might be a step in the direction of seeing more clearly where your resistance’s are and so on and so forth.

So one of the problems for many folks coming to these types of IDEAS and technologies later in life is that you are already in relationships of various sorts. This got me thinking about when did I in my own life go from thinking about Universal Energy/Power/Angels etc. etc. in the abstract and start giving it Human forms.  You might say that as teenagers we are often discouraged or encouraged to look at things that may have been barred to some people such-as porn.  And where once we might have simply had third party mental Abstractions of Energy’s and so on-we start giving these IDEAS/CONCEPTS human IDOL forms.  And once in those forms we often Ping-Pong and Ricochet between a multitude of these IDOLATROUS IDEAS.

What Am I To Do?  Well it is of course down to personal choice-I personally think that regardless of whether you are married or in relationship of some description or indeed single YOU CAN ONLY BENEFIT FROM TAKING A STEP BACK AND REACQUAINTING YOURSELF WITH A MORE UNIVERSAL ABSTRACT IDEA.

I Know that this flies in the face of many teachers and many do in fact reinforce Themselves and Self-concept as what is to be IDOLATED.  I have spent some time exploring many of these types of questions and am gradually forming concepts and IDEAS as to methodologies and so on that are empowering versus ping-ponging or ricocheting.

So yes do the gym work or sports work, have a healthy and reinforced self-respect and self-opinion, learn responsible life skills-but beware your own EGO and do not fall into the OBLIVION FIELD that is EGO.  You might say that most of the teaching’s are about moving from unhealthly EGO states-to healthy EGO states and at each time that I have considered myself to have progressed-some previously unbeknown unhealthy aspect comes and smacks me in the face once again.  I know that I am not the only one that this has happened to but as I have said previously ‘JUST KEEP GOING’  If you have not tried to condition yourself to thinking of some ABSTRACT UNIVERSAL ENERGY OR POWER FIELD (as opposed to simply creating everything in Human shape and Form) then perhaps you should try.  Get the humanizing down to a lower level of your being or purpose, and see whether regardless of existing relationships and human interaction and so on that that might be a better field of play for anyone to be living live from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bubbling wonderings, and now if you’ll excuse me I need a cup of TEA TTFN, ENERGY BLESS and BE WELL  🙂

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