Dear Dave

Hello again, I am just writing to ask why you have not thanked those responsible for sorting out the long standing water issues you complain of as I have it on good authority that the issue has been dealt with.

Also why have you stated that Assad has to go into exile the way I see it-as our Parliamentarians have voted for us not to intervene on this occasion there cannot be an escalation whereby we get dragged into an issue that is not a UK issue to resolve.

Also several years ago now it was rumoured that you were writing a book based on the goings on within your place of work, what happened? was any progress made?

Thank you for responding

Pamela Braithwaite-Follitudes

Hi Pamela, nice to hear from you again.  I have no problem in praising or given credit due to those men and women who have through there actions resolved any issues I may have had in my place of work, for instance maintenance are usually reliable in dealing with quick fix requirements.  However a couple of days is a little too soon to say issues have been resolved and sorted for the better for the longer term.  For instance we are now coming to a weekend and someone somewhere very often decides that interference with the systems or making changes are required and then come Monday night we’ll be back in the same old farce.  Too many people wanting to meddle with things that are already working.

You could say in allegorical terms The UK has just had a year of its highest birth-rates since 1972, so if you were a business wanting to align yourself for instance with a new born baby in the family, you would want to put all those pieces in place for INFRASTRUCTURE the so-called core fundamentals, this might mean higher Maintenance and Plumbing expenditure and so on, as opposed to the very often usual practice of excessive bells and whistle spending on ‘Pet Projects’ of Bells and Whistle type managers.

If it were a jigsaw puzzle you might say that farms,maintenance and building and plumbing/cleaning type operations are the corner pieces that allow or enable everything else to happen.  These type of budgets are often neglected and/or raided for the bell and whistle merchant ‘pet projects’ until you can (if you are not careful) end up with a very skewered image of what is actually important.  That is why responsible accountancy mentioned previously is so important. People do not want to spend on infrastructure because it does not (in the day to day affairs of business) seem to produce profit or money, yet neglecting them or failing to account for them as built in overheads is why so many business screw-up. From what I have seen and heard from more senior management information releases they are generally coming to terms with knowing what has to be done and so on, whether us lower down the tree like it or not.

As for Assad-well in my opinion all that means is that the British Public have now been placed through the actions of our Politicians in a position of having PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.  What we do not know about any of our Intelligence Operatives on the ground will not harm us and any men and women on the ground out there, are effectively working as they have been trained to, you could say they have ripped out the seatbelts from the car and are driving hard into the bends.  I am pretty sure that things will not be allowed to continue as they are because the price of Oil sourced from the region has already hit  new price highs, and the cost will be passed onto you the consumer, how many motorists already complain about price hikes, the longer it drags on the more all prices for all goods will rise (Oil is one of those core costs for many Business’).  Fickle public opinion will change rapidly when they start feeling these costs.

I think that the book idea has taken on a new reality of its own for many people within the organisation and that whilst I could write all sorts of stories some true, some fiction it is best left for individuals to know the story they themselves would write. 

However just for you I’ll throw together a quick piss take passage that I hope is taken in the good humour it is intended

The Fowl factory

Senior Management Meeting

Mgr 1: Okay so top of our agenda today “How the fuck are we gonna get Eyesore Road through the next Audit Sessions?”

Mgr 2: Leave it to me old chap, I have found the perfect little shithole of a place down Newthen way, we buy it, throw a couple of grand of improvement money at it, and then when the Auditors come a calling, Eyesore Road will seem like Buckingham Palace in comparison.

Mgr 3: So let me get this straight, we buy another worse shithole to make the shithole we already have look good, that’s your plan?

Mgr 2: All in favour?

A chorus of Aighs was quickly heard around the room, ugh ugh what what Leisuresuit disturbed from his slumber called out Aigh at no-one in particular.

Mgr 1: Motion carried, what’s next up?


Well that’s enough garbage from me for another day, thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Water Into Whine

I have found myself asking in recent days where this IDEA of water into whine comes from and whether it is possible or not.  I have come to the conclusion that it most definitely is.  In fact Water into Whine has a long standing tradition in my current place of work. 

Whilst I could go into the specifics it is probably far easier for me to talk in terms of House’s of Cards or THE EMPORORS NEW CLOTHES.  The Emperors New Clothes of course being the Story of how a King was convinced of the specialness of his invisible clothes, and because the King was convinced of the lie, all his courtiers and subjects all walked into the being in alignment with the lie trap, some young boy being the only person not to buy into THE GREAT LIE.

So it would be unfair of me to single out any one individual or group for that matter as these things have been handed down and handed down and looking to the past does not solve the issue NOW.  What would solve many issues NOW would be the acknowledgment that a great lie has been bought into and that a new more Holistic strategy might be better in the long term.

For Instance, If I as an INDUSTRIAL CLEANER of 10 years standing were asked what the most important ingredient is in being able to accomplish the goal set for me each night I would say HOT WATER.  But then I have no experience as being the Director of the Board, the guy with his hands on the Pirate Ship’s Wheel (So To Speak).  So a Government official comes along and says you have to kill all these germs and bacteria, what am I to do says the Pirate Captain, a chemical company man comes along and says buy our new MAGIC germ and bacterial wash agent guaranteed to work whatever the water. Yippee kiii yea says Mr Hands on Wheel and buys masses of the MAGIC substance. 

As someone on the ground I can say most definitely that whilst MAGIC agent might work in the Laboratory in all environments with all versions of WATER, the proof of ability in a real life working scenario (or more approximately my real life working experience) has yet to be established.  Yet because the version of truth has been bought into at all levels and those levels at which much wait is carried do not want to be seen to have been (possibly or potentially) suckered by all the demands being placed on them they go with the MAGIC agent statistics that works in all environments.  All I will say is as the man on the ground doing the task day after day, GIVE ME HOT WATER and THEN HIDE BEHIND YOUR MAGIC AGENT SPECS ETC.

This of course is an example of Great Truths that many people experience when transferring from Education to Working Life.  What the text book says versus what the experience says.  Again one of the issues is the obsession with the need for maintenance of established Education systems and structures.  Some companies simply create there own staff training programs and have a work your way up the company system, sometimes importing educated people at differing levels of internal training schemes.  Others simply trust wholesale in Education.

I was one of the great unfortunates who was in the very first year group to take GCSE’s.  My entire schooling life was built on a natural ability to cram and PEAK for an exam at the end of year and pass and be in a respectable set the following year.  someone decided that this was not sensible as you had to prove ability throughout the year.  That change totally fucked up my Educational life.  Whilst kids from educationally minded parent were able to continue in the vein they always had, people from non educationally minded backgrounds sufferered through the Coursework requirements that had to be met throughout the year. 

It is claimed that this was to support the supposed GAP between School and University education, all I will say is that having gone back to Education and University in later life that that claim is totally BOGUS.  The people setting these types of agenda’s are very often simply giving themselves something to do and maintaining system that are geared towards keeping the cannon fodder as cannon fodder.

Now I recently spoke of Suez in brief and the scenario at that time was that a conspiracy was created whereby in order to justify action by the UK and France, Israel would invade Egypt.  That plan worked in the sense that the justification (however falsified) was seen to be legitimate.  We have seen in more recent years that the Legitimacy of invasion often carries a scenario to successful completion or not.  for instance Saddam Hussein and the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction (the chemical Weapons).  So it was later claimed that he had smuggled his weapons north to Syria.

Now we see Chemical weapons in action and the Great Question Is “Who Is Responsible?”  it is not beyond possibility that Western nations wanting to be able to intervene (as Suez) conspired to ensure that Legitimacy (missing in Iraq) was guaranteed in Syria.  Should I say such things about what my Government Does, it merely demonstrates either way (good or bad) that people are LEARNING. 

I cannot see an outcome from the current Scenerio that bodes well for anyone.  Apart that is from Assad stepping down or going into Exile, that would relieve pressure on all sides and everyone would come out of it with some level of saved face.  Will it happen, should my focus be on that area or could I be doing something more productive with my life.  Well you could say it goes back to BIBLE REVELATIONS and so on.  yes I have talked of the allegorical value and Harry Potter books being the 7 Clarion Calls and so on but the concern is hastened by my recent catching up with my Email.

I seem to have gone almost a month without checking my email, so went to my account and scanned and selected those that I thought were of interest, mostly using that 20:80 strategy that I have spoken of in the past.  An interesting series of emails was from Learning Strategies on something they call  FUTURE MAPPING.  Very Interesting and SURREAL I am sure anyone who has followed myself would say.  It is not yet a product as such, though a seminar has been organised.  I will be waiting to see more details on a book or associated product in the future as it very much looks to be the methodology and product that I could base or build my own teaching around.  I also saw another Holosync sleep suite product that caught my eye, so more expenditure for me perhaps but then, progress is progress.

thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

From Scape-goater to Shape-shifter

So I have repeatedly spoken and written of getting your brain working for you in an empowering way and have also written at length on transformation and have made technological recommendations that greatly assist in the process.

What next?

Now anyone who has adopted a long haul approach to the direction that I have been giving can see the difference between the Scape-goater and the Shape-shifter.  I will give some pointers to possible views and leave it to you the reader to see how you can work through overcoming the obstacles that you as an individual may or may not be facing.

So the Scape-goater model might be regarded as a lack of taking responsibility or always placing any blame on the World outside of our own individual being or person.  You could say it is endemic in society and can be characterised by a “US and THEM” mentality whereby if you are not us then you are them.  Little mental room for manoeuvring exists for people who are characterised by the Scape-goater model and the game of black and white, light and shadow.

The Shape-shifter model is a model of flexibility and responsibility whereby you know that you are able to work in any given scenario from a point of thinking in terms of the characterisation of “BOTH and ALSO”.  You can see and acknowledge that multiple perspectives are right and correct and can adapt to the continuous changes taking place in the World and environment in a more flexible way. The Shape-shifter model is not necessarily the best model but for folks who have been following myself in recent years I am sure you can see the benefits of taking what you can out of this model IDEA.  Anyone who took up the Zen technology for instance is giving themselves mental room for manoeuvring that works well with the shape-shifter model.

One of the areas that I have not spoken at length on is this idea of “The Shadow Self” or our own individual version of the “Dark Side”. (Multiple books can be found). You could say that the Scape-goater model is characterized in people who have done little integration of there own inner darkness and light and very often can spend a lifetime living a version of truth that whilst working is potentially limited in scope and can cause intransigent positions and ill health and suffering.  The Shape-shifter model is more of an integrative model in the sense that it is a model for those that have taken those first initial steps into a brave new World or Reality Dynamic.

One of the hardest things for anyone even using the technologies I recommended can be for them to keep going.  for many folks “The Shadow” might be regarded as the greatest challenge or obstacle to overcome, so regardless of how far you have progressed or think you have not progressed looking at books on the Shadow self and integration type literature of the shadow self may be a step towards bringing yourself to a better place of being.  I know myself that I have a couple of books I want to look at and read in relation to this grey area despite having read several such books already.

So see what areas in your life you are currently using or falling automatically into patterns of the Scapegoater (Us and Them) model and see what areas in your life you are currently using the Shapeshifter (Both and Also) model and see if you can make progress in those areas which you have not currently addressed or come to terms with or however you personally feel challenged by the “Shadow” or game of black and white manoeuvring in grey areas.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Have You Ever Seen Such A Thing In Your Life

Yes here we are with ‘Perkins on Sunday’ and I wonder what he is going to write today.  Well actually there are a number of topics that I should comment on were I doing a weekly Sunday paper type of spread.

I should first of all like to remind folks to remember your questions Who What Where When Why and How? regardless of what you see written here the questioning mind is a solutions based mind and if you can bring yourself into state of effective questioning methods you can I am sure find short cuts and solutions to recurring or difficult scenarios.

As it has now been a number of months since I first starting blogging I wanted to see if I had settled into any sort of recurring patterns or whether I was constantly being fresh and original and so on.  Whilst the search for the perfect is a dream of sorts-reality as you all know usually comes and places a great dent in the side of your ego, especially if as I have you have set about being more regular in your writings.

So having looked back at how I have been writing I decided it was perhaps time to seek to improve my language and alliterative abilities.  Will the results to improve my technical abilities influence and change my overall style, yes I think they will but then that is part and parcel of the learning process or learning curve.  How many folks would continue reading me if I throw myself wholeheartedly into a new style I do not know but am sure it would be similar to Red-top newspapers if they suddenly all started being written in the style and manner or the broadsheets and vice-versa.  Whilst many of the papers and news media outlets are owned by the same Corporations and have similar Political biases you can also see that bias handed down through the respective target audiences.  If you were to buy a Star and an Express for instance on any given day of the week, you would find them to include all the same stories by the same journalists written in the slightly differing manner of target ‘AUDIENCE’.

I find these comparisons interesting as it means or demonstrates that the writer of the articles is able to ask the question-what does the reader want to know next? and not only in doing that type of questioning but also how am I going to style this article for this audience and then change that style for a sister paper from the same news group.

So you could say that journalistic writing books and courses might be of interest to people who want to improve not only there overall writing skills but in the style and manner of delivery also.  There are many books available, I opted for a simple strategy of looking at the Bibliography/recommended reading section of Authors work whom I liked to see if there were commonalities.  given that so many books are available it is surprising how few commonalities of sources are shared or given or listed, so when they do appear as some old authors do from a range of more recent authors you know you are likely getting something slightly above average in the competition stakes.  That can also be a misdirection if a group of authors are under the same publisher but when they are not then I go with my gut instinct and say what the hell and make that small investment.

I was reminded this week of a classic joke that runs as follows your task will be to find the picture that goes with the joke.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir, but we have diagnosed that you have HAGS. We’re going to have to put you on a pizza and pancake diet immediately.”

“HAGS? What’s that?”

“It’s a combination of Herpes, Aids, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.”

“My God, that sounds horrible! Will the pizza and pancake diet help?”

“No, but it’s the only stuff we can slide under the door!”

Yes it must always be a fashion Faux pas to be seen eating Pizza, though having said that I do enjoy having a Domino’s quite regular.

Well we all I am sure have many things to be doing with our time other than reading the meanderings of Dave S Perkins

So I shall say Thank you for reading, god bless and beware of folks eating Pizza or Pancakes 🙂

I looked in the sky where an elephant’s eye

Was looking at me from a bubblegum tree
And all that I knew was the hole in my shoe
Which was letting in water (letting in water)
(letting in water)

These the lyrics from that ever so popular classic song “Hole In My Shoe” (for those that want to research the whole song) and of course I must have a reason for quoting from it.  Well the reason is quite simple really-each day this week I have gone to work; fulfilled my shift and at the time of changing back into my civilian clothes have found myself to have a wet sock on one foot or more specifically my left foot (for those that like detail).  Each day I made a mental note, must get a new pair of Wellingtons.  each day I FORGOT my mental note, so where I am sure many of you Catholics out there had Fish On Friday, I finally got around to getting some new Dunlop Wellingtons on Friday and found myself to have two completely dry feet at the close of shift on this day of our Lord the 24th August 2013.

Of course that was one kind of association or set of symbolic links from my wet foot to a song about holes in shoes, so what other kinds of links can be made and what is relevant and what is not.  Well everything in your noggin is relevant to someone somewhere yet of course you may have a personal interest that is your own speciality for instance.  So the other day I said I’d give myself a Mark of 5:2 on a Scale of 7:4 I think without checking.  A religious person for instance might have thought oh I’ll have a look at that Bible book chapter and verse.  A teaching professional might have thought Degrees what degree can you get a 5:2 in and so on, other so called professions having each there own meaning of the plucked out of the air ratio, so obviously the more reading you do perhaps through PhotoReading the more options and links you have personally available as to where the symbolic representation system takes you.

On a similar note this week and perhaps earlier, the most popular (for my own colleagues) point of clocking in/out has been out of action, nothing new there perhaps but in symbolic representational systems you can see where it makes people go.  For instance those of us that use the external gates could be said to be entering into an outer circle, the popular (currently out of action )clocking point is another inner circle point, and the clock that we are all seemingly being forced to use is like an inner central circle point.  So you could say whether it happens through chance or by some cosmic design that awareness of symbolic representations can give you a differing perspective from the one that you may be taking for granted in using.

So having a little meditation time and thinking of reinterpretations and so on can become almost like a game in and of itself and of course you want to be thinking of what questions would I like to ask of the person that created or designed these systems.  I am not sure if it is as simple as saying find the system find the money, but it is worth considering.

Not sure how the rest of the weekend is going to turn out weather wise as I was not expecting an Autumn this early but there has been some noticeable (at least to myself) atmospheric changes over this week so we may well be in for a long Autumn of rain and twilight shadowed streets and rusty looking leaves falling from the few non-evergreens we have left.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Its good To Think 🙂

So There I Was…

Planning an in-depth piece on creativity and art and so on when it all went …hmmn think very carefully about your next few words, ah Pete Tong yup it all went wrong.  So I’ll start it of anyway and explain

So I decided to look into the creative process associated with art/drawing and all that kind of stuff to see how much difference there is between ideas.  A common theme that I could identify was this idea that you are not looking or necessarily drawing what you are looking at directly so much as representing outlines.  Much like putting your hand on a  sheet of paper and drawing an outline around it.

So you could say that the same function is being carried out with writing, IE. We use words and so on to create an outline of what it is that we are seeking to represent.  Yes we do give words to represent objects but it is often all the associated words that give meaning to aforementioned object.

So I was quite pleased with the commonalities that I was finding between writing and other forms  of creativity and so on.  I had also decided that I was going to do a piece on Compromising Validation: External Versus Internal Compromises we make with ourselves in order to function; live; survive  and so on.  that piece is quite obvious in its self explanatory nature- what validation are we looking for in this environment or with these people or with ourselves etc. etc. etc. and is the validation a representation of an internal validation or an external validation and is it serving the purpose that we want it to serve or is it out of kilter in some way shape or fashion.

So there are lots of things that can be researched and explained and changed that anyone can do for themselves.  Anyway as I may have or may not have said I like to sleep on some of these ideas and explore them for a while before bringing them into a write-up of some description.

So today I set myself a task before hitting the sack, that whilst I am asleep I will carry out this particular task whilst sleeping.  What went wrong-well you could say that I had a disturbed day of sleep.  Not uncommon for night-workers especially having to cope with the noise of the Summer, whilst sleeping at night can probably be a problem for folks who like noise (I know people who have to sleep with radio’s on and stuff) the problem for myself is I need QUIET, and am not keen on earplugs and nightshades and all that sort of stuff.  So distracted mind = distracted sleep.  it took ages and ages but I did eventually sleep and I know this because I had the strangest of Day-mare’s (like a nightmare for day-workers).

Will I write my day-mare down and do some Jung or Freudian analysis well possibly but that is not going to be done here and now because I am still very much creeped out or freaked out by this day-mare, it was quite gruesome and disturbing in its elements and detail and unlike many people I am not someone who recalls dreams effortlessly or easily-yet this one seems to have stuck which for me is even more worrying and disconcerting.   So I will leave it for a day or two and see if I am still concerned after further distance from the point of day-mare.

Enough from myself-thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

The Abandoned Shopper Trolley

Once upon a time the abandoned shopper trolley was a quite common site throughout the land they being taken from supermarkets and not returned-people using them for a variety of uses one of the most popular being the drunks go-cart.

Those days have of course long since passed since supermarkets very often now charge for there usage, and people are likely going to look out of place or attract the attention of all these cameras we have dotted around our town centres and Cities should they get the urge to liberate or borrow a shopping trolley.

Now you may wonder why I would write about shopping trolley’s and the answer is quite simply observation.  I pretty much take the same sort of route to and from work day after day week after week and am likely the most boring subject on the planet that any wannabe stalker or detectives or surveillance guru’s could want or have to follow. 

So there I am going along my usual dull and bland route and Oh what’s that a shopping trolley, oh and another one, hmmmn.  So you could say that I have gone from one extreme of same scenery to a sudden change of having multiple shopping trolley’s appearing along the route.  What can it mean?  A load of people all  suddenly decided that no-one has ever thought to steal a shopping trolley before and what’s more they are going to abandon them along the “route” of “Dave S Perkins”.  Wow I am flattered, all they need now is the addition of contents perhaps some suitcases stuffed with banknotes, just so I am sure they are there for my attention and my attention alone.  Of course I am not the only person going around at the strangest of hours, I usually see the same folks in roughly the same sorts of places on my route everyone seemingly living in a sort of synchronous time.

If I wanted to create a map I would probably have to have a key to the map and all these people and items and objects such-as the shopping trolley’s would make perfect flag or position markers along the route and of course with maps you have to have a scale to overlay your details.

Why am I talking about maps well it goes back to this idea of the map is not the territory and the knowledge that you can buy a map that is just a map with land detail and above ocean data and likewise you can buy a road map identical to the first map yet with roads marked out and likewise you could buy a tourist map with tourist locations marked out.  Of course most map makers these days try to contain a little bit of everything so as to serve a general all round purpose.  But specialist maps with specialist scales are still available for those that need to see a view without all the clutter.

So likewise if you were into espionage theory and wanted to disguise the information that your map contains you could simply pretend that the map you have is different to the locations it represents.  Much like my suggestion in a recent post that a writer could simply take a known village and overlay  a new set of fictitious names and places over the top so as to use an already known location.

Of course the espionage would have to go into greater detail than the fiction writer but I am quite sure I would not have such knowledge unless it was something that is already in practice by intelligence agencies and so on.  So what would the shopping cart’s represent maybe they would be the position and location of opposing forces or the position of vehicles along a route and so on.  They do say that for instance if I wanted to pretend I was someone else the easiest option would be to retain initials-I could make up a fictitious name such-as Denzil Parody and the use of the same initials is a way of keeping it simple.  Surveys of cheating spouses have found that many cheating spouses actually fall into this type of pattern very often cheating ith people of the same names or initials as there spouses, just demonstrates how shift some folks really are (IMO).

Right well that is enough from myself today and for my observation of shopping trolley’s along my route I’ll give myself a mark of 5:2 on a scale of 7:4. whatever that means 🙂

Thank you for reading god bless an be well 🙂

Issues Of Compatibility

So what are issues of compatibility or oh no not again we already done this?  Well again it all comes down to finding techniques and thinking strategies that work for you as an individual and for the people that you find yourself interacting with.

So for instance you could have a debate with yourself on what attitude is the most encouraged or adopted in yourself and the folks around you and perhaps the causes of this attitude.  Do you have a “How Can I Help” attitude or a “What is in it for me” attitude.  For instance when I was younger the predominant attitude in retail that was encouraged and developed was one of how can I help.  Yet in my later or more recent years I found myself in circumstances of adopting “What is in it for me” so what brought about these changes and is there a balance to be found or are they simply incompatible.

Well How can I help is an expansive serve the customer type ideal and allows the individual greater freedom of thought and scope of action.  What is in it for me is and sounds selfish and closes people down.  So how can someone go from having a how can I help attitude to a what is in it for me attitude and the answer again comes back to the way you are being managed by line managers and so on.  I have spoken multiple times on accounting and discounting management techniques.

how can I help is wholly incompatible in environments with discounting managers (IMO) because you will repeatedly get hammered by these individuals who are operating from a what is in it for me manner and taking the piss (nothing is ever good enough and so on).  Why kill yourself for these folks who are pretending to operate out of the best interests of the Company yet are often the very reason it is failing and in some circumstances the reason your own health, fitness and wellbeing is deteriorating.

You could say it is a case of a rotten apple turning all the other apples rotten and again this rottenness can be seen to be handed down from generation to generation in an almost hereditary manner.  Likewise How can I help can be seen to be handed down in some work environments and the discounters no doubt would claim that it is the “How can I help” that is the rotten apple and attitude.  Many people can I am sure think of occasions of where they have been stung by adopting either strategy.

How can I help leaves you open to being attacked from the off, where what is in it for me asks perhaps for a reciprocal value of some kind.

Those who have taken up the technology recommendations I have made can surely see the compatibilities and incompatibilities yet the problem remains that many are not going to shift from strategy that they for whatever reason think works for them.

Well all I would say is that it might work in one area or your life yet you could be storing up a whole heap of trouble elsewhere in your body and being.  Many folks would not think or relate that the heart condition or the cancer or other Health issue they have has been “possibly” or “potentially” brought about through the attitude and strategies that they have been using in there working lives.  Or even if they do make these links and associations they get shrugged off as some kind of macho “I earned that illness” and I am going to make damned sure that everyone else around me earns my illness too.

So over the longer term it is probably best for individuals to one adopt “How can I help” open thinking strategies and get a high enough threshold not to be crushed by the bullshit of the discounters, even if you cannot think in these terms now, openly or publicly, you can at least think in those terms privately,

One accusation that can be made at myself for instance is that I adopted “What is in it for me” attitudes, yet that is not strictly true, as when lacking awareness of these issues you fall into line with those around you, so CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE PREDOMINANT STRATEGY OF YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT, can you identify the predominant attitude of Managers and colleagues and so on.

This “What is in it for me” versus ” how can I help” post was brought about /inspired through the reading of a Deepak Chopra 7 Spiritual Laws book, I have just expanded on some of the issues from personal experience.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Solve Suez and You Solve Diana

Sounds dramatic does it not; yet how much truth do you want to see and how much conspiracy do you want to let go of.

I will keep it brief and say that once upon a time we had the Suez Canal Crisis and surprise surprise all the same players or components if you will occurred in the death of Diana.

If you do a like for like comparison, the tunnel being the canal, the politicians/peoples English/French/Egyptian you might just start seeing beyond the scope of time to a more Universal and repetitive set of patterns.

i have in the absence of my daughter been catching up on my studies once again and it really is a matter of where I want to concentrate my focus.  I have been seeking to find a balance wanting to maintain my meditation/healing activities whilst stretching and pushing myself in the learning department.  They do seemingly go very much hand in hand and I am getting some minor breakthroughs here and there.

Some games of course i am not that familiar with suchas Cluedo for instance although I think i have enough experience of having read and watched Sherlock Holmes and Poirot and Miss Marple type riddles to say the Butler did it. Oh did he not-of course we have had all the Paul Burrell Diana controversy.  Did we not have any controversy on the bodyguard? strange how everyone died but he-on the other hand we are all sure I am aware of that edge or need for a bit of luck in life and he perhaps has it.

No I personally do not think anything untoward happened but then I am not the dead dopplegangers Diana and Dodi living some happy life on a ranch in Africa somewhere. No that would not have been fair on the children so that is also unlikely though still possible.

The best option is obviously for us to apply for these jobs within the intelligence agencies and see how we do.  In fact I may just do that at some point in the future just to see how equal recruitment policy is maintained.  Someone else can be the bond I am more than happy to work through and disseminate all the conspiracies and nonsense’s that Government and Society gives itself just for the sake of Empire and Time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and may you be the master of your own secret service 🙂


Was Captain Kirk A Tryclops

and did he really only have three ears.  Of course many meditational practices encourage the opening of Chakra’s and the movement and manipulation of energy around the bodies meridian centers and so on and likewise many folks really do not know how fucked up or shut down they might really be until they actually purchase technologies such-as Holosync that greatly enhances the speed at which you can become better attuned to real reality and going on to enhancing your own reality from a position of awareness or understanding or however you personally wish to present such concepts.

One of the interesting things for myself is this idea of closed systems versus open systems and these technologies could be said to be bringing you to a position of being an open system and again we can see the conflicts that this can create in families, in social groups, in business’ and so on.

So for instance ‘What happens when a multinational corporation takes over a national corporation?’  The successful multinational is likely to operate on open system thinking and strategies whereas the taken over Company (perhaps through share buyouts and boardroom feuds) is likely run as a muddled group of fiefdoms and protectionist closed systems. Can a successful integration of one companies strategy be imposed on another and does a strategy that works in one part of the planet work in another?

We all see how many Countries have there own ELITES and ELITE SCHOOLS and ELITE EDUCATION SYSTEMS and even when a Country does not have the Education System itself the ELITES simply buy elsewhere.  For instance how many of us knew that the current young leader of North Korea was schooled in Switzerland? So regardless of the rules for the rest of the population the haves (or ELITES) always seemingly have reason to not  follow the plan they impose on the rest of the population.  Oxford and Cambridge and Harvard and Yale and a multitude of ELITE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS across Europe have all had the DICTATORS and FASCISTS and COMMUNISTS and so on walking the corridors and passing through these systems.  There is probably a UNITED NATIONS school somewhere where all these ELITES are gradually marching us towards some GLOBAL CABAL from which we can all be PROCESSED as CANON FODDER for there own amusements and games.  Are you going to let that happen to you or are you going to say “NO I WILL NOT BE MILKED DRY OF MY ABILITIES TO THINK FEEL AND ACT FOR MYSELF”.

So get your systems open think in strategies that are life enhancing and DO NOT LET THE B’STARDS GRIND YOU DOWN!

Yes, easy to say and chant and come out with all the power to the workers mantras but as someone who has been totally and completely GROUND DOWN, I am not someone you would williingly listen to or turn to in a CRISIS, however open and honest I have been in recent years others have shown a more UNIVERSAL SCOPE of TRUE COLOURS.  i am left in a place of shrugging indifference, so what can I do to motivate myself into the halls of power and wealth, what talents can I use and develop to fulfill a service to personkind.

Thank you for reading and may the Sherlock in you see the Sherlock in me. 🙂