Has It Alway Been That way

Talking of top Trumps of course, I found myself thinking about the earliest experience that I can remember of playing card games and whilst I can remember people playing top trumps that was most definitely not the earliest type of card games that I was introduced to.  Likewise I may have had snap at some stage but again that is not the game that sticks in my mind.

So what is? well my family and another family were quite close and whilst the parents would go of out and about us kids would often be babysat together.  Big ol’ Whiskey type Jars that people popped there spare change into were quite popular in the 1970’s and we used to empty the jar and use the coinage for the big gambling card games that some family friends and now former SAS men had taught us when they were home on leave. 

There were five of us and we were taught games such-as poker, rummy, black jack (Pontoons, 21’s) and so on.  And these games were much better and exciting than the boring or alternate children’s games.

So we would play these adult gambling games for hours on end Gin Rummy being the predominant game of choice, and whilst I can understand that people might think we were being corrupted or led astray from a young age (we were all primary school type age ranges) those games were actually stretching us and our thinking abilities and so on and of course the associated value of winning the money off the other players and so on.

So whilst modern childhood seemingly has lots of designer childhood activities and games that can be bought, I personally do not see any harm in the being stretched that learning some of the more adult card games and so on can do.

That’s a small post but that is all it needs to be nothing more and nothing less.  TTFN 🙂

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