Off She Went With A Trumpety-trump, trump, trump,trump

These words of course from the classic children song Nellie The Elephant.  I borrow the words in tribute to my daughter who has packed her bags and joined up with her two sisters and gone off to Luton to stay not at the airport, but with her grandfather and his second wife on her mothers -side.  Oh boy they will not know what has hit them.  Her mother Kate and boyfriend are not staying, they are going off visiting friends and family around the Country.

Of course some may wonder why we do not call Rose Gwanwyn (Welsh word meaning Spring (she was born in February)), well I am not sure why, I think there was a president set earlier than my arrival.  Kate called her first daughter Daisy as she jokingly refereed to her as her ‘little weed’ you may recall the pictures of Daisy at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Actually Daisy’s first name is Megan, so each child was given a Welsh first name and then an English middle name and we have always used the English names.  Older brother George is Geraint.  I am unsure as to the younger sister’s name sequencing, though Rose assures me she has many ( Jasmine’s father being Egyptian she has quite a few names).

So Rose has gone of to see granddad and she demanded that I give up smoking whilst she is away claiming that I promised.  I have a very deep set in my ways never make promises to anyone attitude.  I cannot recall when I began with that attitude but Dave does not make promises.  So this week at some stage I will likely decide that this is the last packet and simply stop.  I have stopped previously on multiple occasions and been successful so it is not a big hardship.  You could say that the only seeming reason I smoke now is it is my only vice (sob, sob) and what is a guy or anyone for that matter to do without a vice of some description, I am a very infrequent drinker of alcohol (being a social drinker and having no-one to socialise with I simply do not drink).

So some say chew gum, use patches and on and on, but I have done all these things in the past, the gum is vile, the patches were too strong and the only giving up remedy that I have personally experienced that I would recommend are some prescribed by the Doctor tablets called Champix (or something like that).  They were the best prop that I have experienced for giving up, I know these pipe things are the most popular at the moment, but you are still taking nicotine (like the patches and gum) the tablets contain zero nicotine.

On this occasion I will probably stop without a prop of any kind, I might become moody and irrational and be lacking in the whole fucking toolbox but what the hell its my body and mind to do with as I should choose and so Dave watchers and stalkers beware, you may get more than you bargained for if you decide to rile or continue with hate campaigns of any kind, why anyone would hate me I have no idea but as I am heading and directing people towards a more peaceful attitude and existence I am unlikely to go quietly into the night.

Right it is once again Monday and my song for today is “I just don’t know what do to with myself”

thank you for reading, God Bless and may the force be with YOU 🙂

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