The Abandoned Shopper Trolley

Once upon a time the abandoned shopper trolley was a quite common site throughout the land they being taken from supermarkets and not returned-people using them for a variety of uses one of the most popular being the drunks go-cart.

Those days have of course long since passed since supermarkets very often now charge for there usage, and people are likely going to look out of place or attract the attention of all these cameras we have dotted around our town centres and Cities should they get the urge to liberate or borrow a shopping trolley.

Now you may wonder why I would write about shopping trolley’s and the answer is quite simply observation.  I pretty much take the same sort of route to and from work day after day week after week and am likely the most boring subject on the planet that any wannabe stalker or detectives or surveillance guru’s could want or have to follow. 

So there I am going along my usual dull and bland route and Oh what’s that a shopping trolley, oh and another one, hmmmn.  So you could say that I have gone from one extreme of same scenery to a sudden change of having multiple shopping trolley’s appearing along the route.  What can it mean?  A load of people all  suddenly decided that no-one has ever thought to steal a shopping trolley before and what’s more they are going to abandon them along the “route” of “Dave S Perkins”.  Wow I am flattered, all they need now is the addition of contents perhaps some suitcases stuffed with banknotes, just so I am sure they are there for my attention and my attention alone.  Of course I am not the only person going around at the strangest of hours, I usually see the same folks in roughly the same sorts of places on my route everyone seemingly living in a sort of synchronous time.

If I wanted to create a map I would probably have to have a key to the map and all these people and items and objects such-as the shopping trolley’s would make perfect flag or position markers along the route and of course with maps you have to have a scale to overlay your details.

Why am I talking about maps well it goes back to this idea of the map is not the territory and the knowledge that you can buy a map that is just a map with land detail and above ocean data and likewise you can buy a road map identical to the first map yet with roads marked out and likewise you could buy a tourist map with tourist locations marked out.  Of course most map makers these days try to contain a little bit of everything so as to serve a general all round purpose.  But specialist maps with specialist scales are still available for those that need to see a view without all the clutter.

So likewise if you were into espionage theory and wanted to disguise the information that your map contains you could simply pretend that the map you have is different to the locations it represents.  Much like my suggestion in a recent post that a writer could simply take a known village and overlay  a new set of fictitious names and places over the top so as to use an already known location.

Of course the espionage would have to go into greater detail than the fiction writer but I am quite sure I would not have such knowledge unless it was something that is already in practice by intelligence agencies and so on.  So what would the shopping cart’s represent maybe they would be the position and location of opposing forces or the position of vehicles along a route and so on.  They do say that for instance if I wanted to pretend I was someone else the easiest option would be to retain initials-I could make up a fictitious name such-as Denzil Parody and the use of the same initials is a way of keeping it simple.  Surveys of cheating spouses have found that many cheating spouses actually fall into this type of pattern very often cheating ith people of the same names or initials as there spouses, just demonstrates how shift some folks really are (IMO).

Right well that is enough from myself today and for my observation of shopping trolley’s along my route I’ll give myself a mark of 5:2 on a scale of 7:4. whatever that means 🙂

Thank you for reading god bless an be well 🙂

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