So There I Was…

Planning an in-depth piece on creativity and art and so on when it all went …hmmn think very carefully about your next few words, ah Pete Tong yup it all went wrong.  So I’ll start it of anyway and explain

So I decided to look into the creative process associated with art/drawing and all that kind of stuff to see how much difference there is between ideas.  A common theme that I could identify was this idea that you are not looking or necessarily drawing what you are looking at directly so much as representing outlines.  Much like putting your hand on a  sheet of paper and drawing an outline around it.

So you could say that the same function is being carried out with writing, IE. We use words and so on to create an outline of what it is that we are seeking to represent.  Yes we do give words to represent objects but it is often all the associated words that give meaning to aforementioned object.

So I was quite pleased with the commonalities that I was finding between writing and other forms  of creativity and so on.  I had also decided that I was going to do a piece on Compromising Validation: External Versus Internal Compromises we make with ourselves in order to function; live; survive  and so on.  that piece is quite obvious in its self explanatory nature- what validation are we looking for in this environment or with these people or with ourselves etc. etc. etc. and is the validation a representation of an internal validation or an external validation and is it serving the purpose that we want it to serve or is it out of kilter in some way shape or fashion.

So there are lots of things that can be researched and explained and changed that anyone can do for themselves.  Anyway as I may have or may not have said I like to sleep on some of these ideas and explore them for a while before bringing them into a write-up of some description.

So today I set myself a task before hitting the sack, that whilst I am asleep I will carry out this particular task whilst sleeping.  What went wrong-well you could say that I had a disturbed day of sleep.  Not uncommon for night-workers especially having to cope with the noise of the Summer, whilst sleeping at night can probably be a problem for folks who like noise (I know people who have to sleep with radio’s on and stuff) the problem for myself is I need QUIET, and am not keen on earplugs and nightshades and all that sort of stuff.  So distracted mind = distracted sleep.  it took ages and ages but I did eventually sleep and I know this because I had the strangest of Day-mare’s (like a nightmare for day-workers).

Will I write my day-mare down and do some Jung or Freudian analysis well possibly but that is not going to be done here and now because I am still very much creeped out or freaked out by this day-mare, it was quite gruesome and disturbing in its elements and detail and unlike many people I am not someone who recalls dreams effortlessly or easily-yet this one seems to have stuck which for me is even more worrying and disconcerting.   So I will leave it for a day or two and see if I am still concerned after further distance from the point of day-mare.

Enough from myself-thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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