I looked in the sky where an elephant’s eye

Was looking at me from a bubblegum tree
And all that I knew was the hole in my shoe
Which was letting in water (letting in water)
(letting in water)

These the lyrics from that ever so popular classic song “Hole In My Shoe” (for those that want to research the whole song) and of course I must have a reason for quoting from it.  Well the reason is quite simple really-each day this week I have gone to work; fulfilled my shift and at the time of changing back into my civilian clothes have found myself to have a wet sock on one foot or more specifically my left foot (for those that like detail).  Each day I made a mental note, must get a new pair of Wellingtons.  each day I FORGOT my mental note, so where I am sure many of you Catholics out there had Fish On Friday, I finally got around to getting some new Dunlop Wellingtons on Friday and found myself to have two completely dry feet at the close of shift on this day of our Lord the 24th August 2013.

Of course that was one kind of association or set of symbolic links from my wet foot to a song about holes in shoes, so what other kinds of links can be made and what is relevant and what is not.  Well everything in your noggin is relevant to someone somewhere yet of course you may have a personal interest that is your own speciality for instance.  So the other day I said I’d give myself a Mark of 5:2 on a Scale of 7:4 I think without checking.  A religious person for instance might have thought oh I’ll have a look at that Bible book chapter and verse.  A teaching professional might have thought Degrees what degree can you get a 5:2 in and so on, other so called professions having each there own meaning of the plucked out of the air ratio, so obviously the more reading you do perhaps through PhotoReading the more options and links you have personally available as to where the symbolic representation system takes you.

On a similar note this week and perhaps earlier, the most popular (for my own colleagues) point of clocking in/out has been out of action, nothing new there perhaps but in symbolic representational systems you can see where it makes people go.  For instance those of us that use the external gates could be said to be entering into an outer circle, the popular (currently out of action )clocking point is another inner circle point, and the clock that we are all seemingly being forced to use is like an inner central circle point.  So you could say whether it happens through chance or by some cosmic design that awareness of symbolic representations can give you a differing perspective from the one that you may be taking for granted in using.

So having a little meditation time and thinking of reinterpretations and so on can become almost like a game in and of itself and of course you want to be thinking of what questions would I like to ask of the person that created or designed these systems.  I am not sure if it is as simple as saying find the system find the money, but it is worth considering.

Not sure how the rest of the weekend is going to turn out weather wise as I was not expecting an Autumn this early but there has been some noticeable (at least to myself) atmospheric changes over this week so we may well be in for a long Autumn of rain and twilight shadowed streets and rusty looking leaves falling from the few non-evergreens we have left.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Its good To Think 🙂

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