Have You Ever Seen Such A Thing In Your Life

Yes here we are with ‘Perkins on Sunday’ and I wonder what he is going to write today.  Well actually there are a number of topics that I should comment on were I doing a weekly Sunday paper type of spread.

I should first of all like to remind folks to remember your questions Who What Where When Why and How? regardless of what you see written here the questioning mind is a solutions based mind and if you can bring yourself into state of effective questioning methods you can I am sure find short cuts and solutions to recurring or difficult scenarios.

As it has now been a number of months since I first starting blogging I wanted to see if I had settled into any sort of recurring patterns or whether I was constantly being fresh and original and so on.  Whilst the search for the perfect is a dream of sorts-reality as you all know usually comes and places a great dent in the side of your ego, especially if as I have you have set about being more regular in your writings.

So having looked back at how I have been writing I decided it was perhaps time to seek to improve my language and alliterative abilities.  Will the results to improve my technical abilities influence and change my overall style, yes I think they will but then that is part and parcel of the learning process or learning curve.  How many folks would continue reading me if I throw myself wholeheartedly into a new style I do not know but am sure it would be similar to Red-top newspapers if they suddenly all started being written in the style and manner or the broadsheets and vice-versa.  Whilst many of the papers and news media outlets are owned by the same Corporations and have similar Political biases you can also see that bias handed down through the respective target audiences.  If you were to buy a Star and an Express for instance on any given day of the week, you would find them to include all the same stories by the same journalists written in the slightly differing manner of target ‘AUDIENCE’.

I find these comparisons interesting as it means or demonstrates that the writer of the articles is able to ask the question-what does the reader want to know next? and not only in doing that type of questioning but also how am I going to style this article for this audience and then change that style for a sister paper from the same news group.

So you could say that journalistic writing books and courses might be of interest to people who want to improve not only there overall writing skills but in the style and manner of delivery also.  There are many books available, I opted for a simple strategy of looking at the Bibliography/recommended reading section of Authors work whom I liked to see if there were commonalities.  given that so many books are available it is surprising how few commonalities of sources are shared or given or listed, so when they do appear as some old authors do from a range of more recent authors you know you are likely getting something slightly above average in the competition stakes.  That can also be a misdirection if a group of authors are under the same publisher but when they are not then I go with my gut instinct and say what the hell and make that small investment.

I was reminded this week of a classic joke that runs as follows your task will be to find the picture that goes with the joke.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir, but we have diagnosed that you have HAGS. We’re going to have to put you on a pizza and pancake diet immediately.”

“HAGS? What’s that?”

“It’s a combination of Herpes, Aids, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.”

“My God, that sounds horrible! Will the pizza and pancake diet help?”

“No, but it’s the only stuff we can slide under the door!”

Yes it must always be a fashion Faux pas to be seen eating Pizza, though having said that I do enjoy having a Domino’s quite regular.

Well we all I am sure have many things to be doing with our time other than reading the meanderings of Dave S Perkins

So I shall say Thank you for reading, god bless and beware of folks eating Pizza or Pancakes 🙂

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