From Scape-goater to Shape-shifter

So I have repeatedly spoken and written of getting your brain working for you in an empowering way and have also written at length on transformation and have made technological recommendations that greatly assist in the process.

What next?

Now anyone who has adopted a long haul approach to the direction that I have been giving can see the difference between the Scape-goater and the Shape-shifter.  I will give some pointers to possible views and leave it to you the reader to see how you can work through overcoming the obstacles that you as an individual may or may not be facing.

So the Scape-goater model might be regarded as a lack of taking responsibility or always placing any blame on the World outside of our own individual being or person.  You could say it is endemic in society and can be characterised by a “US and THEM” mentality whereby if you are not us then you are them.  Little mental room for manoeuvring exists for people who are characterised by the Scape-goater model and the game of black and white, light and shadow.

The Shape-shifter model is a model of flexibility and responsibility whereby you know that you are able to work in any given scenario from a point of thinking in terms of the characterisation of “BOTH and ALSO”.  You can see and acknowledge that multiple perspectives are right and correct and can adapt to the continuous changes taking place in the World and environment in a more flexible way. The Shape-shifter model is not necessarily the best model but for folks who have been following myself in recent years I am sure you can see the benefits of taking what you can out of this model IDEA.  Anyone who took up the Zen technology for instance is giving themselves mental room for manoeuvring that works well with the shape-shifter model.

One of the areas that I have not spoken at length on is this idea of “The Shadow Self” or our own individual version of the “Dark Side”. (Multiple books can be found). You could say that the Scape-goater model is characterized in people who have done little integration of there own inner darkness and light and very often can spend a lifetime living a version of truth that whilst working is potentially limited in scope and can cause intransigent positions and ill health and suffering.  The Shape-shifter model is more of an integrative model in the sense that it is a model for those that have taken those first initial steps into a brave new World or Reality Dynamic.

One of the hardest things for anyone even using the technologies I recommended can be for them to keep going.  for many folks “The Shadow” might be regarded as the greatest challenge or obstacle to overcome, so regardless of how far you have progressed or think you have not progressed looking at books on the Shadow self and integration type literature of the shadow self may be a step towards bringing yourself to a better place of being.  I know myself that I have a couple of books I want to look at and read in relation to this grey area despite having read several such books already.

So see what areas in your life you are currently using or falling automatically into patterns of the Scapegoater (Us and Them) model and see what areas in your life you are currently using the Shapeshifter (Both and Also) model and see if you can make progress in those areas which you have not currently addressed or come to terms with or however you personally feel challenged by the “Shadow” or game of black and white manoeuvring in grey areas.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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