Water Into Whine

I have found myself asking in recent days where this IDEA of water into whine comes from and whether it is possible or not.  I have come to the conclusion that it most definitely is.  In fact Water into Whine has a long standing tradition in my current place of work. 

Whilst I could go into the specifics it is probably far easier for me to talk in terms of House’s of Cards or THE EMPORORS NEW CLOTHES.  The Emperors New Clothes of course being the Story of how a King was convinced of the specialness of his invisible clothes, and because the King was convinced of the lie, all his courtiers and subjects all walked into the being in alignment with the lie trap, some young boy being the only person not to buy into THE GREAT LIE.

So it would be unfair of me to single out any one individual or group for that matter as these things have been handed down and handed down and looking to the past does not solve the issue NOW.  What would solve many issues NOW would be the acknowledgment that a great lie has been bought into and that a new more Holistic strategy might be better in the long term.

For Instance, If I as an INDUSTRIAL CLEANER of 10 years standing were asked what the most important ingredient is in being able to accomplish the goal set for me each night I would say HOT WATER.  But then I have no experience as being the Director of the Board, the guy with his hands on the Pirate Ship’s Wheel (So To Speak).  So a Government official comes along and says you have to kill all these germs and bacteria, what am I to do says the Pirate Captain, a chemical company man comes along and says buy our new MAGIC germ and bacterial wash agent guaranteed to work whatever the water. Yippee kiii yea says Mr Hands on Wheel and buys masses of the MAGIC substance. 

As someone on the ground I can say most definitely that whilst MAGIC agent might work in the Laboratory in all environments with all versions of WATER, the proof of ability in a real life working scenario (or more approximately my real life working experience) has yet to be established.  Yet because the version of truth has been bought into at all levels and those levels at which much wait is carried do not want to be seen to have been (possibly or potentially) suckered by all the demands being placed on them they go with the MAGIC agent statistics that works in all environments.  All I will say is as the man on the ground doing the task day after day, GIVE ME HOT WATER and THEN HIDE BEHIND YOUR MAGIC AGENT SPECS ETC.

This of course is an example of Great Truths that many people experience when transferring from Education to Working Life.  What the text book says versus what the experience says.  Again one of the issues is the obsession with the need for maintenance of established Education systems and structures.  Some companies simply create there own staff training programs and have a work your way up the company system, sometimes importing educated people at differing levels of internal training schemes.  Others simply trust wholesale in Education.

I was one of the great unfortunates who was in the very first year group to take GCSE’s.  My entire schooling life was built on a natural ability to cram and PEAK for an exam at the end of year and pass and be in a respectable set the following year.  someone decided that this was not sensible as you had to prove ability throughout the year.  That change totally fucked up my Educational life.  Whilst kids from educationally minded parent were able to continue in the vein they always had, people from non educationally minded backgrounds sufferered through the Coursework requirements that had to be met throughout the year. 

It is claimed that this was to support the supposed GAP between School and University education, all I will say is that having gone back to Education and University in later life that that claim is totally BOGUS.  The people setting these types of agenda’s are very often simply giving themselves something to do and maintaining system that are geared towards keeping the cannon fodder as cannon fodder.

Now I recently spoke of Suez in brief and the scenario at that time was that a conspiracy was created whereby in order to justify action by the UK and France, Israel would invade Egypt.  That plan worked in the sense that the justification (however falsified) was seen to be legitimate.  We have seen in more recent years that the Legitimacy of invasion often carries a scenario to successful completion or not.  for instance Saddam Hussein and the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction (the chemical Weapons).  So it was later claimed that he had smuggled his weapons north to Syria.

Now we see Chemical weapons in action and the Great Question Is “Who Is Responsible?”  it is not beyond possibility that Western nations wanting to be able to intervene (as Suez) conspired to ensure that Legitimacy (missing in Iraq) was guaranteed in Syria.  Should I say such things about what my Government Does, it merely demonstrates either way (good or bad) that people are LEARNING. 

I cannot see an outcome from the current Scenerio that bodes well for anyone.  Apart that is from Assad stepping down or going into Exile, that would relieve pressure on all sides and everyone would come out of it with some level of saved face.  Will it happen, should my focus be on that area or could I be doing something more productive with my life.  Well you could say it goes back to BIBLE REVELATIONS and so on.  yes I have talked of the allegorical value and Harry Potter books being the 7 Clarion Calls and so on but the concern is hastened by my recent catching up with my Email.

I seem to have gone almost a month without checking my email, so went to my account and scanned and selected those that I thought were of interest, mostly using that 20:80 strategy that I have spoken of in the past.  An interesting series of emails was from Learning Strategies on something they call  FUTURE MAPPING.  Very Interesting and SURREAL I am sure anyone who has followed myself would say.  It is not yet a product as such, though a seminar has been organised.  I will be waiting to see more details on a book or associated product in the future as it very much looks to be the methodology and product that I could base or build my own teaching around.  I also saw another Holosync sleep suite product that caught my eye, so more expenditure for me perhaps but then, progress is progress.

thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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