Dear Dave

Hello again, I am just writing to ask why you have not thanked those responsible for sorting out the long standing water issues you complain of as I have it on good authority that the issue has been dealt with.

Also why have you stated that Assad has to go into exile the way I see it-as our Parliamentarians have voted for us not to intervene on this occasion there cannot be an escalation whereby we get dragged into an issue that is not a UK issue to resolve.

Also several years ago now it was rumoured that you were writing a book based on the goings on within your place of work, what happened? was any progress made?

Thank you for responding

Pamela Braithwaite-Follitudes

Hi Pamela, nice to hear from you again.  I have no problem in praising or given credit due to those men and women who have through there actions resolved any issues I may have had in my place of work, for instance maintenance are usually reliable in dealing with quick fix requirements.  However a couple of days is a little too soon to say issues have been resolved and sorted for the better for the longer term.  For instance we are now coming to a weekend and someone somewhere very often decides that interference with the systems or making changes are required and then come Monday night we’ll be back in the same old farce.  Too many people wanting to meddle with things that are already working.

You could say in allegorical terms The UK has just had a year of its highest birth-rates since 1972, so if you were a business wanting to align yourself for instance with a new born baby in the family, you would want to put all those pieces in place for INFRASTRUCTURE the so-called core fundamentals, this might mean higher Maintenance and Plumbing expenditure and so on, as opposed to the very often usual practice of excessive bells and whistle spending on ‘Pet Projects’ of Bells and Whistle type managers.

If it were a jigsaw puzzle you might say that farms,maintenance and building and plumbing/cleaning type operations are the corner pieces that allow or enable everything else to happen.  These type of budgets are often neglected and/or raided for the bell and whistle merchant ‘pet projects’ until you can (if you are not careful) end up with a very skewered image of what is actually important.  That is why responsible accountancy mentioned previously is so important. People do not want to spend on infrastructure because it does not (in the day to day affairs of business) seem to produce profit or money, yet neglecting them or failing to account for them as built in overheads is why so many business screw-up. From what I have seen and heard from more senior management information releases they are generally coming to terms with knowing what has to be done and so on, whether us lower down the tree like it or not.

As for Assad-well in my opinion all that means is that the British Public have now been placed through the actions of our Politicians in a position of having PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.  What we do not know about any of our Intelligence Operatives on the ground will not harm us and any men and women on the ground out there, are effectively working as they have been trained to, you could say they have ripped out the seatbelts from the car and are driving hard into the bends.  I am pretty sure that things will not be allowed to continue as they are because the price of Oil sourced from the region has already hit  new price highs, and the cost will be passed onto you the consumer, how many motorists already complain about price hikes, the longer it drags on the more all prices for all goods will rise (Oil is one of those core costs for many Business’).  Fickle public opinion will change rapidly when they start feeling these costs.

I think that the book idea has taken on a new reality of its own for many people within the organisation and that whilst I could write all sorts of stories some true, some fiction it is best left for individuals to know the story they themselves would write. 

However just for you I’ll throw together a quick piss take passage that I hope is taken in the good humour it is intended

The Fowl factory

Senior Management Meeting

Mgr 1: Okay so top of our agenda today “How the fuck are we gonna get Eyesore Road through the next Audit Sessions?”

Mgr 2: Leave it to me old chap, I have found the perfect little shithole of a place down Newthen way, we buy it, throw a couple of grand of improvement money at it, and then when the Auditors come a calling, Eyesore Road will seem like Buckingham Palace in comparison.

Mgr 3: So let me get this straight, we buy another worse shithole to make the shithole we already have look good, that’s your plan?

Mgr 2: All in favour?

A chorus of Aighs was quickly heard around the room, ugh ugh what what Leisuresuit disturbed from his slumber called out Aigh at no-one in particular.

Mgr 1: Motion carried, what’s next up?


Well that’s enough garbage from me for another day, thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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