The Sphinx and Frankenstein Sitting In A Tree

Wow where does such a concept come from you ask; actually it has been on my mind for a few weeks now regurgitating itself around my synapses as to what meaning might be explained by this line.

For some it may well remind you of a childhood teasing verse and that is indeed where I got the idea. But as to usefulness-well I am still unclear on a good philosophical line to take. 

I was wondering and had asked myself the question how can I uncover deeply buried traumas from childhood that were most likely silly secrets that may well now be causing health issues and so on.  How can I explore the realm of LETTING GO SECRETS.

For some a secret might have been skipping school or teasing or any number of family related issues in all sorts of areas and as youngsters we likely took many things that hurt to heart.  Yet now we want shot of all these things and we cannot trace them within our mental maps to know if we held them or if they caused us real harm or-you get the gist of what I am saying.  I recall that I mentioned crying in public around aged 8 in a game of street football after breaking my arm and was more upset by being seen crying than having a broken arm.  So it is these illogical or irrational or plain weird secrets and stresses that I am exploring ways of letting go.

Some might say that you are letting go in putting these things in writing if only that kind of belief truly worked.  I like Sedona because he lists the 3 or 4 main (central)  ideas (rationals/beliefs) you might be using to somehow protect these things – Security was one that I personally kept finding myself returning too, I guess anyone who has had injuries that cause them to be defenseless security is going to be that label that is referenced quite a bit.  Likewise what I like in Qigong  is that it is much simpler and probably better for physical symptoms and ailments.

So the mental blocks that we have within ourselves can be looked at and treated from multiple angles from the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and so on and a certain level of dedicated practice in my belief at least will give you breakthroughs.  Sometimes they happen when you are all but ready to give up so perseverance is worthwhile.  I have had multiple occasions where I was all but ready to throw in the towel and then for instance the Qigong fest gave me a shift that I needed so I made that investment.

Some folks are heavily critical because  of the associated costs-well I am probably one of the worst effected by costs and I manage because you only get out what you put in with these things. 

So going back to secrets-what are secrets? what purpose do secrets serve? what long lost silly value has been placed on secrets that no longer serve you? how can I take these silly valueless secrets and let them go? 

Yes secrets secrets secrets could the releasing and letting go of secrets be an angle too far? is it the secret that is being protected or layers of shame guilt fear embarrassment that society says you should have for this complaint or issue and so on.  I know that some folks are obsessed with what they believe to be other peoples secrets but as all conditions come from within yourself anything that you think belongs to others is merely projected. That is why Zen and Holosync and these other transformative coaching methods work so well they give you a more empowering structure or framework to dig yourself out of the stresses and strains and foolhardyness often attached to nonsense beliefs surrounding or pertaining to secrets.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 🙂

PS.  One of my worst secrets is that I did not listen to all of the original Holosync materials that were sent me when they were sent me-somehow me thinks that that was expected such are the all seeing eyes and greater consciousness of long term meditators-how embarrassing lol 🙂

Is Repetition A Powerful Tool

We are all I am sure aware of the power of repetition and that repetition can be used for good or bad and that progress is not necessarily best served through progressiveness of thoughts, behavior’s and patterns that do not put you in synchronicity of CONSCIOUSNESS with the greater Godplexicity window on the World of life the universe and everything.

Even though I know that through meditation I have become more and more conscious I still can go back as I suggested others do and listen to the original Centerpointe materials and then find myself feeling like I am going through a carwash without the protection of the vehicle.  You might say well that is your lookout but then you may not have the deep-seated issues that need breaking up that I myself within the inner consciousness of this body have.

The other exploration that I encouraged was more diversity of sources and reading especially for those of you who may have health issues.  I recommended A Course In Miracles a lot early on and am still happy to photo-read it now.  I have also read and recommended Sedona and Louise Hay (Hay House) uses pretty much similar ideas and concepts in her early books now available in collections.  One of the main issues for many might be the size of some reading recommendations and the fear that they induce simply through being xxx hundred pages, there is little I can say or do to remedy that, I invested in Photo-reading to enable myself to whizz through the materials with the confidence and belief that they were bypassing my conscious filters on some level.

I know I have long had aversion to Stephen Hawkins and Richard Dawkins but I still have looked at there work.  Another less known author that is in a similar vein to them is Daniel Dennett, he is perhaps like a Mercedes Benz or BMW in that his books seemingly hold there value long after publication and some may find his philosophy style and explanations more useful than the other authors. (He is however expensive in book terms).

In the so-called game of black and white stakes and shadow integration the models you explore you are very much in the zone of popular versus academical, some manage to be both but very often popular means watered down in some fashion.  I for instance bought a recent Marianne Williamson book and whilst populist I am unsure as to its value in the zone of shadow work.  I also have the Learning Strategy recommendations Meeting the shadow (quite light reading) and the massive tomb The Future Of The Human Body which is probably the most in-depth and complete work I have read on the game of black and white and shadow work, so choice is choice.  Deepak Chopra is another populist author as is Wayne Dyer.  So popular versus academic or even successful non-academic works we have to ask what knowledge can I take from these blueprints and so on.

I spoke of Ken Wilbur and decided to have a look at Integral work (books) more closely, I chose Integral Life Practice and found that it really does provide a model that seeks to integrate all the conflicting evidences of science and religion and so on into a workable solution.

You might say that in exploring all directions and angles and methodologies and belief systems I am pushing myself into the overwhelm and new model yet some shifts happen simply through moving to a new meditation CD and others when some as yet unknown past trauma or present trauma is triggered in some fashion.  Where once I might have rushed to anger in the face of someone else’s anger I can have the mental time to slow down and not be triggered.  We have to acknowledge that all events in our own life and mental World come from within us and we can take responsibility for our own reactions thoughts feelings until the appropriate lesson is learnt.

I personally do not think repetition alone is enough, I really believe you have to do the meditation and really get yourself into tune with all aspects and concepts you encounter. There really are several Threshold points you can pass through even in the early levels of Holosync where your outlook and perspectives shift or change given stimulus for those changes to occur.

Consciousness is explained in multiple ways that are all trying to say the same thing, Hale Dwoskin (Sedona) for instance encourages introductions as ‘Hi, I am called…’ as opposed to ‘Hi I am…’ the highlighting of ‘called’ being a pointer to a label.  You can acknowledge being called by a label but the body consciousness is greater than any of the labels.

You might say that as you progress you become more and more the full-time witness and watcher as opposed to what is being witnessed and watched.  I am still deeply unconscious (in my opinion) even though I have made great strides into greater awareness.  It is very easy to slip back into unwanted patterns behaviours actions, however the associated thoughts feelings are often different.

The best realizations are very often the smallest where once you may have been in constant conflicts of what you regarded as absolutes you can now think of your goals or values as preferences.  It is my preference to be …., rather than the totalitarian absolute to be …, you let go more and more of the absolutes as they come to the surface or are triggered and you can later reflect if not in the moment that they happen, you cannot control the thoughts feelings actions of others (often operating from unconscious herd mentalities) but you can always in always know yourself.

Well I have had a nice couple of days break from blogging and have used I hope the time in more useful fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

How Can I Explain The Difference…

How can I explain the difference between experience and threshold?  This might not seem a sensible question to ask as many folks rush to auto-pilot reconstructions of past experiences and developmental recalls of things that they may or may not have arranged successfully typical examples might be births, weddings, funerals, this is the tradition or the way it has always been done and so on and so forth.

You might say it is a historical game of PIN THE TALE ON THE DONKEY, the problem of course is in deciding who is going to be the donkey or who are going to be the butt of my slander and lies and bullying, who can I take my own shit out on with a  likely hood of getting away with it.

This can be where honesty comes into play perhaps for some of us-the being honest means you have less history that can be brought into play as demonstrable evidence of your activities.  You might say my website is an act of gross honesty or indeed stupid or dishonest, it does not lead anywhere or to anything.

All I will say is Let he or she who did not arrive in the present time via silvertoevelocity cast the first stone.  🙂

What that website demonstrates is a setting of a goal that led to one research and another until I and those brave and courageous enough to explore the same path and possibilities landed on what might be considered the gold-dust truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  A demonstration of the acting as though the goal has already been achieved.

So where is the next problem at?  Well it is this idea of empire, how can I get slaves for my empire, how will I reinforce my empire.  Now historically for instance in my present place of work it is easy to see the attitude adopted by some managers.  You just have to be bigger harder than everyone else and so on.  This might be said to have led to brawn over brains and too many steroid headed school bullies.  The alternate view might be that given some of the attitudes and Fagin like characteristics of other employees having some muscle available to eject troublesome characters is understandable.

Anyway many have progressed with the technologies and can see that slavery and empire is not necessary when you can use options that work to win win solutions for the benefit of all.  Many who have not adopted the technologies or are at lower levels will resist that but if they continue and want the health wealth and prosperity they will come to points where they will have to give up the fight on trying to make a false reality real.

So I said it previously but it is worth repeating as I mentioned the goal setting but did not mention the sorting.   What sorting?

List 10 or more things that you think are your life values.   Example:- family, health, wealth, honesty, abundance, integrity, prosperity, teaching, creativity, friendship. freedom

Now Compare:

Do I think family is more important than health, wealth, honesty, abundance etc

Resort by comparing each value in your list against the other values you have personally given.  When you do this methodically you may find your values to be different to what you actually thought and can ask at the end “Is this me?”

I will state now that regularly doing this values exercise – maybe once a month or quarterly can save you a great deal of time in the building of awareness and threshold.  So it really is worth that half an hour out of your day and does not have to be absolute, some values might be joint 2nd, 3rd and so on it is just to get you to really think.  When used in combination with the goal setting it can allow you to see why your goals are wrong.  For instance does your goal for wealth conflict with your valuing of family life and so on.

When you know where the conflicts are you can redo both groups of exercises like a fine-tuning of the values.  I am reliably informed that many people are shocked by there own personal results, I am not such is my ability to cut to the chase.  My own weakness comes from trying to help others when that help is not reciprocated.  Yes I know that some of you have done the best that your circumstances allow given acceptable boundaries et al but still you have to realise your resistance or cutting Dave out of the network or ring could be part of the problem and you may need to let go of said resistance in order to move forward.

Try them and see for yourselves how you go, I know that much information I did not know early on with Holosync I have effectively collated via research and Learning Strategy Fest’s so the gaps in required knowledge and learning have been successfully assimilated or taken in along the journey.  The feedback is invaluable.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

The Power Of What Now

This may not have been a better book for Mr Tolle to have written but I am damned sure that he would have had more sales if only he could think it through to x amount of pages and words that his publisher and public demand.

You are all I am sure aware of The Power Of What Now as it runs something along the lines of:-

[YOUR NAME] being called by Partner/spouse/family/friends/customers/colleagues and on and on

and you think [WHAT NOW]

Do you think you could tap into the power of WHAT NOW; can you better relate to the Power of WHAT NOW.

You may well in fact be someone who loves The Power Of WHAT NOW and responding to the needs of your assorted WHAT NOWEES; if you will indulge me in calling people What Nowees.

The problem can be that you are employed to deal in all cases of what now and if it is your business and you are acting in good faith in  doing something you love then that’s great but it can become a chore for some people.  

An example of this is Adam Sandler, a great comedy writer and actor for some of us-yet I remember seeing him in interview with Jonathon Ross and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for him to be funny and it really must of been the dullest interview going, you might say that he was in his real reality and persona and I was not wanting that-I was wanting the comedy.  Likewise the same can be said for bosses in some business’ where staff and customers and so on simply do not allow you to turn off-You become the tightrope walking wheeler-dealing map of all territories perhaps rasing yourself into the role as you go until suddenly half your life has gone and you cannot claim it back.

In my younger days I do recall very much acting in this kind of fashion when in retail and when in admin-I said it before but it is always worth repeating I sought out a night job thinking I needed to take a back seat and to relax a while.  The fact that the environment was very different to what I expected and what a normal healthy person should have to walk into is by the by.

When I did decide to start going for it I found the environment and peoples therein totally unresponsive to the ideas and ways of going about things that I was personally used to coming as I did from working within successful oriented environments and business.  The doctrine and thinking strategies and poverty consciousness (for lack of better terminology) was rife and continues to this day to be promoted by those in the higher echelons-yet at the same time, these same folks are swanning off on glamorous international Holidays and so on and this does not fit with the Poverty consciousness being gamed into the staff lower down the tree.

The lack of consistency from many people in positions of responsibility is startling when examined closely.  Of course this can be said for many areas of life for many people.  Where does the work end and personal life begin.  How can I integrate all the demands being placed upon myself into a strategy that improves upon what has gone before.

One of the most interesting things I have heard spoken of by Paul Scheele in his learning’s and teachings is what he calls “Intelligent Gap Management” the gap being the rope bridge or cliff face where someone always says don’t look down!  and this comes once again back to the way in which you do your goal setting and so on.

What I wrote the other day i.e. set goal and act as though it is already achieved and move into the gap is behind me thinking is optimum.  It might not be what so-called professionals and politicians etc preach, but it is what is coached pretty much by all those teachers and masters and people who have achieved advanced stages of  self-mastery and Zen and so on.  We strip away all the stories in as sensible methodical manner as can be given and then we work from time line type thinking strategies.

Originally when I first began on these types of courses and thinking I was too heavily involved in the time line to be able to dissociate in any kind of a healthy way.  The more I began witnessing and building threshold the more I have become able to detach or not be directly in the story, you might say I am slightly behind the story or just left or right of it.  I can observe from alternate angles and perspectives without still being caught up or dragged into situations and scenario’s that do not serve to get caught up in.  Yes it is probably not healthy to be completely detached 100% of the time as you would be like Spock or Data or Pinochio or some other non-human observer of humans going about being human but, it certainly helps to keep decision making options easier and for better strategy and planning.

I think it was Einstein or some other celebrated individual thinker who said something along the lines of you cannot solve a problem from the level or perspective that the problem was created.  You do have to think about what that might mean for you as a person/wife/husband/spouse family member and on and on but you get the idea.

Well enough wittering on from me and who what now’d who first?

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

How Can I Create A Pliable Holistic Solution To Each And All Of These Questions

So I have spoken a few times now on this so-called now moment and how one can approach dissecting it.  Why would anyone want to do that? You ask-well I am sure some of you are well advanced enough to turn to myself and say:-

Well actually Dave the now moment is itself A CONCEPT, AN IDEA, A STEPPING STONE.

I will of course concur with you on that point and the reason I concur is that it could cause some folks to think that that is all there is or that is the end of the journey or even cause some folks to get locked into extreme versions of the game of black and white.  Especially if you rely on books such-as “The Power Of Now” my opinion has not changed in that I think the book suck’s although I have to be fair and say it is more books than I have personally produced to date.

So some of you may recall that I critiqued ‘The Sedona Method’ on Bill’s Holosync blog some time over the last year, I cannot recall the exact date but felt my critique that it was an exorcism mechanism of sorts and did not raise thresholds was justified.  The reason I gave it that critique is that I have spent an adult lifetime reading or hearing and seeing all these kinds of theories-some through my own viewing tastes and others via ex-wife and assorted girlfriends.  Shows such-as Oprah and you get the picture.  No amount of my trying or seeking to use the techniques worked-they wholeheartedly failed me (at those times-In my opinion).

So The Sedona Method now with added Paraliminal will hopefully address the issues that I brought up at that time, IE-it gives folks in similar mind traps to myself an alternate way out of the thought conflicts and confusions.

So the big issue for most of us is initially that locking in of symbols with sounds (the map is not the territory theory).  We do of course need to express ourselves and we do indeed need representational systems and concepts and ideas but the inability to step back from them can be damaging in the extreme.  So I again say explore your own patterns and representations and then come back with better and healthier ways of communicating the same information.

Now I did mention “The Sensory Body” and some may question why I did that when early on I got people into tapping.  Well you might say that if something works you keep on doing it, and tapping for sure is a great way to speed up your results.  So even if you started off not getting the breakthroughs the addition of Holosync likely led to you beginning to get that inner communication going.

So you keep going and eventually your body and nervous system and great unconscious starts becoming conscious, you start to realise that your body is holding a lifetime of various kinds of traumas that can be let go of and you keep going and you do the visualization exercises (such-as those of Qigong) and the various fragmented parts of your inner self start to grow and link and join until you are no longer fragmented and when you do this you begin to find that you really can have these so-called energy fields and auras and you can use your growing capacity within these realisation’s to once again accelerate your own progress-I said it before but it is the best thing to keep repeating you get to a point where you really can see and think and feel and act as though you really are master of your own mind and destiny.  You start to get into the how can I create…how can I solve, how can I be my own solution and so on, it takes continuous effort and appliance of the learnings and teachings but when someone says “JUMP” you are in control of the choice to “JUMP”.

Many coaching styles and training methodologies have these military connotations that those doing the shouting and drilling would not ever like to be treated themselves, many of these folks kissed ass as fast as possible so as not to have to be the dog-so do not assume that the person giving instruction is giving instruction that will benefit you, always leave room for questionable doubt, always leave room to be able to go to the Police, always leave room to be able to bring the wrath of God down on those who would be my brothers keeper (as was said in Pulp Fiction (I Think)).

So yes keep an eye on World events, politics and all-round what is going on, but the first person any of you should want progress in life with is yourselves (In my opinion) and when you get that progress, it can be incentive to real change and transformation and better ways of communicating and being and doing and having and so on.

In My Opinion seems to be becoming my catchphrase at the moment, better I guess to be able to say that as a pause or break, than rush to some old auto-pilot behaviour that does not serve you or those whose life’s your existence encroaches upon.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So What Then Is Flow?

Well there is an abundance of material on the subject available yet as I have said previously the more I advance the more in so-called flow I seem to be-at the present moment I would say it is a state of awareness of the consciousness of the body.  When we are born you might say we arrive as a flow consciousness and then very quickly begin adding layer upon layer of complexity until we achieve a state of mind strangulation where we have to believe in this and not that and give ourselves courses and patterns and attitudes that we get locked into and align ourselves with for better or worse.  Some of us then find ourselves having small breakthroughs in our lives here and there that cause us to question how we got to where we did, what happened to the last ten years of my life? if you like.

Those fortunate enough to be from some types of backgrounds are more fortunate than others and discover fundamental truths early on but do not tell anyone else and keep it as a dark competitive advantage in life-rationalising that it is what all else have done before.  Others turn to religious doctrines or mason type organisations, others simply become authors and as you know the list is endless.

Anyway once you have experienced flow on some level (for large numbers of folks the only time is via sexual release) you tend to become a seeker-the truth is out there! as the X files used to say.  Of course some teachers and methods are better than others at finding processes and methodologies for attaining and remaining in flow states.  The best seem to peel away the crap, raise the individual threshold and put you in touch with the sensory body.

The sensory body is what your inner beingness or consciousness is without all the layers of crap and bullshit and so on.

Anyway I recommended Holosync and then rushed through a number of early levels-whilst also exploring some of the associate technologies and methodologies.  I have said it before but it is easy to forget:-

Bill Harris gave you everything you need right away at the start of the Holosync journey-so if your awakening intro prologue and Nine Principles and  Thresholds book are sitting somewhere in a corner it is always an excellent idea to go back and sit through them all again.  You will also gain appreciation of how your thoughts feelings projections have changed since you first listened and read and saw the materials.

Yes stripping away and letting go and identifying bodily sensory information can become part of your conscious experience but first you have to gain knowledge of just how unconscious you truly are.  I have found that going back to the original materials each year really does put much of this stuff into a new reality of awareness and perceptions and filters I thought had dissolved reappear in differing shapes and forms and so on so something new is always available when you just stick at the core principles.I also look too see references and bibliographies to see  where the latest direction and learnings or technology masters are at.

Short and sweet-thank you for reading and CIAO for NOW 🙂

How can I get Out Of NOW?

Yes boundaries and walls have to be seen from all angles, can you get out of now?  The reality of course is that we are always now and any issues that we as individuals or collectives have is down to filters and story construction.  We reconstruct past, we construct future but we are only ever now and we want our now to be as clear as glass or transparent so we can better see that we are merely filters over a much larger space of reality or history or the story.

Yes some of you can probably realize that I have been reviewing Sedona again and yes I have to admit that after a while you realize just how good a coach/teacher Mr Dwoskin is.

On goal setting like many of the other courses he does say to set them as though they have already been acheived.  So for instance anyone setting a goal in reading my meanderings now and in the future of this blog might say when asked what did you get out of reading this material?

Goal:  I stripped away all the long-held layers of stories and thoughts and am present in the one moment that truly exists.

Objections: I used to believe I was unlovable, I used to believe I was unworthy, I used to believe I could not have wealth, I used to believe I was prejudiced, I used to believe I could not come to terms with my own inner shadow (darkness)

I hope you get the idea, so goal-set as though it is already achieved in the present, Objections should be written in the past tense.

Repeat the process regularly and more layers will expose themselves to the light of reality, and you just do the letting go process, let go of the good and the bad as there is often more layers underneath being protected or guarded by the layers of stories that have to be let go.

Likewise when going through learning materials you may very well come to a point of thinking I need to research Masonry.  Again some materials are better than others, as a photo-reader I cannot be truly sure what is best as I just blast through many books.

You could for instance read “The Kybalion” and think this has everything I need to know.  The problem of course is that it was written x years ago and we have beliefs in so-called modern science that make believing ye olde materials conflict.  The more Spiritually open you become the less conflict you see between science doctrine and religeous doctrine.

Even though I have used Holosync and Paraliminals regularly for X years and thought I was very aware and knowledgeable it is only now that I am getting to anything like a place of TRUE clarity.  That has come through persistence and perseverance and is well deserved in my opinion.

This is another level if you like, where once many may have believed it was simply the battle between the sex’s even those thoughts and processes can be let go of if you are wanting to see the bigger universe behind all of these stories.

So no one individual can be the whole merely like a speck of over-focussed upon suffering on the whiteboard of the bigger picture.  Look to the bigger picture and stop with all the me,me,me stuff and much of the rest falls into place.

challenge beliefs or write them in the past tense as they come up for you and write new goals for the present.  The integration of materials is another ‘how can I integrate all these learning’s and conflicting evidence’s into one unified lifestyle of choice’ type question. if it is a goal than write it as though acheived.  

goal: I have integrated all the conflicting evidence’s into one unified set of thoughts and patterns and beliefs.

new old stories will come and go but now remains as be, stepping stones that must be learnt to open reality.  All there is and all there was for all there is to see, trial and error and letting go the tools the tools you see, create a tool and see if it works, treat all as feedback and see, step into flow a glass figurine of particle energy, inventine innovation break the library go deeper beyond the travelled road and be unique as thee.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well, beyond the stories as thee 🙂



What are the arguments for and against the given presupposition?

Yes I know many of you do not care about University and Philosophy and Theology-yet it can be set that we have all lived through the university of life, so giving ourselves challenging questions is surely the best way to proceed in the so-called game of black and white especially for those that have multiple issues that they need to deal with.

When I first started learning about Hypnosis and using some professionally produced materials I found my condition Health-wise worsened; was this because the material was promoting the have an open and loving Heart and my own mental game of black and white was highly locked in at that time?  I guess knowing now what I did not know then meant that I had embarked on a journey.

I bring the journey idea into being because many creativity and intuition teachers promote the idea of writing the past as though or as-if these things have already been acheived.  

So for instance if you were to imagine that you are a book in some library at the end of time and space or the realities as we know them presently-what would your book say about you?  You might be anything from a success wife/husband/parent to entrepreneur or genius the choice is yours to write as-if you are looking back on the journey and how the success or wealth or lifestyle or however you see yourself as being came into being.

With awareness and threshold and a little bit of appliance of aptitude you can give yourself some measurable criteria to see how you are progressing and so on.

I hope that helps those of you who are still mentally at odds, I know as I said previously that I was perhaps doing to much that was having a more adverse effect on me because of the so-called high-standards of chasing perfection.  The view was too narrow or perhaps I simply was too caught up in to many un-winnable battles that were never truly my own, where do my own boundaries begin and end compared to the boundaries of others?  Are there better ways of communicating thoughts feelings and actions in a more personally rewarding manner.

It is the difference between having a clear the air now attitude and hanging on to old thought patterns that will not likely serve you unless you have done the core work on yourself to integrate the so-called changes that you want or desire.

I seem to have found myself studying so-called blueprint materials recently including blueprints for opening your heart to love and blueprints for coaching styles and manner and blueprints for living a formulaic life as proposed by present master coaches and style and well technicians of the lives they themselves have found to be rewarding and so on.  My own thoughts are that I would like to evolve into some of the best components of these approaches in an ideal manner of my own choosing of course.

How will I go about it, well develop a belief perhaps that maybe ‘love is all you need’ and a threshold and a master brain technician that can help with the shifts in strategies and perspectives and on but well that’s life etc.  

So the paths I think have generally been rewarding for more than just myself even though some folks steadfastly refuse to see that.  The next stage may be to be more conscious in the development of questioning and achievement tools and I am sure those that have diligently followed similar paths and courses will begin to start feeling more rewarded for all the struggles and fight against resistance and reality and impermanence.

I am unsure as to how regular I’ll be writing here I as I have projects in the pipeline that I want to stop procrastinating on and get done in the style of the 20:80 ratio I have spoken of.

So thank you for reading god bless and be the love blueprint if that is where the destroying of the game of black and white leads you in your own journey.  If not Be Well 🙂

As Much As I’d Like To Accelerate The Learning Curve…

As much as I would like to accelerate the learning curve of all you that are rampant with incredulity and doubting the strategies and sacred wisdom’s that I write here; for me to surmise the root causes within the blueprints of your own lifelong learning’s is beyond the scope of how I can operate.  I can hint, I can make recommendations as to acknowledgments of errors that we all of us make in our own personal battles for survival but you always have to be able to ask the questions of yourself.

Do I believe in left brain hemisphere being dominated by male functionality’s? Do I believe in right brain hemisphere being dominated by female functionality’s? Perhaps it is the other way around in both respects and in both respects who decided which attributes and values and abilities and scopes belong to which hemisphere?

Regardless of whether these ideas fall into suitable categorizations within your own mind we all know or can identify situations and scenario’s that have no easy pigeon holing capabilities.  The more you progress with some of the technologies and teachings the more you find that ideas and behaviour patterns you have identified and played out throughout your life can no longer serve you in the true fashion you thought they were serving you.  Some say they are playing Devil’s Advocate or I do not want to go to heaven so I welcome in Hell. 

As I have personally progressed I have found that even ideas that some promote such as “everyone is gay” fall away and the reason that such ideas fall away is not what you would think.  Trying to hide behind some catch-all phrase or terminology can actually be more damaging unless choices are given no options can exist in the mind of the commoner that is fraught with haunted dangers of un-evolved attitudes.  And yes even when I say I prefer the term Enlightenment as a place where people should be seeking to go in the catch-all stakes-even that is just another label that does not fit the all-encompassing hemispheric requirements of the Holistic message.

So question and doubt, question and doubt, do the mental mathematics where-ever the current sensory messages are telling you that you need to do such calculations whether they are in your conscious awareness or perhaps operating behind the layers of filters that you have built up around the great and vast unconscious heritage that is your birth right to see and acknowledge and prosper in abundance of the recognition of who what where when and how of all that you truly are capable of becoming or returning to.

So strange are some of the patterns and conceptualizations and rhythm’s that I find myself writing and thinking in that one cannot help but think you are possessed in some colorful smell of nonsense tastes beyond the beyond of hearing the touch of genius that tries to break free from all of these labels of the sensory.

Thank you for reading and yes do some doubt and then doubt again when you know you can shout, incredulous catch-all’s are low down the chain the ladder is high you have more to gain, so question creative, how can I do that the future I mean a future blowout.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Can You Play Blankety Blank

How Can I play blanket blank you may ask.  Actually I only remember the version I saw as a kid with host Terry Wogan, reading out various comedic type situations with a missing word and the object of the contestants was to come up with the best suggestion.  It went sillier and sillier as I recall but originally it was fairly enjoyable stuff.

I was recently reminded of this when reading some recent posts elsewhere and thinking are they playing blanket blank, are they using euphemism and so on.  Such is the nature of people to hide between layer upon layer of in-jokes and so on.  It can sometimes leave you quite unsure as to what people actually genuinely mean. 

I am someone who likes things at keep it simple face value and when people do all these indirect references based on there own knowledge it can leave me hugely confused at times.  Getting to a point where you know that you are speaking at face value but do not understand what others say is a recipe for disaster.

Any way at face value I have been recommending that people who want to do so-called shadow integration work for there own healing, look at creative writing type books and the reason for this is simple anything that you might read in something like “50 Shades Of Grey”, is mild in comparison to what they put in some of the teaching books, IE you think you have dealt with something and then you read the teacher manual and ahhh ohhh, so for instance if you think your shadow issues might be sex related you could do no worse than look up or do a search for a “how to” write sex scenes.  Likewise if you think it is horror related you might look up a “how to” write horror stories and so on, BUT BE WARNED some of this material is HIGHLY EXPLICIT and can leave people who thought they had seen or read and heard it all in states of shock.  I guess that again is choice, if you can look at the worst excesses of peoples imaginations and writing skills lessons with a shrug or whatever then you are likely making progress in the Threshold Stakes.  (It might be compared to the Art student at college when they first find themselves learning how to draw nudes and so on) and again of course your reactions to such material is your own and cannot necessarily be assumed to be the same as others.

I can also say that many of the recommended reading books on the Learning Strategies Corporation website do have something to offer.  I’ll probably be looking at some of the Ken Wilbur type books and material as that seems to be where my own search’s and so on are leading me, (God dammit I don’t want to pay) and as I repeatedly have said the amazon website has thousands of so-called free public domain books, many of which you can practice photoreading with or simply use for your own research.

What’s that you say? Your too busy? If you are to busy why are you reading my meanderings?

Of course going back to questioning

I recently found myself asking “How can I create an automated overwhelm and integrated enlightenment engine?

This of course led to more questions-what are the possibilities?

Has it been done before? what functions and goals should this overwhelm engine have? how can I at my present level of awareness and knowledge develop effortlessly and easily the skills necessary to create an automatic overwhelm and enlightenment engine that brings together the works and combined skills of all within my research notes and bibliography?

Yes you can step into question after question, it would be like the legendary perpetual motion machines that seemingly never come to fruition.

Thank you for reading God Bless and may the overwhelm be with you 🙂