Can You Play Blankety Blank

How Can I play blanket blank you may ask.  Actually I only remember the version I saw as a kid with host Terry Wogan, reading out various comedic type situations with a missing word and the object of the contestants was to come up with the best suggestion.  It went sillier and sillier as I recall but originally it was fairly enjoyable stuff.

I was recently reminded of this when reading some recent posts elsewhere and thinking are they playing blanket blank, are they using euphemism and so on.  Such is the nature of people to hide between layer upon layer of in-jokes and so on.  It can sometimes leave you quite unsure as to what people actually genuinely mean. 

I am someone who likes things at keep it simple face value and when people do all these indirect references based on there own knowledge it can leave me hugely confused at times.  Getting to a point where you know that you are speaking at face value but do not understand what others say is a recipe for disaster.

Any way at face value I have been recommending that people who want to do so-called shadow integration work for there own healing, look at creative writing type books and the reason for this is simple anything that you might read in something like “50 Shades Of Grey”, is mild in comparison to what they put in some of the teaching books, IE you think you have dealt with something and then you read the teacher manual and ahhh ohhh, so for instance if you think your shadow issues might be sex related you could do no worse than look up or do a search for a “how to” write sex scenes.  Likewise if you think it is horror related you might look up a “how to” write horror stories and so on, BUT BE WARNED some of this material is HIGHLY EXPLICIT and can leave people who thought they had seen or read and heard it all in states of shock.  I guess that again is choice, if you can look at the worst excesses of peoples imaginations and writing skills lessons with a shrug or whatever then you are likely making progress in the Threshold Stakes.  (It might be compared to the Art student at college when they first find themselves learning how to draw nudes and so on) and again of course your reactions to such material is your own and cannot necessarily be assumed to be the same as others.

I can also say that many of the recommended reading books on the Learning Strategies Corporation website do have something to offer.  I’ll probably be looking at some of the Ken Wilbur type books and material as that seems to be where my own search’s and so on are leading me, (God dammit I don’t want to pay) and as I repeatedly have said the amazon website has thousands of so-called free public domain books, many of which you can practice photoreading with or simply use for your own research.

What’s that you say? Your too busy? If you are to busy why are you reading my meanderings?

Of course going back to questioning

I recently found myself asking “How can I create an automated overwhelm and integrated enlightenment engine?

This of course led to more questions-what are the possibilities?

Has it been done before? what functions and goals should this overwhelm engine have? how can I at my present level of awareness and knowledge develop effortlessly and easily the skills necessary to create an automatic overwhelm and enlightenment engine that brings together the works and combined skills of all within my research notes and bibliography?

Yes you can step into question after question, it would be like the legendary perpetual motion machines that seemingly never come to fruition.

Thank you for reading God Bless and may the overwhelm be with you 🙂

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