As Much As I’d Like To Accelerate The Learning Curve…

As much as I would like to accelerate the learning curve of all you that are rampant with incredulity and doubting the strategies and sacred wisdom’s that I write here; for me to surmise the root causes within the blueprints of your own lifelong learning’s is beyond the scope of how I can operate.  I can hint, I can make recommendations as to acknowledgments of errors that we all of us make in our own personal battles for survival but you always have to be able to ask the questions of yourself.

Do I believe in left brain hemisphere being dominated by male functionality’s? Do I believe in right brain hemisphere being dominated by female functionality’s? Perhaps it is the other way around in both respects and in both respects who decided which attributes and values and abilities and scopes belong to which hemisphere?

Regardless of whether these ideas fall into suitable categorizations within your own mind we all know or can identify situations and scenario’s that have no easy pigeon holing capabilities.  The more you progress with some of the technologies and teachings the more you find that ideas and behaviour patterns you have identified and played out throughout your life can no longer serve you in the true fashion you thought they were serving you.  Some say they are playing Devil’s Advocate or I do not want to go to heaven so I welcome in Hell. 

As I have personally progressed I have found that even ideas that some promote such as “everyone is gay” fall away and the reason that such ideas fall away is not what you would think.  Trying to hide behind some catch-all phrase or terminology can actually be more damaging unless choices are given no options can exist in the mind of the commoner that is fraught with haunted dangers of un-evolved attitudes.  And yes even when I say I prefer the term Enlightenment as a place where people should be seeking to go in the catch-all stakes-even that is just another label that does not fit the all-encompassing hemispheric requirements of the Holistic message.

So question and doubt, question and doubt, do the mental mathematics where-ever the current sensory messages are telling you that you need to do such calculations whether they are in your conscious awareness or perhaps operating behind the layers of filters that you have built up around the great and vast unconscious heritage that is your birth right to see and acknowledge and prosper in abundance of the recognition of who what where when and how of all that you truly are capable of becoming or returning to.

So strange are some of the patterns and conceptualizations and rhythm’s that I find myself writing and thinking in that one cannot help but think you are possessed in some colorful smell of nonsense tastes beyond the beyond of hearing the touch of genius that tries to break free from all of these labels of the sensory.

Thank you for reading and yes do some doubt and then doubt again when you know you can shout, incredulous catch-all’s are low down the chain the ladder is high you have more to gain, so question creative, how can I do that the future I mean a future blowout.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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