What are the arguments for and against the given presupposition?

Yes I know many of you do not care about University and Philosophy and Theology-yet it can be set that we have all lived through the university of life, so giving ourselves challenging questions is surely the best way to proceed in the so-called game of black and white especially for those that have multiple issues that they need to deal with.

When I first started learning about Hypnosis and using some professionally produced materials I found my condition Health-wise worsened; was this because the material was promoting the have an open and loving Heart and my own mental game of black and white was highly locked in at that time?  I guess knowing now what I did not know then meant that I had embarked on a journey.

I bring the journey idea into being because many creativity and intuition teachers promote the idea of writing the past as though or as-if these things have already been acheived.  

So for instance if you were to imagine that you are a book in some library at the end of time and space or the realities as we know them presently-what would your book say about you?  You might be anything from a success wife/husband/parent to entrepreneur or genius the choice is yours to write as-if you are looking back on the journey and how the success or wealth or lifestyle or however you see yourself as being came into being.

With awareness and threshold and a little bit of appliance of aptitude you can give yourself some measurable criteria to see how you are progressing and so on.

I hope that helps those of you who are still mentally at odds, I know as I said previously that I was perhaps doing to much that was having a more adverse effect on me because of the so-called high-standards of chasing perfection.  The view was too narrow or perhaps I simply was too caught up in to many un-winnable battles that were never truly my own, where do my own boundaries begin and end compared to the boundaries of others?  Are there better ways of communicating thoughts feelings and actions in a more personally rewarding manner.

It is the difference between having a clear the air now attitude and hanging on to old thought patterns that will not likely serve you unless you have done the core work on yourself to integrate the so-called changes that you want or desire.

I seem to have found myself studying so-called blueprint materials recently including blueprints for opening your heart to love and blueprints for coaching styles and manner and blueprints for living a formulaic life as proposed by present master coaches and style and well technicians of the lives they themselves have found to be rewarding and so on.  My own thoughts are that I would like to evolve into some of the best components of these approaches in an ideal manner of my own choosing of course.

How will I go about it, well develop a belief perhaps that maybe ‘love is all you need’ and a threshold and a master brain technician that can help with the shifts in strategies and perspectives and on but well that’s life etc.  

So the paths I think have generally been rewarding for more than just myself even though some folks steadfastly refuse to see that.  The next stage may be to be more conscious in the development of questioning and achievement tools and I am sure those that have diligently followed similar paths and courses will begin to start feeling more rewarded for all the struggles and fight against resistance and reality and impermanence.

I am unsure as to how regular I’ll be writing here I as I have projects in the pipeline that I want to stop procrastinating on and get done in the style of the 20:80 ratio I have spoken of.

So thank you for reading god bless and be the love blueprint if that is where the destroying of the game of black and white leads you in your own journey.  If not Be Well 🙂

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