How can I get Out Of NOW?

Yes boundaries and walls have to be seen from all angles, can you get out of now?  The reality of course is that we are always now and any issues that we as individuals or collectives have is down to filters and story construction.  We reconstruct past, we construct future but we are only ever now and we want our now to be as clear as glass or transparent so we can better see that we are merely filters over a much larger space of reality or history or the story.

Yes some of you can probably realize that I have been reviewing Sedona again and yes I have to admit that after a while you realize just how good a coach/teacher Mr Dwoskin is.

On goal setting like many of the other courses he does say to set them as though they have already been acheived.  So for instance anyone setting a goal in reading my meanderings now and in the future of this blog might say when asked what did you get out of reading this material?

Goal:  I stripped away all the long-held layers of stories and thoughts and am present in the one moment that truly exists.

Objections: I used to believe I was unlovable, I used to believe I was unworthy, I used to believe I could not have wealth, I used to believe I was prejudiced, I used to believe I could not come to terms with my own inner shadow (darkness)

I hope you get the idea, so goal-set as though it is already achieved in the present, Objections should be written in the past tense.

Repeat the process regularly and more layers will expose themselves to the light of reality, and you just do the letting go process, let go of the good and the bad as there is often more layers underneath being protected or guarded by the layers of stories that have to be let go.

Likewise when going through learning materials you may very well come to a point of thinking I need to research Masonry.  Again some materials are better than others, as a photo-reader I cannot be truly sure what is best as I just blast through many books.

You could for instance read “The Kybalion” and think this has everything I need to know.  The problem of course is that it was written x years ago and we have beliefs in so-called modern science that make believing ye olde materials conflict.  The more Spiritually open you become the less conflict you see between science doctrine and religeous doctrine.

Even though I have used Holosync and Paraliminals regularly for X years and thought I was very aware and knowledgeable it is only now that I am getting to anything like a place of TRUE clarity.  That has come through persistence and perseverance and is well deserved in my opinion.

This is another level if you like, where once many may have believed it was simply the battle between the sex’s even those thoughts and processes can be let go of if you are wanting to see the bigger universe behind all of these stories.

So no one individual can be the whole merely like a speck of over-focussed upon suffering on the whiteboard of the bigger picture.  Look to the bigger picture and stop with all the me,me,me stuff and much of the rest falls into place.

challenge beliefs or write them in the past tense as they come up for you and write new goals for the present.  The integration of materials is another ‘how can I integrate all these learning’s and conflicting evidence’s into one unified lifestyle of choice’ type question. if it is a goal than write it as though acheived.  

goal: I have integrated all the conflicting evidence’s into one unified set of thoughts and patterns and beliefs.

new old stories will come and go but now remains as be, stepping stones that must be learnt to open reality.  All there is and all there was for all there is to see, trial and error and letting go the tools the tools you see, create a tool and see if it works, treat all as feedback and see, step into flow a glass figurine of particle energy, inventine innovation break the library go deeper beyond the travelled road and be unique as thee.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well, beyond the stories as thee 🙂

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