How Can I Create A Pliable Holistic Solution To Each And All Of These Questions

So I have spoken a few times now on this so-called now moment and how one can approach dissecting it.  Why would anyone want to do that? You ask-well I am sure some of you are well advanced enough to turn to myself and say:-

Well actually Dave the now moment is itself A CONCEPT, AN IDEA, A STEPPING STONE.

I will of course concur with you on that point and the reason I concur is that it could cause some folks to think that that is all there is or that is the end of the journey or even cause some folks to get locked into extreme versions of the game of black and white.  Especially if you rely on books such-as “The Power Of Now” my opinion has not changed in that I think the book suck’s although I have to be fair and say it is more books than I have personally produced to date.

So some of you may recall that I critiqued ‘The Sedona Method’ on Bill’s Holosync blog some time over the last year, I cannot recall the exact date but felt my critique that it was an exorcism mechanism of sorts and did not raise thresholds was justified.  The reason I gave it that critique is that I have spent an adult lifetime reading or hearing and seeing all these kinds of theories-some through my own viewing tastes and others via ex-wife and assorted girlfriends.  Shows such-as Oprah and you get the picture.  No amount of my trying or seeking to use the techniques worked-they wholeheartedly failed me (at those times-In my opinion).

So The Sedona Method now with added Paraliminal will hopefully address the issues that I brought up at that time, IE-it gives folks in similar mind traps to myself an alternate way out of the thought conflicts and confusions.

So the big issue for most of us is initially that locking in of symbols with sounds (the map is not the territory theory).  We do of course need to express ourselves and we do indeed need representational systems and concepts and ideas but the inability to step back from them can be damaging in the extreme.  So I again say explore your own patterns and representations and then come back with better and healthier ways of communicating the same information.

Now I did mention “The Sensory Body” and some may question why I did that when early on I got people into tapping.  Well you might say that if something works you keep on doing it, and tapping for sure is a great way to speed up your results.  So even if you started off not getting the breakthroughs the addition of Holosync likely led to you beginning to get that inner communication going.

So you keep going and eventually your body and nervous system and great unconscious starts becoming conscious, you start to realise that your body is holding a lifetime of various kinds of traumas that can be let go of and you keep going and you do the visualization exercises (such-as those of Qigong) and the various fragmented parts of your inner self start to grow and link and join until you are no longer fragmented and when you do this you begin to find that you really can have these so-called energy fields and auras and you can use your growing capacity within these realisation’s to once again accelerate your own progress-I said it before but it is the best thing to keep repeating you get to a point where you really can see and think and feel and act as though you really are master of your own mind and destiny.  You start to get into the how can I create…how can I solve, how can I be my own solution and so on, it takes continuous effort and appliance of the learnings and teachings but when someone says “JUMP” you are in control of the choice to “JUMP”.

Many coaching styles and training methodologies have these military connotations that those doing the shouting and drilling would not ever like to be treated themselves, many of these folks kissed ass as fast as possible so as not to have to be the dog-so do not assume that the person giving instruction is giving instruction that will benefit you, always leave room for questionable doubt, always leave room to be able to go to the Police, always leave room to be able to bring the wrath of God down on those who would be my brothers keeper (as was said in Pulp Fiction (I Think)).

So yes keep an eye on World events, politics and all-round what is going on, but the first person any of you should want progress in life with is yourselves (In my opinion) and when you get that progress, it can be incentive to real change and transformation and better ways of communicating and being and doing and having and so on.

In My Opinion seems to be becoming my catchphrase at the moment, better I guess to be able to say that as a pause or break, than rush to some old auto-pilot behaviour that does not serve you or those whose life’s your existence encroaches upon.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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