The Power Of What Now

This may not have been a better book for Mr Tolle to have written but I am damned sure that he would have had more sales if only he could think it through to x amount of pages and words that his publisher and public demand.

You are all I am sure aware of The Power Of What Now as it runs something along the lines of:-

[YOUR NAME] being called by Partner/spouse/family/friends/customers/colleagues and on and on

and you think [WHAT NOW]

Do you think you could tap into the power of WHAT NOW; can you better relate to the Power of WHAT NOW.

You may well in fact be someone who loves The Power Of WHAT NOW and responding to the needs of your assorted WHAT NOWEES; if you will indulge me in calling people What Nowees.

The problem can be that you are employed to deal in all cases of what now and if it is your business and you are acting in good faith in  doing something you love then that’s great but it can become a chore for some people.  

An example of this is Adam Sandler, a great comedy writer and actor for some of us-yet I remember seeing him in interview with Jonathon Ross and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for him to be funny and it really must of been the dullest interview going, you might say that he was in his real reality and persona and I was not wanting that-I was wanting the comedy.  Likewise the same can be said for bosses in some business’ where staff and customers and so on simply do not allow you to turn off-You become the tightrope walking wheeler-dealing map of all territories perhaps rasing yourself into the role as you go until suddenly half your life has gone and you cannot claim it back.

In my younger days I do recall very much acting in this kind of fashion when in retail and when in admin-I said it before but it is always worth repeating I sought out a night job thinking I needed to take a back seat and to relax a while.  The fact that the environment was very different to what I expected and what a normal healthy person should have to walk into is by the by.

When I did decide to start going for it I found the environment and peoples therein totally unresponsive to the ideas and ways of going about things that I was personally used to coming as I did from working within successful oriented environments and business.  The doctrine and thinking strategies and poverty consciousness (for lack of better terminology) was rife and continues to this day to be promoted by those in the higher echelons-yet at the same time, these same folks are swanning off on glamorous international Holidays and so on and this does not fit with the Poverty consciousness being gamed into the staff lower down the tree.

The lack of consistency from many people in positions of responsibility is startling when examined closely.  Of course this can be said for many areas of life for many people.  Where does the work end and personal life begin.  How can I integrate all the demands being placed upon myself into a strategy that improves upon what has gone before.

One of the most interesting things I have heard spoken of by Paul Scheele in his learning’s and teachings is what he calls “Intelligent Gap Management” the gap being the rope bridge or cliff face where someone always says don’t look down!  and this comes once again back to the way in which you do your goal setting and so on.

What I wrote the other day i.e. set goal and act as though it is already achieved and move into the gap is behind me thinking is optimum.  It might not be what so-called professionals and politicians etc preach, but it is what is coached pretty much by all those teachers and masters and people who have achieved advanced stages of  self-mastery and Zen and so on.  We strip away all the stories in as sensible methodical manner as can be given and then we work from time line type thinking strategies.

Originally when I first began on these types of courses and thinking I was too heavily involved in the time line to be able to dissociate in any kind of a healthy way.  The more I began witnessing and building threshold the more I have become able to detach or not be directly in the story, you might say I am slightly behind the story or just left or right of it.  I can observe from alternate angles and perspectives without still being caught up or dragged into situations and scenario’s that do not serve to get caught up in.  Yes it is probably not healthy to be completely detached 100% of the time as you would be like Spock or Data or Pinochio or some other non-human observer of humans going about being human but, it certainly helps to keep decision making options easier and for better strategy and planning.

I think it was Einstein or some other celebrated individual thinker who said something along the lines of you cannot solve a problem from the level or perspective that the problem was created.  You do have to think about what that might mean for you as a person/wife/husband/spouse family member and on and on but you get the idea.

Well enough wittering on from me and who what now’d who first?

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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