How Can I Explain The Difference…

How can I explain the difference between experience and threshold?  This might not seem a sensible question to ask as many folks rush to auto-pilot reconstructions of past experiences and developmental recalls of things that they may or may not have arranged successfully typical examples might be births, weddings, funerals, this is the tradition or the way it has always been done and so on and so forth.

You might say it is a historical game of PIN THE TALE ON THE DONKEY, the problem of course is in deciding who is going to be the donkey or who are going to be the butt of my slander and lies and bullying, who can I take my own shit out on with a  likely hood of getting away with it.

This can be where honesty comes into play perhaps for some of us-the being honest means you have less history that can be brought into play as demonstrable evidence of your activities.  You might say my website is an act of gross honesty or indeed stupid or dishonest, it does not lead anywhere or to anything.

All I will say is Let he or she who did not arrive in the present time via silvertoevelocity cast the first stone.  🙂

What that website demonstrates is a setting of a goal that led to one research and another until I and those brave and courageous enough to explore the same path and possibilities landed on what might be considered the gold-dust truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  A demonstration of the acting as though the goal has already been achieved.

So where is the next problem at?  Well it is this idea of empire, how can I get slaves for my empire, how will I reinforce my empire.  Now historically for instance in my present place of work it is easy to see the attitude adopted by some managers.  You just have to be bigger harder than everyone else and so on.  This might be said to have led to brawn over brains and too many steroid headed school bullies.  The alternate view might be that given some of the attitudes and Fagin like characteristics of other employees having some muscle available to eject troublesome characters is understandable.

Anyway many have progressed with the technologies and can see that slavery and empire is not necessary when you can use options that work to win win solutions for the benefit of all.  Many who have not adopted the technologies or are at lower levels will resist that but if they continue and want the health wealth and prosperity they will come to points where they will have to give up the fight on trying to make a false reality real.

So I said it previously but it is worth repeating as I mentioned the goal setting but did not mention the sorting.   What sorting?

List 10 or more things that you think are your life values.   Example:- family, health, wealth, honesty, abundance, integrity, prosperity, teaching, creativity, friendship. freedom

Now Compare:

Do I think family is more important than health, wealth, honesty, abundance etc

Resort by comparing each value in your list against the other values you have personally given.  When you do this methodically you may find your values to be different to what you actually thought and can ask at the end “Is this me?”

I will state now that regularly doing this values exercise – maybe once a month or quarterly can save you a great deal of time in the building of awareness and threshold.  So it really is worth that half an hour out of your day and does not have to be absolute, some values might be joint 2nd, 3rd and so on it is just to get you to really think.  When used in combination with the goal setting it can allow you to see why your goals are wrong.  For instance does your goal for wealth conflict with your valuing of family life and so on.

When you know where the conflicts are you can redo both groups of exercises like a fine-tuning of the values.  I am reliably informed that many people are shocked by there own personal results, I am not such is my ability to cut to the chase.  My own weakness comes from trying to help others when that help is not reciprocated.  Yes I know that some of you have done the best that your circumstances allow given acceptable boundaries et al but still you have to realise your resistance or cutting Dave out of the network or ring could be part of the problem and you may need to let go of said resistance in order to move forward.

Try them and see for yourselves how you go, I know that much information I did not know early on with Holosync I have effectively collated via research and Learning Strategy Fest’s so the gaps in required knowledge and learning have been successfully assimilated or taken in along the journey.  The feedback is invaluable.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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