Creative Differences

Now as I earlier mentioned the hiring of costumes, I thought I could also write on making your own costumes, again it is actually far easier than many people imagine, I of course having worked in a clothing manufacturer several years ago know this to be true because seeing the garment manufacturing process from beginning to end tends to stay with you.

All these la-di-da theatrical designers that we see giving the fashion shows are very good actors and actresses for what most clothing manufacturers have made into very easy and economic models and systems.

The problem of creative differences is one that should you chooses to co-create costumes causes conflict.

For instance when my daughter was younger, I could take 1 black bin-bag unrolled and prior to being unfolded.  Measure a half way point along the base of the bag and merely cut a 5 or 6 inch line towards the top of the bag.  This is a Head hole. Once you have your head hole you can open the bag and slip it over your child and presto you are most of the way to a cheap and cheerful witch costume.  You just have to cut a couple of arm holes and add a belt and pointed hat.

Of course as your child grows they want to heavily accessorize and follow all sorts or wierd and wonderful designs seen from shows such-as Blue Peter, and in my opinion they go too far especially for one night of the year.

So I have given a quick Witch bin-bag costume above for one bin-bag imagine what you can do with a whole roll and some sticky tape.  You can cut strips and make those weird puffy out sections and even if your daring enough make some flowers and all sorts all accessories pretty cheaply.

The problem I find myself having is the oh I want it to be like that or that or that with all sorts of bells and whistles, yet when it comes time for the manufacture, how much is done by the child and how much is done by muggins here.  Yes all these shows demonstrate ways to do pumpkins and costumes and organise, yet it is rarely the viewer that actually has to put the physical labour and work into it.

That might be unfair as I know some kids are well into doing the creative activities but how many TV competitions do you see being won by X from so and so a place, that looks well beyond the abilities of someone in that age group, I often think they should invite these winners into the studio for a final competition where they have to perform unaided by parent or whomever has done the work.

So let of steam now and take pride in your work later, just as they enjoy wearing the costumes and going door to door, I can take pride in hearing the oh that’s a good costume and any other overheard complements that might make the creative process worthwhile.

Now if I could just set up a little cottage industry for these sorts of things, my own bibliography and work and study history is starting to come into its own in many ways, hmmmn

CIAO for NOW 🙂

So What Is The Issue On Sources and Resources

Well I think that one becomes quite obvious when you have been meditating for a year or two, most such ideas and issues drag folks into sexual identity confusions and so on, and of course many people think they are somehow beyond being infected with issues that they have fought long and hard to pin on others.

Is there any reason to continue those things once you have set out on your own course and wanting to clear the detritus and so on, well it does not seem to really matter how much clearing you yourself do, as many or more around you will forever keep on coming out with the same old drivel.

The problem can of course for many of us cause serious health issues.  An example of this is that at one time I mentioned my own study of Hypnosis a few years ago.  There are many Hypnotists all selling this solution or that solution and very little guidance on what is best or if indeed such a best can be found.  I recommend Learning Strategies because Paul Scheele does not try to POSSESS you as such, merely sets you your mind and your body on the path of Learning and so on, I have used Hypnosis products that in my opinion should not be allowed and whilst some might think “serves you right for buying from foreigners and so on” the very worst products I have experienced were from UK based Hypnotists.

I was reminded of this earlier this year when I happened across one such product and made what I consider to have been one of the biggest mistakes I could have made, I got nostalgic and had a listen, at the end of listening to that particular UK based hypnotists work I literally felt like I was going to have a Heart attack, and consider myself lucky to be alive.

So judging books by covers is dangerous and even more dangerous can be going on the positive TV and media reputation of some of the more famous practitioners.  The only way that what happened could have happened (IMO) was that the product set my brain into some deep kind of conflict game of black and white, right and wrong and so on, and that really hurt my physical body and worse, I was never aware of this effect before using Holosync to raise my Threshold, so millions of people could be using such products from TV and media Stars and killing themselves.

So I have during this year given myself a resolution to only use products that do not cause myself such ill effects.  Were any of the practitioners that I have recommended come out with a product that caused those effects I would become wary of using those product also.

So this can again cause people to go into every man for himself type thinking and there are benefits and non-benefits to this.  I think that a good level of independence from those around you is healthy, but you still need to work and live within the confines of how you perceive society.

So who will have the best costume this Halloween beyond my pumpkin, well I actually have never been much for costumes myself although I have had the odd occasion for thm during my life.  I can recall playing an apple tree at primary school, later going on to be a King a year or two later, somehow those early acting skills never made it with me into Secondary Education, where the School establishment pretty much went on established class rules and systems rather than ability (IMO).

So is it ever too late, well a few years later I recall hiring costumes from a local shop for fancy dress parties and so on, although some costumes are better than others, typical nerdy bloke one time I went for a sweaty Space bounty hunter type suite with guns that after wearing for a couple of hours can become really tiresome.  So suit selection and so on can seem easy when you follow your TV likes, but the practicalities of staggering around from pub to pub can soon turn things around.  The best option can perhaps be to be aware of what you are actually going to be doing whilst in costume, and then judge whether the costume meets the needs of the expedition.

So the World is a Stage, Everyone is an Actor/Actress, The Universe is made of waves and particles that are constantly on the move, energy transferring of energy always happening whether we like it or not and the more clearing you do of the blocked energies within yourself, the better the outward vibration you give off, and these energies can often be so subtle that most folks are oblivious to them, that is why I say just keep going with the technologies, because you will start to see with greater clarity and so on all the “invisible” undercurrents and motions and so on causing many folks so many ills, you cannot escape impermanence say some of those in the know, so if that is the case maybe you might like to start practicing the course Dave is developing.

The Password:-

I am in the impermanence, the impermanence is in my body, the impermanence and I are combined….


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Pumkins Of Doom

So as some of you may or may not be aware, each and every Halloween I usually wind up carving a Pumpkin or two during my Daughters visit.  Where once a few short years ago I could get away with a mangled set of teeth Jack-O-Lantern type image, each year has seemingly seen myself given a new challenge.  I have done witches and cats and even Scooby Doo, and generally gotten away with it to.

So what did Dave’s darling daughter choose and challenge him to have to carve this year?

This image is the outline of a Weeping Angel from the TV series Doctor Who and apart from the outline zero instructions were included.

So what does a Weeping Angel outline and an afternoon with Dave stabbing madly at a Pumpkin produce…




So anyway for anyone wanting tips on taking up these sorts of yearly challenges RUN DO NOT DO IT DO NOT GET SUCKED IN YOU WILL DREAD EACH AND EVERY FORTHCOMING HALLOWEEN FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS

Okay, so unlike traditional pumpkin carvers

1.  Cut the base (not the top) of the pumpkin off and scoop out seeds etc.

2.  Print out 2 or 3 copies of your desired image if possible and cut out around one with the pattern from the a4 sheet.

3. sticky tape the image to the pumpkin, and then using a small screwdriver or allen key stab the outline as a guideline around the black sections.

4.  Optional when finished stabbing remove the remains of the sheet, and then perhaps with a felt tip and using your spare copy as a guide do a join the Dots.

5.  Take your time and with some small carvers or small knives gradually cut out the black sections.

6.  The pumpkin might look really crap in the daylight and you might well think this is gonna be crap or rubbish, just keep going and take your time.

7.  With the lights out and a candle the crap daylight image on the pumpkin turns into the magnificent piccies you see above.

8.  Believe me if I showed you a daylight image you would think there is no way that it is gonna be any good.

9.  Only show the design and pattern as it is supposed to be seen.

I was gonna post a video but thought that might be a bit much, but yeah I really am dreading whatever the challenge is gonna be next year.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your own little and larges.  🙂

How Can I Become A Sensory Edietic

Not a good question at all really it is not, you see you were in some theories all born as sensory Edietic

So why would anyone want to regain the use of these types of abilities having built up layers of school taught slavery patterns and filters.   Well I perhaps exaggerate but the accessing of non-conscious memory or redefining the so-called filters can be of huge development potential for many people.

I was thinking about this because I know that when folks have seen my past website the inference to use of alphabet can receive a ‘well duh’ effect as though it is something that everyone knows.  Yet it was only when folks moved onto Holosync and Paraliminals that the possibilities and potentials started to gain momentum and so on.

The simplest visual that I can describe these things with is to perhaps imagine you have a bottle of spring water in front of you perhaps two thirds full.  That water might be said to represent all the learning’s and so on that you have in your body/mind.  Going from the base up the first inch might be babyhood, the next inch primary school, the next inch secondary school, the next inch college/university, and so on depending on the path your life has taken. 

Most folks want satisfactory answers to lifelong held questions and traumas and so on and the simplest that I can give with the above imagery is that say you decide to improve yourself and life with positive affirmations, in most peoples model, that is the equivalent of removing the lid and adding more water to what is already contained within the bottle.  IE any fears shames guilt’s and traumas and any number of negativity’s is just having a little bit of positivity added on top, but that negative stuff is still there.

The meditation technology is the equivalent of emptying the bottle and starting afresh  from the base of the bottle, wherever you are, whoever you are, so all those negativity’s and baggage can simply be poured away or let go off.  Does that happen with The low levels I have no absolute idea, but I do know that each level that I stepped up to cleared out more and more garbage or gave me new awareness’s that were not available in the prior model.  

The idea that everyone as a collective umbrella is God does not go down well with many folks, predominantly because most folks so-called cups/bottles are already overflowing and they simply do not have the Threshold.  So when you start raising your Threshold and emptying the bottle you might then begin to see that actually the idea that everyone is an angel at centre or heart is true.

But again the problem is that you still need to operate in the relative world and by that I mean that whilst I can write these pieces I do not generally benefit from them, because my filters still have biases and those biases generally send me the wrong way.  Whilst that is true for me, any second or third party reading this can see it without that same bias of the author so can potentially better prosper from the information.

This is where the idea of “The Christ in me sees the Christ in you” type terminology originates I believe.  So it is of benefit to people only if you seek to benefit others or get them using the same technologies and demonstrating the workings of all these kinds of things so everyone can find ways to prosper.

What else is going on, well we are on all hallows hallows eve, Halloween of course and hands up all you ‘remove the veil’ anti-muslim campaigners who will be hypocritically dressing yourselves or your kids in masks and veils and assorted disguises that would all likely have to be included in any legislation to ban muslim veils.  Yes not as simple as we like to think, simple option is to not get involved in someone elses hate campaign and just enjoy your own fancy dress party’s etc.

I see that great debate on UK Press freedom is at the forefront of current media news, I personally think we could all quite happily do without either the media outlets or the media legislation.  Lets face it, encounters with many or much of the so-called ‘upsetting’ materials is only relevant to the whining complainers.  As someone who knows little about today’s crop of TV wannabees etc, I find it quite interesting when colleagues give me papers that I see people who I have never even heard of complaining about the press infringing on them.  Many of these whining and whinging Legends in there own minds are exactly the reason to turn off your TV’s and do your own life some justice.

So I put in the title Sensory Edietic because most people only think in terms of Edietic as a Visual ability and I figured that if we who have progressed know anything then the Sensory Body is really where much of this stuff is at, so Sensory Edietic seemed a better integrative understanding or model that folks maybe able to do releasing and better tool building or life building blocks upon.

Just as the Heart cleanses the blood as it passes through the chambers, maybe the Sensory Edietic Body can do the same when we start reaching those so-called Higher Vibrations and levels of awareness and Living the Law of attraction and so on, that reminds me, I shall have to put myself through some of these courses I have overloaded myself with a couple of times each just to make sure I feel I have my money’s worth and that the opening up to new learning’s and abilities is not some hopeless fools gold errand as it can sometimes seem, am I at a plateau, well we are told to expect plateau’s from time to time and sometimes a breakthrough can happen spontaneously other times it can creep into your awareness without you being particularly aware of what has happened.

I have been neglecting my email recently so sat down this morning to see what I could see and all that I could see see see was a pile of emails for me, yes amazing how many junk mail sites I unsubscribe from yet seemingly get ignored.  the secret I found was to have some truly exclusive email addresses that I only allow certain companies to have the address to, and the rest get my older overloaded addresses fighting with the hordes for my attention.  It works as long as I keep a tight reign on who I give the more exclusive email addresses to.

Right what going on ‘ere then

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Is It true What They Say About Tuesday’s?

What do they say about Tuesdays Dave?  Terrible, terrible things are Tuesdays, have you not noticed how far away they are from the next weekend, it is one of those you know how some writers write a song about days of the week how many can you think of for Tuesday’s. 

Of course my own favourite is “Ruby Tuesday” from the Rolling Stones that just popped into my head out of my mental directory inquiries.  I was going to say I could not think of any and hey presto Kerchingg.  Another one that has all the days of the week is a song from the band The Cure known as “Friday I’m in Love”, songs from bands of differing generations but I really cannot think of anything recent though I am quite sure some big name rapper or singing or miming dance troop will have a days of the week song in there arsenal.

What else well a headline I noticed today was Bales makes the Bell D’or List or something like that, apparently the nominees for The World Player Of The Year (football/soccer).  Having said that the reason for the headline was probably that he was English.  If I personally were given a vote then like him or loathe him and the team he plays for Robin Van Persie was head and shoulders above all the other Premiership candidates (IMO), will the voting panels and so on reflect these things.

Well the simple truth about World Football politics and voting is that so many folks know who the actual best players are that unlike some other competitions (such as Eurovision song contest) they find it very difficult to rig the voting.  Many of the very best players and winners have also been some of the most controversial, and sometimes people are on  the list to make up the numbers, yet given the number of statistics available to anyone and everyone surrounding most sports these days, when you go by the statistics it can give very differing results to going by popular opinion.  That is why Bale is given higher ratings than the average football pundit would give him.

Was there a storm?  Well I did stick my hand up in the air and it was not blown off into the distance, I see poor London was hit badly and they are going to need the rest of Britains money for the repairs (yawn).  Yes so some will feel lucky others not, although we here in Hereford do seemingly have a history of missing out on much of the exciting weather patterns that other non shire towns and Cities take for granted.  Popular reasoning for this is that much of Herefordshire is in the shadow of various mountain ranges, that apparently break up the patterns somewhat, so perhaps the original folks who settled by this narrow river crossing knew where the elements were at and so on.  I recall going up to Blackpool on multiple occasions as a child to see the so-called Lights and Illuminations and the winds up there were the same year in and year out in that you often could hang onto a lamppost and your feet would be lifted up, good fun when your little though I am unsure the Health and Safety mafia’s that are strangulating the life out of society will not see such activities in the same way.  Again it is this good of the Whole versus Good of the Individual debate,  how many of us think what sort of an idiot… when we see reports of people having to be rescued at great expense from the sea or cliffs and caves and so on.  Is it really our own money? would we not just prefer for the rescue crews to whip out cameras so we could watch the tragic endings without putting themselves at risk.

Yes many debates on these things and of course the media that we all see and know and love does not help in that it generally stirs up debate on issues that sometimes require forethought before entering into the fray.

Who me? I do not know what you are talking about, I simply sit in front of the page and let rip with whatever comes to thought in this moment, that place that some describe as being called now, is it helpful? well my now is not as squashed a squashed now as many folks because I put myself through the so-called pain and all the rest of it to work through all my life trauma’s et al.  Does that make me fit to debate, well know because opinions are like some kinds of body parts, everyone has one.  I write on this blog and do not publish further to Facebook and so on because some readers would likely seek to cause myself problems this is a personal blog that folks can read or relate to or explore there owns minds or be guided by, no absolutes are here-in contained, if I were a business then some sense of responsibility would restrain the content and unlike some folks who rage about finding true life purpose and living your dharma, my life long Dharma has seemingly until recently been to die, yeah great thanks very much.  Not. So will I follow my Dharma?  Is life to be lived, who is to fund all this stuff, show me the money, SHOW ME THE MONEY GRRR

thank you for reading and may your Dharma be your Own to choose 🙂

Could Any Subject Be Too Much To Bare

Well this is a toughie option once again for many folks in the sense of-do I actively go exploring for information or traumas on subjects that I personally cannot have any recall on being subjected to.  I think it is personal choice but some no-go areas could be the unresolved blocks that give most people the breakthroughs they actually want.

I know for instance that a lot of healers in there private practice with clients go into just about everything in order to clear the decks. One such area or topic that is a no-go for most folks are issues surrounding or involved with so-called ~Oedipal issues.

I include that link so folks can better understand the most popular theories of Freud and Jung.  As to whether we as individuals suffer from related issues well, it is interesting that whilst many men have deeply ingrained denial systems on the so-called broader themes and issues, many women have just as deeply ingrained denial systems in more specific areas.  I know that according to Holosync blurb eventually as you go through the program it will clear just about everything, but there is no reason to see if you can give yourself a speed-up by bringing some of these things to your own attention.

I know yesterday that I wrote about my train journey and you might say with the associated comings and goings of people that such a journey might be akin to Forrest Gump sat on his bench telling his life story to whomever also sat to await the bus.  I was thinking about this because I could quite imagine people reading what I wrote and saying or thinking well isn’t he a gullible so-and-so.  I.E.  When you meet strangers on a train or at airports or anywhere unfamiliar and unaccompanied for that matter many people have a go straight to lie mode or straight to fantasy mode, the situation model gives many folks those dreamt of escape from the humdrum of marriage or the current life and so on.  So given my awareness of that, does it matter to myself whether other people lie or tell the truth or exaggerate themselves.  There is no real correct answer, in that I personally tend to play it all straight and cannot be bothered to indulge such fantasies, so basically people can lie as much as they want to me and it does not matter to me because I take everything at face value.  I think that is where much of my early conflict in my place of work started, I take everything at face value, everyone else was seemingly deeply locked  into compulsive terminal conditions of half truths and outright lies.  So honest decent normal truthful folks simply cannot cope with that level of societal delusions of ‘being clever’ people in being clever to outwit each other go round in ever decreasing circles of contraction until all the lies are true in each of the liar minds.

So yes people I spoke to could all be 100% telling lies and I can be called Forrest or Mr Gullible but and this is a BIG BUT, which one of us walks around free as a bird to say and do as they please and which one has some great big massive giant complex system of protected lies and half truths.  you could say that technologies such as Holosync can return or take you back to that childhood place of an uncomplicated World, and why return to the complications build around truths and half-truths once you have rid yourself of them.

It is good that I write these pieces because it enables me to see what areas I need to explore and delve into, what are the excuses I use to keep myself stuck in any particular area and I would recommend that others should write there own diaries and blogs and journals and then rather than sit in absolute judgment, take notice of the commonalities and differences, are there areas that this person has explored that I have not, what are the potential benefits of not being all wound up and tight and paranoid, will being relaxed within myself and the knowledge I possess be enough or do I aspire to something more, so lead yourself to where you think it is that you want or desire to go.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

When Dave Met Helen

So sat on train journey and watching the comings and going of other folks going about there lives and so on.

Cardiff station train empties of all the sports fans.  On get young lady who could sit anywhere she liked in the now mostly empty carriage.

She sits at my table and pulls out Terry Pratchett “Small Gods” to read, oh your a Terry Pratchett fan then says I (I went through a phase of reading a lot of Disc World Novels a few years ago).  Not really she say, I am just reading a variety of authors for my Degree course.  Oh really what are you studying.  A joint Honours Psychology and Creative Writing.


Those are interesting Nested Russian Doll Earings your wearing…lol

So the time flew by on that particular section of my travels, and after a couple of hours of chitter chatter I actually thought to ask her name  I am HELEN she says proffering her HAND

Dave says outwardly oh thats nice I’m Dave, inwardly HELL IN A HANDBASKET ARRRGGGHHH lol

So of course one does sometimes wonder who are the people that are stalking this blog and what are there motives in sending out some young very pretty jail bait student to remind me of how old I am, although she did say that she splits time between three cities  due to the courses shes taking and was on her way to give her mother a surprise visit.

Anyway the journey felt rewarding, although on the return leg I had one of the worst kinds of Hagar imaginable and I will say no more that that on that topic, as the best way to deal with some folks is not to give them the attention they so desperately desire. (Mr Racist ginger steroid head would do well to not throw stones).

Anyway given the meeting of Helen, I thought I would take the opportunity to go back and read some of the Holosync Blog again, meditating with the current level I am at, as I have said before I when I go back and read the blogs do not usually read all the comments, just the top sections, will that give me new levels of chaos and overwhelm, well sometimes it does and other times it does not, but given that it has done on numerous levels it can be a well worthy activity to do.

So all the talk of the UK news and so on is apparently some storm that we may or may not be experiencing over the next few days, although it highly likely that some parts of the UK will be hit the rest of us wait in anticipation as to whether we are going to have to go hunting the insurance documents to get our roofs repaired and so on.  Of course the storm guarantees headlines and sob stories and the usual consequences of keeping up with the WINDSORS.

Now off to do some breakfast and I think I shall have a cooked one, maybe one of those all day breakfast type meals,  you know with the toast and beans and egg and bacon and sausage and so on, the problem I find with such meals is of course is finding all the unhealthy eating ingredients when society is so obsessed with non saturates and calory counts and all those other bad deadly things based on years of research of someone elses life, (my great grandmother died around 100 having smoked for some 70-80 years of them) are these things genetic or belief or what, well I like to think that there is a little bit of everything in the mix which is probably not a best answer, but one based on not trying to play a hard game of black and white, my disposition can only be based on the reality within my own mind and body, yes I project or take on beliefs of being able to relate to things (suchas being anti racist, my daughter being mixed, I am not, likewise that she is somewhat overweight will in my mind probably become what she is actually identified and stigmatized for, so right and wrong answers are toughies but progress is progress and taking responsibilty it can perhaps be said to folks that when you take the opportunity to be responsible for your World your World may very well indeed become a more pleasant place to exist.

Well another short and sweet, as I am hungry, will Helen take the recommendation given by the strange weirdo Dave to go meditate, well that will be her own choice, and she seemed as though she could survive either way.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and I wonder if I can call on my powers of SERENDIPITY (shutting eyes and focussing, he smiles) 🙂

Will be staying up and travelling today

Of course one of the strange things you notice as a night worker or any worker who works irregular hours is the absolute incomprehensibility of that to what people in 9-5 day time type working hours can grasp.  There are often assumptions or simply guesses  made as to trying to understand the workings of sleeping patterns and so on, yet it really is not that simple, although I share the same work hours as colleagues, you will find  far more disparity and diversity  as to how we go about the rest of the day than your average day time worker.

For Instance my own patterns tend to vary depending on the time of year and seasons and so on, so in the warmer Summer months of long lit days i’ll often sleep easier during the mornings, that is until school holidays and general garden noise tends to make it harder, likewise in the Colder months such as now, no amount of trying to sleep in the morning gets me to sleep so I usually find myself having to stay up  and grab some hours later in the day/evening.  Of course you might say I am fortunate in not having to balance other things but I think the patterns tend to make themselves and not going along with the patterns is actually possibly a kind of form of resistance.  The head says one thing the body says another and as we are all aware the resistances are not necessarily good or healthy for us.

So yes I’ll be on the trains probably with a book or two hoping for a quiet journey when they are likely going to be packed with assorted seasonal sports fans stinking of alcohol and all acting and behaving as though they are going to out Hagar Hagar the Horrible (He of the Daily Mirror cartoon strip if memory serves correctly). (Yes been there done that T-Shirt yawn yawn etc)

Yes the saying that it does not matter where you go or live and so on is quite true, people are the same everywhere, and each group of fans will not have any recognition for the fact that they are an identikit of one of the opposing number in a group much the same as there own, the only divide usually being the team or players of choice.

There seems to be a lot of kinds of “GRANGES” appearing in the mass delusions or consciousness’s at the present time I notice via press and media that I come into contact with.  For myself of course this simply triggers childhood memory of late 1970’s afternoon TV, Where Tucker Jenkins and his motley gang pretty much became the model of a school generation at there fictional school Grange Hill.

Of course that is just a meaning that I have given to seeing all these grange references, likewise how you document your day to day life can give you other trigger references and so on, so for instance I might write that a Portugese colleague known as Paula had her last night of work with us on shift, she is going off to return to a previous employer cleaning Hospital operating Theatre’s which she assures me is preferable over the cleaning that we do and for more money.  During one of our breaks she was given a leaving card signed by a large number of colleagues perhaps a demonstration of her popularity and a very large chocolate cake was presented that she dutifully cut up and handed out to those of us fortunate enough to be present at the time.  So that was something that broke up our usual or regular work and break patterns, it can be very easy to lose track of time when you do these very intensive and repetitive type jobs, the days blur into weeks blur into months and so on, but that again depends on you as an individual as to how many things you notice or actually want to change.  People do come and go but there are generally more settled long term groups within many crews in many kinds of jobs, especially when we have all these BAD ECONOMIC TIMES, headlines blasted at us which as many of you know has been going on seemingly for several years now.

Now some folks say why not talk about sports directly if you are intending to bet or gamble on them and quite simply “Where is the fun or variety in that?” as I said previously everyone is at differing levels of abilities and confidence, everyone has a preferred sport, everyone is “UNIQUE” and by that I do not mean special.  So many people think they are special yet when we use these technologies that strip away all the nonsense we come to realise that actually a healthy respect not just for yourself but others also can go a long way, so you could say that you are taking away or giving away one kind of boring special and very much gaining a super special, that is for those who want it of course, I know that many folks simply want to be able to provide for family and the ones that they love and surely that is special enough in anyone’s book.

I will see what my day brings TTFN God Bless and Be Well 🙂