Could Any Subject Be Too Much To Bare

Well this is a toughie option once again for many folks in the sense of-do I actively go exploring for information or traumas on subjects that I personally cannot have any recall on being subjected to.  I think it is personal choice but some no-go areas could be the unresolved blocks that give most people the breakthroughs they actually want.

I know for instance that a lot of healers in there private practice with clients go into just about everything in order to clear the decks. One such area or topic that is a no-go for most folks are issues surrounding or involved with so-called ~Oedipal issues.

I include that link so folks can better understand the most popular theories of Freud and Jung.  As to whether we as individuals suffer from related issues well, it is interesting that whilst many men have deeply ingrained denial systems on the so-called broader themes and issues, many women have just as deeply ingrained denial systems in more specific areas.  I know that according to Holosync blurb eventually as you go through the program it will clear just about everything, but there is no reason to see if you can give yourself a speed-up by bringing some of these things to your own attention.

I know yesterday that I wrote about my train journey and you might say with the associated comings and goings of people that such a journey might be akin to Forrest Gump sat on his bench telling his life story to whomever also sat to await the bus.  I was thinking about this because I could quite imagine people reading what I wrote and saying or thinking well isn’t he a gullible so-and-so.  I.E.  When you meet strangers on a train or at airports or anywhere unfamiliar and unaccompanied for that matter many people have a go straight to lie mode or straight to fantasy mode, the situation model gives many folks those dreamt of escape from the humdrum of marriage or the current life and so on.  So given my awareness of that, does it matter to myself whether other people lie or tell the truth or exaggerate themselves.  There is no real correct answer, in that I personally tend to play it all straight and cannot be bothered to indulge such fantasies, so basically people can lie as much as they want to me and it does not matter to me because I take everything at face value.  I think that is where much of my early conflict in my place of work started, I take everything at face value, everyone else was seemingly deeply locked  into compulsive terminal conditions of half truths and outright lies.  So honest decent normal truthful folks simply cannot cope with that level of societal delusions of ‘being clever’ people in being clever to outwit each other go round in ever decreasing circles of contraction until all the lies are true in each of the liar minds.

So yes people I spoke to could all be 100% telling lies and I can be called Forrest or Mr Gullible but and this is a BIG BUT, which one of us walks around free as a bird to say and do as they please and which one has some great big massive giant complex system of protected lies and half truths.  you could say that technologies such as Holosync can return or take you back to that childhood place of an uncomplicated World, and why return to the complications build around truths and half-truths once you have rid yourself of them.

It is good that I write these pieces because it enables me to see what areas I need to explore and delve into, what are the excuses I use to keep myself stuck in any particular area and I would recommend that others should write there own diaries and blogs and journals and then rather than sit in absolute judgment, take notice of the commonalities and differences, are there areas that this person has explored that I have not, what are the potential benefits of not being all wound up and tight and paranoid, will being relaxed within myself and the knowledge I possess be enough or do I aspire to something more, so lead yourself to where you think it is that you want or desire to go.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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