Is It true What They Say About Tuesday’s?

What do they say about Tuesdays Dave?  Terrible, terrible things are Tuesdays, have you not noticed how far away they are from the next weekend, it is one of those you know how some writers write a song about days of the week how many can you think of for Tuesday’s. 

Of course my own favourite is “Ruby Tuesday” from the Rolling Stones that just popped into my head out of my mental directory inquiries.  I was going to say I could not think of any and hey presto Kerchingg.  Another one that has all the days of the week is a song from the band The Cure known as “Friday I’m in Love”, songs from bands of differing generations but I really cannot think of anything recent though I am quite sure some big name rapper or singing or miming dance troop will have a days of the week song in there arsenal.

What else well a headline I noticed today was Bales makes the Bell D’or List or something like that, apparently the nominees for The World Player Of The Year (football/soccer).  Having said that the reason for the headline was probably that he was English.  If I personally were given a vote then like him or loathe him and the team he plays for Robin Van Persie was head and shoulders above all the other Premiership candidates (IMO), will the voting panels and so on reflect these things.

Well the simple truth about World Football politics and voting is that so many folks know who the actual best players are that unlike some other competitions (such as Eurovision song contest) they find it very difficult to rig the voting.  Many of the very best players and winners have also been some of the most controversial, and sometimes people are on  the list to make up the numbers, yet given the number of statistics available to anyone and everyone surrounding most sports these days, when you go by the statistics it can give very differing results to going by popular opinion.  That is why Bale is given higher ratings than the average football pundit would give him.

Was there a storm?  Well I did stick my hand up in the air and it was not blown off into the distance, I see poor London was hit badly and they are going to need the rest of Britains money for the repairs (yawn).  Yes so some will feel lucky others not, although we here in Hereford do seemingly have a history of missing out on much of the exciting weather patterns that other non shire towns and Cities take for granted.  Popular reasoning for this is that much of Herefordshire is in the shadow of various mountain ranges, that apparently break up the patterns somewhat, so perhaps the original folks who settled by this narrow river crossing knew where the elements were at and so on.  I recall going up to Blackpool on multiple occasions as a child to see the so-called Lights and Illuminations and the winds up there were the same year in and year out in that you often could hang onto a lamppost and your feet would be lifted up, good fun when your little though I am unsure the Health and Safety mafia’s that are strangulating the life out of society will not see such activities in the same way.  Again it is this good of the Whole versus Good of the Individual debate,  how many of us think what sort of an idiot… when we see reports of people having to be rescued at great expense from the sea or cliffs and caves and so on.  Is it really our own money? would we not just prefer for the rescue crews to whip out cameras so we could watch the tragic endings without putting themselves at risk.

Yes many debates on these things and of course the media that we all see and know and love does not help in that it generally stirs up debate on issues that sometimes require forethought before entering into the fray.

Who me? I do not know what you are talking about, I simply sit in front of the page and let rip with whatever comes to thought in this moment, that place that some describe as being called now, is it helpful? well my now is not as squashed a squashed now as many folks because I put myself through the so-called pain and all the rest of it to work through all my life trauma’s et al.  Does that make me fit to debate, well know because opinions are like some kinds of body parts, everyone has one.  I write on this blog and do not publish further to Facebook and so on because some readers would likely seek to cause myself problems this is a personal blog that folks can read or relate to or explore there owns minds or be guided by, no absolutes are here-in contained, if I were a business then some sense of responsibility would restrain the content and unlike some folks who rage about finding true life purpose and living your dharma, my life long Dharma has seemingly until recently been to die, yeah great thanks very much.  Not. So will I follow my Dharma?  Is life to be lived, who is to fund all this stuff, show me the money, SHOW ME THE MONEY GRRR

thank you for reading and may your Dharma be your Own to choose 🙂

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