How Can I Become A Sensory Edietic

Not a good question at all really it is not, you see you were in some theories all born as sensory Edietic

So why would anyone want to regain the use of these types of abilities having built up layers of school taught slavery patterns and filters.   Well I perhaps exaggerate but the accessing of non-conscious memory or redefining the so-called filters can be of huge development potential for many people.

I was thinking about this because I know that when folks have seen my past website the inference to use of alphabet can receive a ‘well duh’ effect as though it is something that everyone knows.  Yet it was only when folks moved onto Holosync and Paraliminals that the possibilities and potentials started to gain momentum and so on.

The simplest visual that I can describe these things with is to perhaps imagine you have a bottle of spring water in front of you perhaps two thirds full.  That water might be said to represent all the learning’s and so on that you have in your body/mind.  Going from the base up the first inch might be babyhood, the next inch primary school, the next inch secondary school, the next inch college/university, and so on depending on the path your life has taken. 

Most folks want satisfactory answers to lifelong held questions and traumas and so on and the simplest that I can give with the above imagery is that say you decide to improve yourself and life with positive affirmations, in most peoples model, that is the equivalent of removing the lid and adding more water to what is already contained within the bottle.  IE any fears shames guilt’s and traumas and any number of negativity’s is just having a little bit of positivity added on top, but that negative stuff is still there.

The meditation technology is the equivalent of emptying the bottle and starting afresh  from the base of the bottle, wherever you are, whoever you are, so all those negativity’s and baggage can simply be poured away or let go off.  Does that happen with The low levels I have no absolute idea, but I do know that each level that I stepped up to cleared out more and more garbage or gave me new awareness’s that were not available in the prior model.  

The idea that everyone as a collective umbrella is God does not go down well with many folks, predominantly because most folks so-called cups/bottles are already overflowing and they simply do not have the Threshold.  So when you start raising your Threshold and emptying the bottle you might then begin to see that actually the idea that everyone is an angel at centre or heart is true.

But again the problem is that you still need to operate in the relative world and by that I mean that whilst I can write these pieces I do not generally benefit from them, because my filters still have biases and those biases generally send me the wrong way.  Whilst that is true for me, any second or third party reading this can see it without that same bias of the author so can potentially better prosper from the information.

This is where the idea of “The Christ in me sees the Christ in you” type terminology originates I believe.  So it is of benefit to people only if you seek to benefit others or get them using the same technologies and demonstrating the workings of all these kinds of things so everyone can find ways to prosper.

What else is going on, well we are on all hallows hallows eve, Halloween of course and hands up all you ‘remove the veil’ anti-muslim campaigners who will be hypocritically dressing yourselves or your kids in masks and veils and assorted disguises that would all likely have to be included in any legislation to ban muslim veils.  Yes not as simple as we like to think, simple option is to not get involved in someone elses hate campaign and just enjoy your own fancy dress party’s etc.

I see that great debate on UK Press freedom is at the forefront of current media news, I personally think we could all quite happily do without either the media outlets or the media legislation.  Lets face it, encounters with many or much of the so-called ‘upsetting’ materials is only relevant to the whining complainers.  As someone who knows little about today’s crop of TV wannabees etc, I find it quite interesting when colleagues give me papers that I see people who I have never even heard of complaining about the press infringing on them.  Many of these whining and whinging Legends in there own minds are exactly the reason to turn off your TV’s and do your own life some justice.

So I put in the title Sensory Edietic because most people only think in terms of Edietic as a Visual ability and I figured that if we who have progressed know anything then the Sensory Body is really where much of this stuff is at, so Sensory Edietic seemed a better integrative understanding or model that folks maybe able to do releasing and better tool building or life building blocks upon.

Just as the Heart cleanses the blood as it passes through the chambers, maybe the Sensory Edietic Body can do the same when we start reaching those so-called Higher Vibrations and levels of awareness and Living the Law of attraction and so on, that reminds me, I shall have to put myself through some of these courses I have overloaded myself with a couple of times each just to make sure I feel I have my money’s worth and that the opening up to new learning’s and abilities is not some hopeless fools gold errand as it can sometimes seem, am I at a plateau, well we are told to expect plateau’s from time to time and sometimes a breakthrough can happen spontaneously other times it can creep into your awareness without you being particularly aware of what has happened.

I have been neglecting my email recently so sat down this morning to see what I could see and all that I could see see see was a pile of emails for me, yes amazing how many junk mail sites I unsubscribe from yet seemingly get ignored.  the secret I found was to have some truly exclusive email addresses that I only allow certain companies to have the address to, and the rest get my older overloaded addresses fighting with the hordes for my attention.  It works as long as I keep a tight reign on who I give the more exclusive email addresses to.

Right what going on ‘ere then

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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