Pumkins Of Doom

So as some of you may or may not be aware, each and every Halloween I usually wind up carving a Pumpkin or two during my Daughters visit.  Where once a few short years ago I could get away with a mangled set of teeth Jack-O-Lantern type image, each year has seemingly seen myself given a new challenge.  I have done witches and cats and even Scooby Doo, and generally gotten away with it to.

So what did Dave’s darling daughter choose and challenge him to have to carve this year?


This image is the outline of a Weeping Angel from the TV series Doctor Who and apart from the outline zero instructions were included.

So what does a Weeping Angel outline and an afternoon with Dave stabbing madly at a Pumpkin produce…




So anyway for anyone wanting tips on taking up these sorts of yearly challenges RUN DO NOT DO IT DO NOT GET SUCKED IN YOU WILL DREAD EACH AND EVERY FORTHCOMING HALLOWEEN FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS

Okay, so unlike traditional pumpkin carvers

1.  Cut the base (not the top) of the pumpkin off and scoop out seeds etc.

2.  Print out 2 or 3 copies of your desired image if possible and cut out around one with the pattern from the a4 sheet.

3. sticky tape the image to the pumpkin, and then using a small screwdriver or allen key stab the outline as a guideline around the black sections.

4.  Optional when finished stabbing remove the remains of the sheet, and then perhaps with a felt tip and using your spare copy as a guide do a join the Dots.

5.  Take your time and with some small carvers or small knives gradually cut out the black sections.

6.  The pumpkin might look really crap in the daylight and you might well think this is gonna be crap or rubbish, just keep going and take your time.

7.  With the lights out and a candle the crap daylight image on the pumpkin turns into the magnificent piccies you see above.

8.  Believe me if I showed you a daylight image you would think there is no way that it is gonna be any good.

9.  Only show the design and pattern as it is supposed to be seen.

I was gonna post a video but thought that might be a bit much, but yeah I really am dreading whatever the challenge is gonna be next year.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your own little and larges.  🙂

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