Creative Differences

Now as I earlier mentioned the hiring of costumes, I thought I could also write on making your own costumes, again it is actually far easier than many people imagine, I of course having worked in a clothing manufacturer several years ago know this to be true because seeing the garment manufacturing process from beginning to end tends to stay with you.

All these la-di-da theatrical designers that we see giving the fashion shows are very good actors and actresses for what most clothing manufacturers have made into very easy and economic models and systems.

The problem of creative differences is one that should you chooses to co-create costumes causes conflict.

For instance when my daughter was younger, I could take 1 black bin-bag unrolled and prior to being unfolded.  Measure a half way point along the base of the bag and merely cut a 5 or 6 inch line towards the top of the bag.  This is a Head hole. Once you have your head hole you can open the bag and slip it over your child and presto you are most of the way to a cheap and cheerful witch costume.  You just have to cut a couple of arm holes and add a belt and pointed hat.

Of course as your child grows they want to heavily accessorize and follow all sorts or wierd and wonderful designs seen from shows such-as Blue Peter, and in my opinion they go too far especially for one night of the year.

So I have given a quick Witch bin-bag costume above for one bin-bag imagine what you can do with a whole roll and some sticky tape.  You can cut strips and make those weird puffy out sections and even if your daring enough make some flowers and all sorts all accessories pretty cheaply.

The problem I find myself having is the oh I want it to be like that or that or that with all sorts of bells and whistles, yet when it comes time for the manufacture, how much is done by the child and how much is done by muggins here.  Yes all these shows demonstrate ways to do pumpkins and costumes and organise, yet it is rarely the viewer that actually has to put the physical labour and work into it.

That might be unfair as I know some kids are well into doing the creative activities but how many TV competitions do you see being won by X from so and so a place, that looks well beyond the abilities of someone in that age group, I often think they should invite these winners into the studio for a final competition where they have to perform unaided by parent or whomever has done the work.

So let of steam now and take pride in your work later, just as they enjoy wearing the costumes and going door to door, I can take pride in hearing the oh that’s a good costume and any other overheard complements that might make the creative process worthwhile.

Now if I could just set up a little cottage industry for these sorts of things, my own bibliography and work and study history is starting to come into its own in many ways, hmmmn

CIAO for NOW 🙂

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