So What Is The Issue On Sources and Resources

Well I think that one becomes quite obvious when you have been meditating for a year or two, most such ideas and issues drag folks into sexual identity confusions and so on, and of course many people think they are somehow beyond being infected with issues that they have fought long and hard to pin on others.

Is there any reason to continue those things once you have set out on your own course and wanting to clear the detritus and so on, well it does not seem to really matter how much clearing you yourself do, as many or more around you will forever keep on coming out with the same old drivel.

The problem can of course for many of us cause serious health issues.  An example of this is that at one time I mentioned my own study of Hypnosis a few years ago.  There are many Hypnotists all selling this solution or that solution and very little guidance on what is best or if indeed such a best can be found.  I recommend Learning Strategies because Paul Scheele does not try to POSSESS you as such, merely sets you your mind and your body on the path of Learning and so on, I have used Hypnosis products that in my opinion should not be allowed and whilst some might think “serves you right for buying from foreigners and so on” the very worst products I have experienced were from UK based Hypnotists.

I was reminded of this earlier this year when I happened across one such product and made what I consider to have been one of the biggest mistakes I could have made, I got nostalgic and had a listen, at the end of listening to that particular UK based hypnotists work I literally felt like I was going to have a Heart attack, and consider myself lucky to be alive.

So judging books by covers is dangerous and even more dangerous can be going on the positive TV and media reputation of some of the more famous practitioners.  The only way that what happened could have happened (IMO) was that the product set my brain into some deep kind of conflict game of black and white, right and wrong and so on, and that really hurt my physical body and worse, I was never aware of this effect before using Holosync to raise my Threshold, so millions of people could be using such products from TV and media Stars and killing themselves.

So I have during this year given myself a resolution to only use products that do not cause myself such ill effects.  Were any of the practitioners that I have recommended come out with a product that caused those effects I would become wary of using those product also.

So this can again cause people to go into every man for himself type thinking and there are benefits and non-benefits to this.  I think that a good level of independence from those around you is healthy, but you still need to work and live within the confines of how you perceive society.

So who will have the best costume this Halloween beyond my pumpkin, well I actually have never been much for costumes myself although I have had the odd occasion for thm during my life.  I can recall playing an apple tree at primary school, later going on to be a King a year or two later, somehow those early acting skills never made it with me into Secondary Education, where the School establishment pretty much went on established class rules and systems rather than ability (IMO).

So is it ever too late, well a few years later I recall hiring costumes from a local shop for fancy dress parties and so on, although some costumes are better than others, typical nerdy bloke one time I went for a sweaty Space bounty hunter type suite with guns that after wearing for a couple of hours can become really tiresome.  So suit selection and so on can seem easy when you follow your TV likes, but the practicalities of staggering around from pub to pub can soon turn things around.  The best option can perhaps be to be aware of what you are actually going to be doing whilst in costume, and then judge whether the costume meets the needs of the expedition.

So the World is a Stage, Everyone is an Actor/Actress, The Universe is made of waves and particles that are constantly on the move, energy transferring of energy always happening whether we like it or not and the more clearing you do of the blocked energies within yourself, the better the outward vibration you give off, and these energies can often be so subtle that most folks are oblivious to them, that is why I say just keep going with the technologies, because you will start to see with greater clarity and so on all the “invisible” undercurrents and motions and so on causing many folks so many ills, you cannot escape impermanence say some of those in the know, so if that is the case maybe you might like to start practicing the course Dave is developing.

The Password:-

I am in the impermanence, the impermanence is in my body, the impermanence and I are combined….


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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