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Heathens do you not know the Pink Panther Cartoon theme tune when you read it. So Saturday what is special absolutely nothing say it again.  now for those that are not on the mailing list-yet another Freebie Fest is taking place in the coming week.  Once again there is no obligation to buy but anyone wanting that little bit of an extra boost can probably do know worse than have a listen in.  The free pass address is http://www.EnlightenmentFest.com , It probably follows a similar format to the previous Fests in that it is a sample taster of a particular course. 

The American Thanksgiving week has been a tradition in America for many years and I am sure some of you will be aware that the other day was what they call Black Friday, a day noted as the beginning of the Christmas shopping frenzy in the US, and all or many of the American retailers are throwing out all sorts of special offers in relation to that US Tradition.   There bank balance goes into the black and ours into the red (probably or possibly the reason for name, I shall have to look it up).

I know some of you think that these courses are not necessary or worthwhile because of language difficulties, the best I can say is that you could take the view that your future self will not have those difficulties because you are doing the work and courses now.  Hard to explain but the Freebies are a good investment in improving your own resources and bibliography and so on regardless of nationality, location and any other excuse available.  Just because I listen does not mean I will buy. 

Having said that I did decide to take up the package I was offered recently that included the Letting go Paraliminal and am pleased that I did as they all seemingly build on prior learnings.  Will they improve my humour, well you do go through phases, who does not, and it can be difficult to know what is intended humour and what is simply inadvertent or unintended but spontaneous humour.

So we all go marching along singing a song walking in a Wonderland, or we would if we were living in a County or Country that had proper Winters rather than the occasional snowfall we have now.  That reminds me, will we be having a White Christmas, has the book opened on that one yet this year, probably the best time to get good odds for a quid or two before the Cray Supercomputers start predicting that far ahead.

Now some might wonder what the Ultimate is and I have no idea, since one of the areas I have focussed greatly on is letting go of stuff, I have personally neglected the other side of that coin, rewarding myself perhaps.  The qigong has or contains a certain amount or talk of opening up your body’s CHANNELS, and I noticed that one of the newer Paraliminal ones also does the same or similar, re energise I think it was called, but it basically takes you for a walk through opening up your bodily CHANNELS and building up a belief in detoxifying yourself and so on, much like the Qigong of breathing in the goodness of the Universe and visualizing of the unhealthy stuff leaving.  As I have repeated, it is choice, but it does kind of also remove some of the excuses that we give ourselves for being unhealthy.  So really with all these opening of channels and releasing blockages and so on I do actually feel lighter on my feet, I also said previously that this has probably been my most pain free year in 20 years, so I am like a Tetley’s teabag with all the perforations enabling stuff to pass through myself unencumbered so to speak.

I was going to write a piece after Dr Who entitled “Whose Afraid Of The Big Ad Olf” but then I know that no matter what I say or do, someone somewhere is always ready and willing to make or take issue.  This blog has my name at the top of it and it is my blog, anyone else who chooses to read it does so with discretion, I really get tired of being told that so-and-so does not care about my opinion on this or that or the other, these things are for myself at least as simply observable patterns.  If you do not care for my opinion why stalk it so zealously.  So some people miss the good old days, when in fact many still live mentally in there good old days and have not quite grasped that I can write what the hell I like on my own blog.

So still thinking about what a Chicken Reverberator might taste like I reckon Heinz baked beans are probably a better option than the usual veggie ones, yes reminds myself of my favourite pasties that I used to get years ago, whilst if I am honest I have never really like Cornish Pasties, I do like the variety ones that some folks create, one I recall having quite regularly at one stage was a sausage and bean pasty and it was very good as an all in one meal, perhaps pasties and pies are the British equivalent to the Italian Pizza, or the French baguette, or the whatever else springs to mind as a national all-in-one meal of choice.

Well best be running along.

thank you for reading, nothing here is personal just patterns, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Polyphonic Please Police Polish

Now as some of you have investigated-many people have great difficulty simply through misunderstanding the difference between poly and mono.  We can look at just about every aspect of life and see that some folks have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) relating to this very topic.  In fact some folks make a great living through simply promoting poly over mono, and that of course leads some of us to ask WHY?

Well the most obvious cases for this are people such-as Erika Awakening who continuously espouses Polygamy over Monogamy.  Does it work?  Well she makes a very good living through her cultism, and if folks are being led towards greater freedoms then fair enough but what other aspects of poly versus mono might we be missing?

Well some of us are aware for instance that you can have Polyphonic sound as opposed to Monophonic sound and as I have said you can look to just about every area of Life the Universe and Everything and find versions of the Poly versus Mono battle, some may well serve you in your efforts at letting go and releasing work whilst others are likely traps that get your version of OCD going.  Most folks think that OCD is something that is diagnosed and admitted to by a select group of folks who are extremists in that area, I believe David Beckham is a famous example of someone who has to have every thing orderly and correct before he is able to move onto the next aspect of his life.  My own reason for bringing the OCD up is that whilst some folks might have official Doctor style diagnosis I am quite sure that I can demonstrate that most folks in every walk of life have a version of OCD somewhere in there noggin.

So for tappers you might want to do some tapping and self questioning on where you yourself are holding onto Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.  Again they can very well relate to “PEOPLE LIKE ME” syndrome where folks with inferiority complexes continuously run around with a cattle prod trying to kill ants.

Of course if they were Giants then it might make sense, but much of these things are extremely harmful overkill.  You might liken it to Dirty Harry pulling out his latest biggest Magnum 44 (gun), for someone stealing his parking spot.  Of course many business’ and  so on actively encourage these violations to peoples sensibilities and DIGNITY, it comes down to male dominated environmental MACHISMO.  The other problem of course is that the very same behaviour’s are often regarded as somehow acceptable when carried out or performed by women, being more macho than the macho-men, you might say.  Well that is all well and good for they as individuals, but sometimes the wiser solution can be to step back and look at yourself in the mirror from time to time.  Whose blood on your hands might you find yourself having to live with? 

Now going to the title of this piece, if you were to imagine yourself as a small child being asked to spell Please or Police or Polish, it is quite easy to envision that you might use any of these spellings, that is why you cannot necessarily trust any one set of data or representational system.

I for instance could go back over the last two or three days of my generally one article a day blog, and then try and cross calculate what sports results might occur this weekend, based on the patterns that are currently presenting themselves.  A clue from that blog plus a clue from that blog might mean X is going to happen.

I could of course quite easily write perhaps two or three ARTICLES a day on completely differing subjects and then do the same comparison on a daily basis.  you might say that when you get to a certain level all these kinds of comparisons become easy but at the very same time you may well have already let go of the reasons for wanting to do that work in the first place.

Some of us know for instance that with coordinates for orienteers and so on that you only need any two sets of coordinates to triangulate the third set of coordinates, or as a pirate would say X MARKS THE SPOT OF THE TREASURE CHEST.

So practice, practise and keep releasing and bringing the patterns up in your own awareness and eventually you will simply always be here and now present and so on, less triggered by the ANT RUSTLERS with there cattle prods. 

I am off to get some tea and do some MEDITATION, a far safer and therapeutic method than trying to take all my own shit out on the people around myself or those in my charge.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So How Can I Demonstrate I Am Not A Star

Well I am quite sure that we are all well aware of the behaviour of Star’s and would and could quite easily model much of that behaviour was one to have such inclinations, some of us do and others do not, I am probably in the do not pile.

What behaviours Dave? Well I am glad you asked as it allows and enables myself to give a list of what you can expect in today’s World.

Rule One for Stars YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY PIG UGLY-typical examples that the youth of today find attractive and the rest of us go indignant at -Lady Gaga and Russell Brand.  You might say that if people can find those types of individuals attractive then the bottom of the barrel has already been scraped and everyone else can share in the joy that despite lacking wealth, riches, fame and fortune you can look beyond your own mother for love.

Rule two-YOU HAVE TO COMMAND & DEMAND-A typical example:-walk into a restaurant with entourage and tell the Concierge you want seating for 25, it has to be that table over there with that old couple and that table next to it with the disabled orphans, and that table there with the war fighting Squaddie home on leave and… When presented with MENU make sure that what you want is not on the MENU, I want a Chicken Reverberator, what the F*** is A Chicken Reverberator you may ask, do not bother, I just made it up and it is up to you as a Chef to create it, what image springs to mind, what might it taste like, what dimensions of processing can bring a Chicken Reverberator into being, Loud Americano shit perhaps, or maybe it gives you wind and repeats on you, so we need some veggie beans in the recipe.  Yes names and products are easy getting people to want and like takes PR

Rule Three-LAY BLAME ELSEWHERE-I was unaware that my presence in the Rest-or-rant-e would cause a problem for the old people, orphans, soldier, I do not know what they are talking about.

and yes I am bored with list making but anyway-it is quite easy to demonstrate that Dave does not operate in this pre-madonna fashion, although he is well aware of people coming out with all kinds of nonsense suggesting he does, legends in there own minds that ignored the basics of what was being taught in favour of an easy target, I could of course start listing names for folks so that they know who the most dishonest ungrateful people are around themselves, that again is not my natural nature but I do not see why I should be targeted, when these ingrates slip under everyone’s radar passing themselves off as being “Holier Than Thou”.

Now I am on a short and sweet day in writing terms and there is little that can be gained from taking note of what is written here as the Holier Than Thou already are stars, and I am not, can I get myself a piece of silk and stitch So Do You Wish on it, probably, but I was trying to figure out where that kind of idea came from, I think when I was younger we had the Pink Floyd Album “Wish You Were Here” and that was also the name of a holiday programme that was a staple diet of a generation, so things go around and around and it is up to the individual as to how they respond to what they look, see, hear and so on.  We all judge but you can direct your attention to what it is you are judging.

What did come to my attention as being significant in the Pope Message that I published-DIGNITY, that one word was used repeatedly as something that can be given to all peoples great and small, DIGNITY.

Where Do You Get Dignity From?  Where will you be giving others some sense of Dignity? What are the Great Expectations you Have of others that actually fail in the CREATION OF DIGNITY.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Do Not Quote Me, CIAO FOR NOW 🙂

Of Clones and Clowns

Now it does occur to me that I should offer a post-view opinion on “The Day Of The Doctor” since I did give a pre-view opinion.  Well I do have to admit that it was in many ways better than I expected for a stand-a-lone episode, or at least better than recent or the more usual Christmas editions.

I have waited a few days to gather my thoughts on the subject and have come to the conclusion that whilst it has been promoted as a stand-a-lone it does not really fit into that category because we will likely be returning to some aspects of this episode in the future.

What aspects?  Well for anyone who missed the last series, in a desperate attempt to save the Doctors Life, his assistant Clara entered into his Tardis Tomb and his time stream, (very similar in fact to the Rose Tyler (Bad Wolf (breathing in the Tardis time Vortex) Theme) we saw a few years earlier, So this episode was related to that time stream business where  the Present Doctor Matt Smith recovered enough to follow his assistant into the time stream, and that was where it left us hanging with the so-called John Hurt Doctor being highlighted as a very bad guy.

So we have now seen the John Hurt related stuff, or a re-interpretation, as the group of Doctors changed the events, but what next?  Well we saw John Hurt regenerating at the end of the episode but did not see who he was re-generating into (the easy assumption would be our first Doctor (William Hartnell)  will it happen that way?  Well the other big issue is that Matt Smith is leaving so they once again have had to find a new actor for him to regenerate into.  According to the “series” law Timelord’s can only regenerate so many times and then they have to die like the rest of us.

No I do not follow what I have written either, is there a need?  So we also know that timelord’s can CHEAT, the master has appeared throughout the series demonstrating this ability, he used all his own bodily regenerations and went around stealing other Timelord’s bodies at one time (I recall).  More recently we were told that the Master was let start again by the Timelords during the Time War.  Why am I mentioning these facts?

well the obvious conclusion might be that we saw all those Blue Tardis’s surrounding the planet Gallifrey in geo-stationary orbits in attempts to stop it in one moment in time, but we did not really see what occurred beyond the planet lighting up like a star or atom.

So what if all the other Tardis’s all collapse into John Hurt’s Tardis and it is John Hurt who regenerates into the new 13th Doctor and not Matt Smith (as we currently believe), well they have to do something to change the rules and my guesses or suggestions are as good or better than what they will probably do.

So the Christmas episode will again be related to this Doctor’s final resting place that we are told is some place called Trendsalaw or something like that, but we now know he would rather return to Gallifrey so that is likely to happen, especially as the BBC has been beavering away on another top secret spin off project called “Sons Of Gallifrey” and a number of the older Dr’s have been working on that project hence confusion over who would be in the recent episodes.  Unsure as to Who the Sons of Gallifrey stuff is targeted for-probably the kids since the other popular spin-off Sarah Jane Adventures ended when the actress died.

so there you have it, the episode was enough to generate an opinion out of myself beyond calling it interesting.  roll On Christmas and the end of Matt Smith who lets face it was as crap as a number of those Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker  late 80’s Doctors.  lets hope the new guy has some money well spent on the story lines as Christopher Ecclestone did on his outings and as David Tenant did on his earlier outings.

Well enough from myself I am sure you have just as interesting an opinion and are fully capable of publishing a blog for myself to view and hate or like or critique.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So How Confused Can Soul Time Become

Well this is again an interesting question and one that depends one your own current threshold and just how much work you have put into the study of these matters, and what is coming up or what are you are noticing in the World around you, and whether you regard the information as relevant or simply something to be let go off.  Of course the teachers say that confusion is good because it can lead to further chaos and reorganisation at a higher level I know some of you have experienced several years of this whilst others might just be starting out so you really do just have to stick with me on where all this writing and observations and so on lead.

So some recent observations from “Dave’s Mental Universe” that runs parallel or concurrently with anyone and everyone else’s “Mental Universe” but not necessarily with or at the same level of understandings or possible confusions.

So this morning a sequence of events occurred around myself that were all partially inter-related, I am unable to write them here as they would likely be misunderstood, but they did relate to particular events in my own History. I will mention some keywords I think from the 2 scenario’s that happened perhaps 5 minutes apart involving Polish peoples (1. BLAME,2. LEFT LOWER LEG, 3. PAIN) I will now go into (talk) relating to another alternate relationship that this information was linked to.

So yesterday as you are aware I gave a link to the latest information from the Catholic Church, why would I do that you may ask, well again the Church love them or loathe them have a long History and you can gain a lot of speed-ups (so to speak) from having a look at what the current Teachings are, you can do this not just for Catholics but all the multi-faceted religions available.

So what are the relationships, well those that have followed some of the detail of my own History might recall that I died aged 17 saving the life of a female co-worker by the name of Fran, I was crushed to death by an overloaded stock cage of condiments including that Polish delicacy Picked Cabbage (I mention that as an aside(What you really need is to shout CRACKERJACK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crackerjack_(TV_series) (English humour))).  So the Pope shares a name with the woman I saved, I ended up LAME resulting from a smashed LOWER LEFT LEG, and had to live with PAIN.

So for myself at least the only thing missing is the B, and that the incidents did not result in the extreme injuries sustained by myself.

Now I was trying to think if there was any other relationship to this issue of SOUL, that which we all are when you go to higher levels, and the relationship to the incidents all involving Polish peoples, the best that I can come up with at this time is that in the Polish history, we have that Polish workers Union  known as SOLIDARITY, unsure of the Polish spellings but the older Poles I am sure will know of the History and part Solidarity played in overcoming or overthrowing the Communist’s in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

So another relationship is of course that a number of the former Soviet Countries had various or linked ancestry of being Catholic Countries, in some Communist Countries they were tolerated in other Countries they were suppressed and went underground or were re-invented, much like the early Christians you might say being hunted down by the Roman’s, another interesting link to all of this is St Paul and how St Paul came about of course, much like the Blues Brothers joke of one of the brothers having an “I SEE THE LIGHT” Epiphany during the course of the film.

So time does not really go anywhere or do anything, it literally just is, and it can be very easy to see (witness) how your own Historical patterns are repeatedly repeated by others around yourself, now some wonder also why I brought up the Chinese instrument the Guqing, well those of us brought up in the West have long histories of listening to regular set bar pieces of music snippets known as “POP SONGS”, and these pop songs are usually highly repetitive and hypnotic both musically and instrumentally, whereas really to break the collective trance states that you may have in your noggin, you might benefit from listening to longer orchestrated music that very often breaks and changes rhythm and pace and melody, and again when it is done using unfamiliar instruments such-as the Guqing you can possibly or potentially get further realisations and breakthroughs and so on.

There is nothing wrong with POP stuff per se, but if you want to get other kinds of breakthroughs you have to perhaps try other types of music.  A popular example of an unusual or irregular rhythm attempted in the West year ago was know as Take 5, based on a 5 bar beat instead of the usual pop 4 bar beat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmDDOFXSgAs

Now another issue I keep having is that my PAD gadget being Microsoft uses the bing search engine as default and is useless often blocking completely harmless or copyrighted material , so the first  search I often do is for the far superior google search engine, and then using google find music video’s etc. unimpeded.  My Pad recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 such is the rush for something new, I wonder when Humans 8.1 will appear.

Well of to bed now, possibly more later when I have slept on it

It Is Not Your Knowledge But How you Apply It

Now some people perhaps over notice that I might refer to particular environments a little bit to much, but the truth of that is that it can simply be best to begin any writing or post from a point that you actually know or relate to and so on and a number of my readership relate to environments that I write of.

So what else matters or what other areas of interest have been coming up for myself-well I recently mentioned that I had gotten some books with a birthday gift voucher “from the business section” after viewing and th studying of that material it became apparent that one of the authors was very much interested in GLOBAL ENERGY and that was the industry that he wrote a great deal on.  Much related to OIL WARS and how the RACE is now on in terms of finding RENEWABLE ENERGIES-wind farms and sun light and so on.  So you can all perhaps have noticed that these may have been topics also in the news, oil pipeline exploded somewhere and so on.

Likewise another author was a military Historian who applied military tactics to how he strategized in business, much like how many folks promote reading The Art of War-Lao Tsu (I think) but this chap wrote more about Historical German military over the last couple of Centuries (Pre-Hitler), you might say that Hitler benefitted from a German military machine strategy and so on that had already come into being to a certain extent and since WWII NATO and many other organizations have studies and attempted to apply the mental attitudes and Strategy characteristic to there own thinking and organisational doctrines, some with and some without success, you might say that the language (much of the study was LANGUAGE CENTERED) is difficult to learn from a third party perspective.

This of course takes me into another area that has been coming up into my own awareness a lot recently that you all know I have repeatedly returned too.  THE ALPHABET, these words you are reading are made up of symbols and the symbols can be applied to any other area of your life with different meaning, so you could for instance read this article and then see how it applies to tonight’s sports results (for instance). 

I can say that my interest in the alphabet is perhaps different to how it has been in the past in the sense that I am thinking more about how the alphabet came into being.  Why do we have 26 letter, how can I reduce the number of letter?  what can I do to demonstrate that we do not need so many letters? and so on, you might say that some recent further releasing has been working more significantly than previously, (I have mentioned how you go through stages of thinking “yes this must be it now” but this time I think my Chakras have been cleared and loosened once again and my so-called Nadies (cannot remember the exact term) are freer than they were previously.

So I want to reduce the alphabet, how can I do this

well do we need an A?, Do we need a B?, do we need a C? do we need a D? and so on

What if d is unnecessary because it looks like a c and l joined together

what if g is unnecessary because it looks like a c and j joined together

So you get the idea, where I previously talked about much of this, I was not getting the questioning going in a functionary manner that could get results, as I have done the clearance work I feel more as though I already know on some level the answers.

Relating to music-some ask what is different about Oriental music to that which we are used to in the West-well I will point you to information on a particular Eastern instrument that tells you much of what you need to know we are all used to hearing this instrument but have never reaslly understood its capabilities.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gu_Qing

Better examples than those on this page link can be found on Youtube, a typical example http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=guqin+flowing+water&docid=4784023538830452&mid=0963147FF03B60BC38760963147FF03B60BC3876&view=detail&FORM=VIRE5#view=detail&mid=0963147FF03B60BC38760963147FF03B60BC3876

So I hope the guqin information is understood or better explains why the instruments and stuff you listen too can have a dramatic effect on your own progress.

I know for instance that when my daughter challenges myself to some game or other on her Wii that I often get anilhilated simply because she has some sort of natural built in rhythm or feeling for timing and so on that I simply lack, for instance if I wanted to dance-I can listen to music and then try and step into rhythm with the drumbeat or step into rhythm with the melody or step into rhythm with the ….. so you can step into rhythm of one aspect of the music or you can simply be and feel the whole of the music, we very often stick to what we have always done, but change can be useful at any age or stage of development. 

Write enough from myself for today-I need to go and look at those books I mentioned yesterday and have some tea before preparing for the 8 working hours, that I am given a wage by someone else to perform a function.

Thank you for reading and may all the rest of my hours be my own, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Course Reviews & Key Points

So there I was wondering how to fill my weekend and I suddenly realised it had now been a couple of years since I had taken the Life Principles Integration Process course, so as with the other courses I have bought and paid for over these recent years I thought I would go back and see what I missed in my original blitzing through of the materials.

The course for those that have not taken The LPIP course from Centerpointe consisted of 3 modules.  The Map Of Reality Expander, The Accelerated Change Maximizer and The Success Solution and each of these three modules was then broken down into twelve sub-parts.  The course consisted of a series of internet style call lectures and notes of the lectures and Homework with the lectures.

Of all the courses that I have done the LPIP was probably the most thorough treating of these types of materials.  Having said that it has of course been followed by other types of courses and LPIP itself is no longer available in its own right.

Anyway I decided to have a look through the materials and see what I missed, a number of the homework pieces were neglected by myself so I will probably go back to those that I ignored and actually do them properly.  The main emphasis at least to myself was the taking people through the stages of awakening, what they could expect to see, experience and what is necessary to be able to see the World perhaps with a new set of eyes.  for those that have not taken LPIP do not panic or worry as much of the material centered around the 9 Principles for Conscious Living which I believe everyone is given early in there Holosync experience.

Now I recently published a link on Luminality and one of the key points in that link is the role of the so called trickster.  Can a Budhist Master really be a trickster-well many of the enlightenment aspects revolve around this idea that you ask your master a question and the master responds with a question, and that your response to the question is further internal explorations followed by more questions that are responded to with further questions. So a loop process exists where you are examining your maps of reality.  In fact you do actually come to see the Oneness of it all as a continuous process that seemingly has no beginning and no ending.

Western teaching teaches that time is linear you move from A-B and that is it your lot, Eastern tradition teaches that time is more circular, so you might say that the three years from the time I began interacting with Bill on Hell in a Handbasket to now with Stop burying your head in the sand, is the completion of one of those kinds of loops.

Again that is not 100% true because whilst Eastern Tradition are better pointers of a kind towards greater truths that are also recognised in Science there are always other perspectives that can be introduced as your own learning grows and assuming you want to continue with those learnings.

So where I can say perhaps “The Who in me see’s the Who in you” and be pretty neutral about it all from a oneness perspective, most folks who do not know the power that each and everyone of us contains rushes to wrong conclusions on the meanings or interpretations and so on.  Star Trek fans might liken it to being THE NEUTRAL ZONE between Klingons and Federation, though in reality you are actually The Zone-The Klingons and the Federation.

So The Universe is one all on-going process with nothing to do and nothing to achieve, and we as humans do not realise this and build up walls of separation that cause us all sorts of difficulties, and when we bring these walls down and let go of the ideas of separation we can see that to actually be true.  Most of the courses I have taken are roads towards getting the questioning going and bringing those walls down so where once you thought everything was outside of you and you could play victim based on old learned patterns from childhood, you can learn to take responsibility and actually later direct your own focus where you want your focus to be rather than just blowing aimlessly in the wind.  (At least that is the theory).

So what else-well Qigong Master is coming to London next February so I have been doing some of that also, I would not actually mind going to that course were I able to get the money together and anyone who has health issues might like to see this guy in person.  I have found Qigong to be one of the best modalities for the money spent in terms of clearing out mental flotsam and jetsam aches and pains and so on-I can only refer through my own experience and I still like Qigong very much.

What else well I know most people went so far with these materials and stopped or kept focus on one or two areas only and wonder why other areas are still fucked up, to get the best out of the materials you really do have to put the work in and do the homework and so on SOMETHING I NEGLECTED MYSELF and later came to regret, which is why I go back now to start over properly.

A couple of books for the readers that were recommended/mentioned in the LPIP course were The Problem Of the Soul  (Owen Flanagan) and The Mind and Brain (Schwartz and Begley), I have both though I have not yet given them a thorough look through, so again lots of  reading resources that I ignored first time round on many of these courses and have found myself later going back to.  should have looked at them straight away perhaps but that is myself not paying enough attention or not trying to do to much at once, I.E> How important is it that I missed these books first time round?  well probably not important at all but the only way I can of course know that is to investigate what I might actually get out of them.

Enough from myself, my weekend is coming to a close as the working hour approaches.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Can The World Be Retuned In Ones Image

Of course it is a little late for the Queen to be asking such questions, unless of course you are talking drag Queens, we do seemingly have a long History of this phenomena, though there is probably a simple explanation for how they came about.  Once upon a time all Acting was carried out by men, you can study the ancient Greeks or Elizabethian  England and all through the time line you will find that all the so-called stage acting was by men.  We now of course generally consider role reversals to simply be a bit of fun for the Christmas Panto and the Peter Pan’s being portrayed by women and Pantomime Dames being blokes.

Are they’re any portrayals that stand out in your own consciousness, well anyone whose has watched British TV over the last 40 years will likely have been unable to avoid it.  Regular recruitment from OXBRIDGE meant that we wound up having all male comedy troupes such-as Monty Python and more recently A League Of Gentlemen.

Of course whilst they were generally in the Cult market the more mainstream viewers got to see The Two Ronnie’s often Dragging up and of course Dick Emery was another popular in the 1970’s.  Stand-a-lone individuals who became famous as they’re characters are less so but there have been some notable successes, the most obvious for the older generation is the Australian drag Queen Dame Edna Everage portrayed by one Barry Humphries, another Irishman Danny LaRue.  In more recent years of course we had Lily Savage becoming quite popular in Britain but will the phenomena of popular Drag Queens live on?

Well I think that yes they will, but probably where one generation looked upon such characters as a bit of fun or a giggle nowadays, there has been so much blurring of the lines on who can and cannot be this or that or the other that you could probably find yourself wound up in a mental institution if you so much as take note of what others say.  It probably goes back to that Blues Brothers stuff that I spoke of before where you simply step into Freddie Mercury’s shoes and sing “The Show Must Go On”.

So anyone has the ability to retune they’re own inner World as much as they want, without exception, however you still have to live among the rest of the populace and know that what is accepted by some with a shrug of the shoulders is not acceptable to others.  The problem for most of us has been the Threshold Issue, but even with the Threshold as I have said previously you still have to enforce your own boundaries in some way or other, yes you can follow the take responsibility for your Whole World Approach that some preachers such-as Erika Awakening preach but she is not a bloke and is not subjected to any kind of genuine reality as to how blokes treat other blokes, women are given far more freedom from the off, which is probably part of the attraction and appeal to drag that the Pantomime Dames and so on get out of it.

What else?  Well there does seem to be a lot of attention to domestic slavery in the headlines, but strangely no mention of transferring ideas of Slavery to the Business or Corporate World, I guess where you stand on those kinds of ideologies depends on where you personally are in the system.  I know I could probably walk into any number of factories and so on in town’s and cities in just about every Country in the World and find individuals working in those places, that have been so mentally broken that thy are little more than robotic slaves workers and so on.  Some might be happy in those roles, others not so happy, it might come down to who blinked first, but I drew certain boundaries years ago and stuck by those boundaries and now I can look around and say I was right and people across all the differing communities who adopted the technologies can feel the same way, it would be wrong for me to not acknowledge the greater role that those individuals took upon themselves to BE THE CHANGE, THEY HAVE BEEN THE CHANGE CATALYST and hopefully we can all go on acknowledging differences and working in the common interest for better SOLUTIONS FOCUS.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Saturday’s, some say why say the Christ in me sees the Christ in you, when in this era everyone wants to say “The Who in me Sees the Who in you” but then we are not all who, are we?

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Am I Excited About The Day Of The Doctor

Well in Truth the answer is no and again the answer to the why question is quite simple.  Whilst I am not a regular TV viewer, I do see or have seen a fair bit of Dr Who over the recent years, my daughter being an avid fan, and I can admit to liking such a program in contrast to much of what else is on.  However going back to observations

The Christmas specials that we have had in recent years have been of a differing quality to the week to week series stuff, they have not been that great in my opinion either as stand-a-lone episodes or in showing or giving a demonstration of what viewers might expect in the regular series.  I suspect that “The Day Of The Dr” will be a let down like all SPECIALS that have gone before.

Most folks who follow serial type programs can I am sure relate to my observations, it is akin to the Star Trek fans preferring the Even Numbered films over the odd numbered films, and again the cult following that some of these media’s produce means that the dedicated followers know more about the ins-and-outs of these sorts of things than more casual observers such-as myself.

Of course rules can be transferred across differing mediums but that does not mean it is true, for instance what if I apply the odd and even film ruling to the release of the Xbox one and PS4 battle.  That instantly of course means that those raving about Xbox one will be blown away next week when the PS4 comes out.  Yet all I have done is taken an arbitrary mental “CHOICE” from one data-set in my noggin and applied it to an alternate data-set, anyone who wants to feel good all of there days could simply likewise always choose to be happy regardless of what is going on around themselves, so we have to explore all these little mental rules we give ourselves to see if they are true.

An example of this from my work environment where I gave three general catch-all groupings for the population of the environment, yet I also know that one of the few interviewers that actually gave myself a chance by putting me through to a second round of interviews quite obviously does not wholeheartedly fit necessarily that easily into the catch-all labels I gave, or if they do they are also capable of rising above and beyond personal bigotries for the greater good of the Company (assuming the individual regards themselves as a Company person).  So I know I can give the benefit of the doubt to some managers and some of the criticisms that I hear relating to nepotism and so on.  Yes relatives often get jobs in work places but likewise many met in said workplaces in the first place and likewise many younger generation individuals know that even when they have been given a chance it is up to they themselves to step into those roles, you cannot rely on connections forever, you do have to graft and carve your own niche and live with your own History.  So never rush to conclusions because you do not necessarily know that favour have been placed and it can be hard living in a successful relatives shadow.  I myself rejected an interest in music when I was younger despite it being an easy option with available facilities through my father, likewise I rejected Art because my brother went in that direction to a certain extent, so in all those cases I rejected the so-called easy paths that I could have taken and now a few years later I can regret my cutting my nose of to spite my face attitude.

Likewise I have described my been there, done that, liked it loved it moved on attitude, and again where many folks talk that way in a jokey manner, I was an extremist in the sense that I really did embrace that sort of attitude, try everything once and move on-so to speak.  Of course when I actually look at that, there are many things I wholeheartedly reject as trying even once, simply because the attraction or desire or interest in some kinds of explorations simply is not there.  So catch-all’s are actually potential stumbling blocks with many sub-catch-all’s and sub-sub-catch-all’s, how deep you choose to explore these things or simply say to hell with it is up to you, but taking the time to work through many issues can pay dividends in being proven right or wrong.

So keep watching, and being honest with yourself in response to the feedback you see and whenever you feel yourself being triggered remember it is always coming from with in yourself, all this is me and the outside World is a projection of our internal World.

Well many folks already enjoying there weekends, and I have another shift

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂