Guy Spoon Nah, Guy Knives Nah, Guy Forks AH-HA

Is it not well how was I supposed to know how to spell Fawkes.  Now I did find myself asking how can I squeeze more usage out of the pumpkin, of course for any innards you could make a pie, but not yet, you see one of the TV experts informed my daughter that I could store the pumpkin in a bucket of water for a few days (to stop it drying out) and then it can become a Fireworks Night Display, so that is what I will do.

Of course fireworks night has its own historical Story associated with that poor man who failed to do what many of us would probably pay good money to see happen, 🙂 Blow up the Houses of Parliament, but you can look that one up for yourselves, my own relational story to bonfire night is somewhat different.

I have of course mentioned my grandfather Jack from Crewe on multiple occasions, so now it is the turn of Grandfather Bill or William Perkins who for his troubles was born on 5th November and so shared a birthday with this most infamous of villainy days.  My own father was also named William, though he has never been known by that name always using his middle name for which he is quite well known locally.

So My grandfather was born on 5th November and I myself was born on the 8th November three days later almost like a biblical joke.

Well my grandfather was married to Mona’s sister Georgina hence my earlier Aunt Mona Stories.  Georgina of course the female name extension or equivalent of the male George.  I believe it was quite a popular name in the 1920’s and 1930’s and so on.  So what can I say of my grandparent on my fathers side, well they were traditional shop/garage keepers and for many years until the mid 1980’s ran an independent shop and garage at the top of Grandstand Road perhaps just a hundred metres past the roundabout on the Leominster road.  They use to belong to all the various local parliamentary clubs The Conservative Club and The Liberal Club and so on, I believe my grandmother and grandfather had different friends at each and would often do the rounds on a traditional Saturday morning type shop, this was in the days prior to the Supermarkets, where you had to literally go around to a bakers and a grocers and a butchers and so on, hard to believe how many family run business’ and trades the supermarkets actually wiped out in many towns and cities. My grandparents generally took it in turns to go into town except on occasions where they had cover for the Garage/shop; and I again spent a lot of my childhood being ‘babysat’ at this old creaky house on the hill.  They had a really great garden and grew many of there own produce much as many folks try to get these little plots of land called allotments (my grandfather Jack had an allotment up in Crewe).

Yes that house was old and creaky and highly effective at inducing thoughts of ghosts and other things that go bump in the night.  It is many years since I have been up the hill but I am quite sure the property is likely still there in some form or fashion.  The other good thing was that whilst it was literally at the other end of town to where I lived it also had many hidden roads and Country type fields and lands to go roaming in and explore.

Yes bonfire night is the night where we genuinely can see hundreds and even thousands of pounds go up in smoke very quickly, some years I buy my own fireworks, other years I go to events.  I have liked doing both if I am honest.  I took Rose quite regularly to the Racecourse events for a few years if the event fell in sync with her Holidays, last year I actually went a bit mad and decided to buy a load of my own fireworks just for something different and enjoyed an evening of lighting and setting off firework after firework.

It is strange but the feeling that you are doing it yourself and so on does give you that extra feel good factor that I think is missing from some of the larger displays. I recall when I lived in West Wales they have some very good displays in front of the Ocean for anyone who fancies a long haul type trip, yet as I have just said, there is something extra that can be gained from the DIY attitude, it might not have huge anthems of classical music and synchronized colour patterns exploding in the sky but it does (IMO) feel more special and you can always do your own barbeque too for that matter.

Well enough from myself, thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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