Well I Had Some Artery Blockers & Chokers

And of course popped into town to have a gander at the Market and at the Food Fair around the Cathedral and I must say that it is extremely busy and crowded despite the Weather forecasts, some really cool and amazing foods that are unlikely to ever be found in a make it bland, pile it high, sell it cheap supermarket and that is not hypocritical because I have worked in the shops and no how they generally operate.

Of course the problem with what I wrote earlier was that anyone in a poster may or may not assume that they are somehow being attacked when in fact I wrote that others may have or be better examples of the attributed traits, so if you are someone who felt under attack that is an area you may have to do releasing type work on, being triggered and then feeling it has been implied that you are not what it says on the tin.

It might be a bit like that child hood game I recall playing a few years ago with my daughter called “Guess Who” where you run through the hair and eye and skin colours in trying to narrow down who the other person has on their card.

You cannot decide who the other person has or truly judge by your own judgment hence the letting stuff going being a powerful weapon in your portfolio.

 So I have done the Food Fair and can now look forward to the fireworks, and of course finish composing the ditty silly I started this morning

Fire works and food fairs and crowds wanting pity

I look to the Skies where the stars will shine pretty

how can I know if this moment is true

one big umbrella cloud rains down on you

laa la la la LA


Yes it needs some work but then that is the tortuous nature of creativity

Enjoy the rest of your DAY 🙂

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