Wow Lets hope Todays Events Are Not All Ruined By Water

Dear Dave

You have spoken a great deal about the now moment and I think I am starting to get it, in that you are like a Window with all sorts of patterns moving across and through that window yet you yourself remain unchanged, the problem I have is that the other teachers I follow all talk of the here and now, can you resolve the here in the same way? like that weird song you wrote hi-here, lo-here its of to here we go.



Hi Simbu

Yes I see where you are coming from and would just like to state that the window idea whilst a good one descriptively is not an absolute in that whilst it is good to be able to see the patterns whilst you yourself are like (excuse the Sci-fi type jargon) a fixed point in time and space, your pattern matching or identifying abilities are dependent on how far you have progressed, I have gone through several stages where I seemingly lost these type of abilities I thought I had, so is that my self sabotaging nature?  well I know from Sedona for instance that they do say you have to release and let go both good and bad stuff and that is what I have been doing so do not despair if you think you are not making progress.  The here issue Is more of the same in the sense that wherever you are is here you cannot not be here, because here is where you will always descriptively find or describe yourself.

Yes if I am honest I have not explored the issue of here as much as I perhaps should, as someone for instance living In a small city that is called Hereford it is likely to cause issues, almost like a double jeopardy so perhaps it is an issue for folks who want to move on need to stop avoiding and identify the entrapping avoidance issues.  I am always Here but I am not always Hereford and being seemingly locked in through a place name is like sticking your hand through the window and getting dragged along with the pattern instead of having a clear set boundary from your global perspective or timeline (for instance).

Hope That Helps


So where there is resistance there is likely avoidance and the more releasing you do, the more you come to see just how quickly you as an individual enable yourself to progress.  Why do I personally avoid having money, having friends or being popular for instance, what are the secondary benefits that cause myself to stay stuck?

Influence technicians are at work all around us on a day to day basis, how many places of work for instance have posters describing this person or that person as being an example of someone who is characterized by this trait or that trait, and if you know the people then it can sometimes be hard to understand who the alien life form was that chose those particular individuals over colleagues who for instance in your own mind are better examples of those traits.

So Saturday 2nd of November 2013 here you are and what a lot of events you seem to have packed into your mere twenty-four hours of existence, were you to be someone who could be trusted to use those complete twenty-four hours how much can you get done. 

Fireworks and Food fairs and stuffed through door rockets, whoops did I write that…

Yes today Is a strange day a day unlike others if I can just put my finger on what it is about today that makes it that way, hmmmn, the season of imponderables trying to be pondered, let them go,

Well that is typical of a mind that is not functioning well without caffeinated coffee and nicoteenated cigarettes and fattenated bacon and so on.

You can laugh, I am damned sure that the way society is headed we really will be asking for products with caffeine and nicoteen and fat before long, and they will have black markets  for cheese made from dairy, and ketchup made from vegetables, and yes Dave is was as mad as a mad person running on empty.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and if you cannot be well be here now 🙂

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