Let Them Eat Coal

Arthur Scargill unknown for his retention of H’s was a man for whom being called a ‘piece of work’ somehow transmogrified itself into a ‘work of art’. The subtlety and dexterity with which this process occurs is currently under investigation by Neural scientists who believe it may help in understanding communication error between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

However that is not the topic I shall be talking on, we have all of us I am sure heard the term Neuroplasticity and seen or have experiences of research over the last 20 or so years demonstrating that where once people believed that the brain was a set brain for life the brain is actually very good when given appropriate stimulation at reorganising and functioning at previously unheard of or unknown abilities. 

Now some say to myself why not go for this job or that job and quite simply after so many interviews of reinforced rejection, my time is more valuable to myself  than being wasted being mind harvested by some idiot who is only ever going to give the job to some nephew or social climbing chancer.  One of the excellences of management might be regarded as harvesting ideas, and interviews are where this often happens.  I can recall having had multiple interviews for instance where within a short space of time some idea that I proffered in interview was being enacted by someone else.  When this happens repeatedly you tend to come to the conclusion that if they want your ideas then they can damn well employ you to enact them, if not they can take a run and jump.

One issue that I heard about on several occasions for instance was the issue of what to do with Feathers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feather

I include the wiki link as  it includes many very interesting facts about feathers.  The complaint as I understood it at that time was that the company had to pay for their disposal.  So that particular section of the business was not as profitable as is the potential, and I recall being told that the ideas I proffered had already been looked at and failed, as though they were only going to try once and then bury there head in the sand.  Well that link provides some interesting ideas for usages that anyone wanting to set up there own process usage could look into and they are not just the usual clothing and bedding type ideas either.

What else well Sunday the 3rd November is another horrendous step towards the 8th upon which Dave will be labelled as being 42 That is FORTY TWO, for folks who do not know the significance-you might like to look up the work of one Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy Trilogy, a very interesting set of stories that do rather bring many of these teachings and ideas and so on to life in a very unusual way.

So I thought I was going to be travelling today but as often occurs have had to change my plans to travelling tomorrow, yet that does allow for the potential of a revisit to the Food fair which is entering it’s second day.

I am reminded of this on Sunday as I recall a story of Jesus going into a temple and tipping up the tables of the merchants who were selling and trading goods in the house of the Lord, and here we are with a food festival trading on the grounds of the Lord, a letter shall have to be sent of to the Cathedral administration in protest at the dishonour being brought upon a Cathedral no less 🙂


Well I need to go and buy the Sunday papers, enjoy your days whomever you may be and remember remember this 3rd of November for what it might mean for thee, additional mathematics required developing Harmony.  🙂

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