Okay Dave So Humour Me

So what I am getting at is very often thinking in terms of systems and processes and strategies.

Okay so What New Technologies make Feathers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feather A viable and usable product?


We drain the feathers separating them from them any fluids et al.  Possibly developing or using a polymer creation system of some description (already developed according to the wiki feather page).

We using similar technology to rubbish compactors compress the unwanted feathers into blocks.  Much like is seen in Car crushing systems, harvesting the metal.

The blocks are then set about with 3D LASER PRINTER technology to create well just about anything according to the developers of the 3D LASER PRINTER TECHNOLOGY. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_printing http://www.newscientist.com/special/3D-printing

So much energy and enterprise can go into ideas or simply bring together one mans waste product with someone else’s need for cheap materials.

Bringing together the technologies and/or simply seeing the potential is often where the real money is at.  I when I first studied electronics was intending to go on to engineering degrees because I saw that as where I wanted to be at, again because that is often where the most money is at, the guys who develop and create and design the consoles earn far more than the game and software developers (generally speaking), I took computers and AI as I had to balance family life requirements at that time, and the AI and robotics course I took was as close a course as the local University offered myself, yes had I travelled I could have done the engineering, but that is life.

So we all use what we have got or studied and so on but one of the great mysteries to myself about University life in general was how little there was in cross pollination of subjects.  The computer technologies were one of the few areas that all the other study areas cross pollinated with and that is important in knowing these details because anyone who goes out and does there own cross pollination of subjects whatever those subjects are, has a huge advantage over many folks who are often locked into a one-dimensional one subject study.

Anyway ideas are far easier than many folks think, and I can guarantee that if you do not strike when the idea is gift plated for you, you may well live to regret not running or rolling with it, explore explore explore experiment experiment experiment.

I explore and experiment with impermanence

Hmmn Now if I could just get the financial backing I could do it myself 😦

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