Dear Dave

Dear Dave

We do not know what you are talking about-we love Feathers and want to keep him as our multinational corporate boss so there!


Hey Bongo,

do not shoot the messenger, I can only repeat on questions I have been asked about, and some managers have unhealthy obsession with the disposal of Feathers, probably the one traditional approach to self advancement that has never gone out of fashion.

Anyway here we are again on another Monday and on this Monday I felt like reading something different during my travels so looked at the rack and reached for the Telegraph, daughter was delighted as a fan of some TV thing called Strictly that managed to make the front page of a supposedly high brow paper.  What else dominates the news well the same old debacle on HS2 was there, and the Labour Party idea for a living wage, as opposed to what is calculated now.  Arthur Scargill was mentioned also and a great massive Obituary Spread on a Chap called Wilkes.

He is likely of interest to the good people of Hereford as he was actually in charge of our local Regiment for a number of years and also the man responsible for the integration and greater cooperation between other Special Forces (from down Plymouth way if memory serves correctly).

Yes as much as they like to pretend otherwise the broad sheets do in fact not report significantly differently than the red-tops and the pull out Business and Sports sections do make them worthwhile sources for folks interested in such matters.

Quite a regular and normal journey was had on this occasion with little of significance to report so any memory of it will likely blur or merge into combined memories of the same old journey taken a 100 or more times before.

Business’ are all ready to make more long sighted and long term investments and commitments and the UK economy is steaming ahead of the European counterparts though we have a long way to go to catch up with China who build a complete cross-country HS2 style rail link in the two years that we in the UK have been debating the pro’s and con’s and Nimbyism’s much like the Hereford bypass I heard about as a kid, what has the multiple generations of local councillors achieved in all that time, yes a new footbridge has just been erected and I must say does look rather splendid from the train but it does not exactly do much for Rotherwas or linking the City to the Wider World.

I could of course be better off not repeating things that I have written before or reporting on National press, but coming up with new stuff when you do not necessarily need to can lead you down blind alleys.

I have been reading up on Music type materials recently and can happily recommend How Music Works by John Powell and Daniel Levitin’s This is your brain on music, both enjoyable books and again there are many that could be chosen but those are the ones that leapt out at myself and my mental taste buds.

So back to work this evening and back to the eat sleep work routine of having no life, will I make it through  too Friday and 42 hmmn, that is possibly the worst case scenario.  Assassins will no doubt be throwing all and any last ditch Kill Dave strategies that they can come up with to bump myself of as the answer to there own misfortunes.  I am surprised Quinten Tarantino has not come up with a script for Kill Dave as a follow up to Kill Bill but then he is well past his best works as a writer or innovator.

So what else well if you want to become imperturbable then you have to work through your fears around whatever the topics are that are coming to your own attention, be the subject money or friends and family or health just keep on keep on repeating on your own issues until you can feel imperturbably (I cannot think of a suitable word to put in here) apathetic is wrong ah motivated to begin changing yourself to change how you see the World!

Well done anyone who has a need to be told well done.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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