Caught Lord Court Lawed

Caught Lord Court Lawed Have You Any Plea, before I find you guilty of a crime to humanity, is not a complete nursery rhyme, it is as is often the case an IDEA and one that after trying to resolve needs continuous mental strain to work through.  The original idea seemed sound:-

We take these multiple strangely similar sounding words and then build them up into our rhyme or story or headline, it seemed really easy as an  idea and then led to some re-working and more reworking and so on and the internet that I thought might assist did not amazingly come up with any kind of a tongue twister for the most obvious of mind benders imaginable.

So given  that I could not find or locate a ready made twister I thought yippee I can write my own and then nothing, so I decided I need more words but which ones, of course I know so little about court that I will in all likelihood have to buy some more law related type dictionaries and so forth just to build a sensible vocabulary of the associated jargon.

Were I planning to write multiple pieces that might well be a worthwhile expenditure yet the doubt that any kind of an original work can be achieved is not plausible.  Yes we can say well this is a new crime for a new technology (for instance) but very often the crime itself or underlying pattern is actually very old and being attached to a new technology does not change the fact.

If you were to imagine that no law exists in the World and that you have been commissioned to create law in some way shape or form, what laws would you most likely want and need in your World to enable you to prosper survive or ensure equality or respect differences and so on, is the motto “Survival of the fittest” that many folks secretly think of as the only law really as true or as sound as it seems?

Despite my own background and views on these matters I do find that actually some issues keep being returned to.  For instance in these harsh economic times it does seemingly make sense for folks to pool resources, the problem for many of course is where do you draw the line and have sensible boundaries and so on. I believe wholeheartedly that the relatively cheap technologies that I have recommended enable all to pool resources in a genuine change making manner.  

Right, lunch and perhaps back on another topic as this one is not making any headway in the mind.

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